Page 3, 10th April 1953

10th April 1953
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Page 3, 10th April 1953 — ALL SORTS

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Organisations: Post Office
Locations: Birmingham, London, Leicester


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By Fr. Bernard Basset, Si.

Doubting Thomas

LOW Sunday honours the meet-I-ding between St. Thomas and his risen Master. It sometimes seems a little unfair when preachers single out St. Thomas for special censure; the other Apostles had adopted the same attitude to the women's story. Had St. Thomas been present with the others on Easter Sunday evening, he would have submitted at once with the rest. How much of his incredulity was fear of wishful thinking and distrust of his colleagues? I like to think that Our Lord paid St. Thomas a most graceful cornpliment in allowing him to give independent evidence. The whole scene shows the strength and weakness of one who was not of "the imagining sort."

Prayer and the Coronation

THE Birmingham Coronation prayer, "0 Lord bless Our Queen today and always," has received great publicity in The Birmingham Mail. The blue and white slip carrying the prayer has been photographed, and well-known religious leaders of all denominations have written in favour of the scheme. "To make the plan successful," writes Canon Bryan Green, Rector of Birmingham, "it is necessary that thousands of ordinary citizens should put the little notice in their windows. I hope they will." So great has been the demand from all parts of the country that the organisers have been allowed the use of a registered address by the Post Office. All information can now be had by writing to: Coronation Prayer Campaign, Solihull.

Leicester too

T RECEIVED by post a copy of .1 another Coronation poster, this one from Leicester, reading: "The Queen asks you to pray for her." At a guess this poster is 2 ft, by 1 ft., with the letters set out in a very bold purple. These Leicester posters are much larger than those from Birmingham and would do very well on hoardings, notice boards and shops. They cost 4d. each or 100 for 34s. Write to the secretary, 256 Clarendon Park Road, Clarendon Park, Leicester.

A great display

‘11E have therefore three Coronavv don posters connected with the Queen's request for prayer. Leicester offers us a large reminder, Birmingham produces a simple prayer in two very convenient forms. Whatever the size of our house or shape of our windows, whatever the make of our van, car or perambulator, we can have the right size of poster for display. For 8d. we can have all three. For a little energy and good will on our part. we can help to make the Coronation a good deal more than the usual pageant with drinks thrown in.

How would you answer?

lk A ANY thanks to those who have

written about these weekly questions and answers. I am glad that you find them helpful. You will appreciate the situation and see that i cannot hope to answer you all personally, but will be glad to cope with any personal problem which may occur. You may send in suitable questions if If you wish.

Here is a good one for you to answer :

"No," said Mr. Highland slowly, "I never put a penny in the plate. I go in for the parish football pool each week. That's for the parish, isn't it? And there's a little hope of getting something back?' How would you answer?

Contact Day

T is not too early to give notice of 1. a whole day for Contacts which is being arranged at the Ursuline Convent, Greenwich. The date? Sunday. April 26, The day is intended especially for those who are not Catholics but who would like to meet Catholics and to find out about the Church without feeling committed in any way. Readers in the south-east of London may like to tell their friends. Full particulars from the secretary, 145 Charlton Road, S.E.


IFpossible the Easter competition results will be announced next week. Meantime, would you like to think out a suitable postcard competition for the Coronation? A generous prize will be awarded to the reader who submits the best idea. A cornpetition, to be successful in this column, must be very short, very easy (but with at least one first-class catch in it), it must suit readers between seven and 90, and avoid the two great controversial subjects, "Ireland" and "The use of the vernacular in the liturgy." With these in, it ceases to he a competition and becomes a fight to the death.


AMAN wrote this letter to a bookshop : "Neese scud me the best book you have about goats-how to rear them, feed them, train them, etc. Yours, etc., J. Smith. P.S.-Do not bother to send the book, the goat has died."

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