Page 4, 10th April 1981

10th April 1981
Page 4
Page 4, 10th April 1981 — Church must clarify its policy towards Anglicans

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Church must clarify its policy towards Anglicans

CAN SOMEONE please elucidate the remark of Cardinal Suenens "Not only were the majority of Anglican bishops validly ordained etc., etc." As a convert from Anglicanism I have been under the impression for well over forty years that the Church had spoken out finally that Anglican Orders were invalid.

Had I thought otherwise I would for those many years have been attending the services which I had known and loved so well for over quarter of a century before I "saw the light" — now as I have said further "elucidation" is asked for.

Mr P Groves Weymouth Dorset I AM CONFUSED about "Cardinal forecasts unity by year 2000", March 20. Precisely what does Cardinal Suenens suggest? Is he saying that the Anglican church will be united with the Roman Catholic Faith by the year 2000, but will not necessarily have to believe in the teachings of the Church.?

If this form of "unity" is brought about, would I, as a Roman Catholic, therefo-re be at liberty to practice my. religion according to the rules and liturgy of the Anglican order if I found them in all conscience to be more acceptable than those of the Roman Catholic Faith?

lf I found attending Mass on Sundays particularly tedious, would the Catholic Chuich have any problems if I adopted the Anglican practice of attending their form of "Mass" as and when I felt like it?

I ask these questions with the sincerest of intentions. I am the father of a young family, who will undoubtedly be asking the same questions of myself in years to come, It is all very well for the hierarchy to make statements regarding what will or will not happen in the year 2000, but it is also essential that they explain to the laity precisely what the implications will be regarding those of us who still believe in and practice the Roman Catholic Faith.

T. Chapman Wendover Bucks

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