Page 16, 10th August 1935

10th August 1935
Page 16
Page 16, 10th August 1935 — FIGHTING FILMS Inquiry Into Effect on Children

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FIGHTING FILMS Inquiry Into Effect on Children

An investigation into the effect of war pictures on child opinion has been carried out at the Northumberland Heath Central School, Erith, and the conclusion recorded by Mr. Frederic Evans, chief education officer for Kent, in his report to the education committee, is that. in spite of much which may be feared to be war propaganda, the real opinion of the young generation as to the undesirability of war is sound.

In order to ascertain the reactions of children, approximately 200 senior boys and 200 senior girls from two schools were shown five films taken during the Great War. These films, which are now lodged in the War Office, are of the Battle of the Somme, operations at Es Salt and Baghdad. and Naval and Air Force activities.

Questionnaires were set to the children, and of 383 replies to the first question 381 were against war. One child, a girl, returned a favourable reply, and another girl's answer was indefinite. To the question, " Would you like to see another war coming? " there were 382 negative re plies. When asked what they thought ought to be done 123 voted in favour of disarmament. reduction and control of arms, and 122 favoured League of Nations action.

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