Page 16, 10th August 1935

10th August 1935
Page 16
Page 16, 10th August 1935 — NEW FILMS " Devil Dogs of the Air"

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NEW FILMS " Devil Dogs of the Air"

The Regal.

Of all the many flying pictures we have had, and we have had a few, Devil Dogs of the Air gives us the best flying and the weakest story yet. Jimmy Cagncy, Pat O'Brien, Margaret Lindsay and Frank McHugh head the cast, so you can Imagine the story for yourselves, and it will be better than the real one, but you will have to see the flying that is unimaginably wonderful. It is hair-raising and breath-taking, and all the things you say about a thing you can't describe. The film uses up a goodly part of the American navy, a lot of marines, and about all of the air service. It is a triumph of propaganda and undoubtedly as fine a medium for recruiting as filmdom has ever offered to the Iand of its cradling.

We have a navy, an army, an air force. and even some marines in this country. and they don't wear funny hats or suffer from eccentric discipline. We have, also, I good. efficient and willing cinema industry. What is it we lack? And where?

" Let's Live To-Night" " The Raven"

The Capitol.

Lilian Harvey, sylph-like star of Contress Dances, replaces Grace Moore in Ise famous One Night of Love team to rake Let's Live To-night.

It is common knowledge what Hollywood does for British film actresses. At the Capitol can be seen how Hollywood

General Releases

INRITISH ' THE PHANTOM LIGHT " U. 85 mins. Gordon Harker in a lighthouse mystery.

• ACE OF SPADES." U. 66 mins.

An election drama. Dull things ekelions!


Oh! What a night!

'SALLY IN OUR ALLEY." A. 77 DIMS. Re-issue of Gracie Fields' first film, in which Florence Desmond got her chance.


Good sentimental hokum, with Shirley Temple.

'VAGABOND LADY." A. 70 mins. Robert Young in a ships and shops comedy not quite good enough for Robert Montgomery.

"UNIFORM LOVERS." U. 62 mins. A good cast in a gangster comedy. "BEHIND THE EVIDENCE." A. 56 mins.

Well-timed newspaper cum gangster melodrama.

ST RIAN "MASK [-RADE." A. 102 mins. Romanee in Vienna with Paula Wessley. In German. Bound to be well in the running for the Best Film of the Year Stakes.

has done for the most promising of them ell. (June is the elfin sprite who won all heerts so easily with grace of movement and a happy smile; and instead we have lust another thin, almost gaunt, actress, all tricks and no charm; she is not our Lilian Harvey, but just a factorymade film star.

Tullio Carminati loves her and leaves her, and then comes back to find her betrothed to his brother, Hugh Williams. Then follow the inevitable heroics. There Is a villa on the Riviera (labelled). a yacht fa lot of yacht), a casino and a c,ittnivs.d.

Also, we have Luis Alberni and a melodytowards the end and, to save the situation, drags in " One Night of Love." Too late! By that time nothing matters.

There is nothing weak about the other picture at the Capitol. The Raven subordinates an Edgar Allen Poe theme to the depicting of tortures. The tortures Poe described in words are given the realism of cinema, and its sound-track. We must find a new definition of entertainment if it is to include the like of this morbidly unhealthy theme, unhealthily developed, with torture for its high-lights. It is a sadistic story for the sadistically minded; if you enjoy it you can draw your own conclusions.

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