Page 20, 10th August 1935

10th August 1935
Page 20
Page 20, 10th August 1935 — ANOTHER NEW MOVE lENT

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Christian Socialist's War On Ca!--italism


From Our French Correspondent

For some time past a new movement has been attracting much attention. It is that of the "Christian Socialists," whose organ is entitled The New Earth. Within the movement may be found a limited number of Catholics, rather more Protestants, " Free Christians" and others.

Certain principles on which the members of this heterogeneous group take their stand are attractive and generousminded. " As Christian..," they write, " we take up the cudgels against that enemy of the common weal—capitalism. As Christians we strive against capitalism as an

instigation to war. As Christians we would free the churches from the dominion of money."

Under a pseudonym. M. Landrain, one of the Catholic leaders of the Christian Socialists, has published various works in which he shows the capitalism of to-day as a factor in the paganisation of society, and denounces the wrongful subjection of one part of humanity to a tiny minority, which is, in its turn, enslaved by the unbridled pursuit of profit.

So far he seems in the right. Besides, the same things have been proclaimed by the popes, with the support of a number of Catholics conscious of their social responsibilities.

Disastrous Tactics

Unfortunately, the Christian Socialists do not stop there. On May 21 M. Landrain made an anti-capitalist speech at the Cirque d'Hiver. in the course a a socialo-communist meeting. On May 27, banners flying. the group took part, with communists and socialists, in a demonstration before the famous Mur des Federes.

Finally, on the feast of St. Joan of Arc, the little group of the " New Earth," in company with the Proletarian Front, went in procession singing the International and preceded by its flag. And what a flag! Its standard was red like those of the proletarian parties, but surmounted by a cross.

On the pretext of struggling against social injustices, M. Landrain has not hesitated to ally himself with the worst enemies of Christianity and of the Church, forgetting that communism is only the reverse of the capitalist medal. Despite his obvious goodwill, he is working against the cause dear to him, and his efforts can only increase the confusion.

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