Page 20, 10th August 1935

10th August 1935
Page 20
Page 20, 10th August 1935 — DIRTY WORK IN BE,NLIN Latest Nazi Dodge

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Organisations: IN BE, nazi party
Locations: Cambridge, Berlin, Walsingham


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A glaring poster, printed black on scarlet and of unusually large size, appeared on Monday on every kiosk in Berlin. writes The Times Berlin correspondent. It is issued by the Berlin

regional branch of the nazi party. It begins: "German people, give ear! Unscrupulous agitators are at work to drive you into a kulturkampf. They misuse religion for ignominious political aims."

The poster then alleges that in the parish church at Borken, in Westphalia, the confessional box and altar in a chapel were set on fire, and another chapel and its altar defiled by a member of a Catholic society, in order to bring suspicion on the brown-shirt school at Wehlen, and similar alleged incidents from elsewhere. The placard then goes on to declare: " This is sabotage of the inner peace of the nation. . . . While the Fiihrer victoriously conducts to its end the hardest struggle in history for the work and freedom ot the Getman people, corrupt Centre politicians work hand in hand with Bolshevism and apply their methods against the National-Socialist state, which rescued Europe and its civilisation from Bolshevist annihilation.

"Hold up to general contempt the betrayers of the people who want to carry on their dirty political businesses under the mask of religion! . . . Now, German people, pay heed and defend yourselves against the obscurantists who come in the fleeces of sheep but inwardly arc ravening olves !"

Four Rover Scouts from Tollington Park have hiked 70 miles from Cambridge to Walsingham bearing a five-feet candle.

They were accompanied by Fr. Bede Coulthard. who said Mass each day during the walk in barns, a garage and a cinema.

The huge candle is an offering which is to be restored to the shrine of our Lady cof Walsingham.

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