Page 1, 10th December 1937

10th December 1937
Page 1
Page 1, 10th December 1937 — Prof. Haldane Evades Mr. D. Jerrold's Challenge

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Prof. Haldane Evades Mr. D. Jerrold's Challenge

Professor J. B. S. Haldane, strong antiFranco propagandist, has evaded a challenge by Mr. Douglas Jerrold. Both of them have visited Spain since the war started.

Recently the Professor lectured extensively in Fife, making all the old accusations against Franco : women crushed by foreign imported bombs; children torn to pieces before their mother's eyes, etc.; and all because of Franco.

Acting for the Fife supporters of Mr. Douglas Jerrold, Mr. J. Cavanagh, on Mr. Jerrold's behalf, challenged Professor Haldane to substantiate his, charges in open debate.

Professor Haldane, replying, omitted any reference to the challenge, but demanded an apology for the suggestion made that he might spend a pleasant evening with Mr. Jerrold. The Professor was then asked : " Are you prepared to defend those opinions in debate with Mr. Jerrold?" He did not answer. To a further letter, the Professor answered : " The assumption that I have declined to meet Mr. Jerrold is incorrect."

In his last letter, Mr. Cavanagh wrote: " If I do not receive a reply within one week from this date (November 20) . . . 1 shall assume that you have refused Mr. Douglas Jerrold's challenge."

To this ultimatum, the Catholic Herald is informed, no reply has been received.

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