Page 6, 10th December 1937

10th December 1937
Page 6
Page 6, 10th December 1937 — CATHOLICS IN GALILEE

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SIR—Why does Mr. Duff apologise? Having done so he sidetracks the point which is: are there or are there not Catholics in the Galilean hills?

Whether Metwalis and Druze should or should not be referred to as Muslims is not for him or me to decide. This is a question which concerns the Islamic world and is beside the point.

In Galilee where Arabic is spoken Christians arc designated as follows: Protestants, which is self-explicatory: Romans, which as he points out, means Orthodox; Catholics, which refers to Catholics of the Byzantine rite under the Archbishop of Galilee; Maronites, which refers to that Catholic people; and lastly Latins, which means Catholics of the Latin rite under the jurisdiction of the Letin Patriarch. This again is really beside the question.

But take the first village mentioned by Mr. Duff, Ramah. There are a large number of Mohammedans here, I include under this heading Druze and Metwalis because it is the ordinary European appellation for all those belonging to the Islamic world although it is not used by those who profess Islam. There are also three Christian parishes, one Orthodox and two Catholic. The first of which is of the Byzantine rite and has a charming and very ancient church, the second is a Latin parish with a convent of nuns. I forbear to go through the whole list, suffice it to say that there are forty parishes of the Byzantine rite alone in Galilee not to mention Maronites and Latins.

I agree with Mr. Duff that this population should not be transferred but why does he not mention the Catholics? They number many thousands. Is it because he does not like the rite to which in the enormous majority they belong or is it because he like so many others does not know of their existence?

EDWARD BOWRON. 167, Via Giulia, Rome.

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