Page 6, 10th December 1937

10th December 1937
Page 6
Page 6, 10th December 1937 — THE CATHOLIC SOCIAL GUILD IN LONDON

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Locations: Birmingham, London, Oxford


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S1R,—The Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, in his Advent Pastoral, quoted the Holy Father's words about the importance of fostering " in all classes of society an intensive programme of social education," and followed them up with the comment: " Happily, here in our midst we have an

excellent means of carrying out the Pope's injunction to the letter-an organization called the Catholic Social Guild (of which His Grace the Archbishop of Birmingham is President) which was founded twentyeight years ago ' to make known the teaching of the Church on social questions.' It does so by the abundant provision of appropriate literature, by the establishment of study clubs all over the country and by the maintenance of a College for Workers at Oxford... We commend the activities of the Catholio Social Guild to the attention of all Catholics alike. For it is the duty of all, whether employers or workers. to know and to apply the social teaching of the Church."

Impelled by this encouraging commen dation, may we put before your readers some facts about the work of the Guild in London?

There are about five hundred and fifty subscribing members of the Guild in the London area, and about forty-five study clubs (some of them working within other Catholic societies). This year, in addition to local study clubs, we are having, through the kindness of Fr. Thomas Gilby, a central class in Moral Philosophy. We have also organised a series of monthly lectures on social subjects, and abundant sales of literature. This is the third successive year that we are supporting a London worker at the Catholic Workers' College at Oxford—a work that costs us £140 a year (some of which is, however, borne by the local education authority). We have constant requests for lecturers at parochial meetings and meetings of Catholic societies, for leaders of new and inexperienced study groups. and sometimes for speakers to non-Catholic groups, who are also facing the social question from the Christian viewpoint.

This work—little enough as it is in comparison with what the situation needs and the Catholic body looks for—demands far more support and help than has up till now been forthcoming.

This is not the place to ask the reasons for the truly scandalous lack of support. for a work from which so much is expected. More subscribing members are urgently needed in order that the general work of the Guild as carried on from the headquarters in Oxford should continue and expand. In need more subscriptions thanLo. London, for our scholarship at the Catholic Workers' College, more secretarial assistance and, above all, more people who willf offer themselves in all humility as students s of the social teaching of the Church and as assistants and speakers to those who need this help.

May we hope that as a result of the commendation of our Archbishop, and the laying bare of our need, many more people in London will want to give their active support to the Guild, and that at least some will write and say " What can I do to help?"

H. G. L. Hussy (President C.S.G. London Council of Study Clubs).


(Hon. Secresart, 4.7. Palace Court. London, WI.

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