Page 5, 10th December 1976

10th December 1976
Page 5
Page 5, 10th December 1976 — No mercy

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No mercy

feel I must protest about one point in Mgr Bruce Kent's letter of December 3. I certainly agree that we should make a stand against victimisation of prisoners, but I do not agree with his second suggestion that some prisoners be transferred to prisons in Northern Ireland in order to mane it easier for relations to visit them.

May I remind Mgr Kent that because of these terrorists many people will never see certain of their own relatives again. (I myself lost a brother through terrorist bombing.) By all means help these unfortunate people, but do not try to forget what I, among many others, cannot.

Gateshead. ( Mrs) W. Boyd I have read all the letters you have published on Archbishop Lefebvre. and the one from M. T. Davies (November 26) puzzles me indeed. Archbishop Lefebvre surely has criticised the General Council adversely, and he does openly defy the Pope.

Your correspondent says he has never said the Missa Normativa is invalid or heretical. Why then does he not du his duty and accept it? Is he too proud and defiant to accept Papal orders'! The same could be said if he argues as your correspondent says that the Bull Quo Primer's does not preclude change.

If Archbishop Lefebvre persists in his present attitude towards the Holy See and its orders he is a separatist. Ile must know this better than anyone; for when illegally ordained clergy arrive and set up their own places of a orship they inevitably cause separation and a new sect will be born to take its place alongside the Old cathohcs, the Jansenists and others.

This is not an exaggeration, as these priests, determined to go their 11WIl o.n. will inevitably find -"reasons.. for doing so, and step by step will immerse themselves in the morass of schism and heresy.

George B. Wilson

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