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10th December 1982
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Page 10, 10th December 1982 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: SI Joseph's Convent School, Anglican Church, Religious Sisters' Committee, Ecclesiatical Education Council, Archbishop's Council, Liturgical Centre, Church Of England, Italian Catholic Mission, Catholic Youth Service Council, Board of Administration, Bishops' Mission Commission, Diocesan Pastoral Council, St Paul's Church, Cardinal Newman School, Bishop Challenor School, Church of the Immaculate Conception, St Bernadette's School, Executive Committee, British Council of Churches, Carol Service, Penitential Service, Hackney Hospital, Charity of Si Paul, Blackheath Luncheon Club, Bishops' Committee for the English Colleges, Liturgy Commission, St Charles Primary School, Suffolk Ecumenical Committee, Bede and Venerable Engirsh College, Social Welfare Commission, Portslad Community College, St George's Church, National Liturgy Executive Committee, Mission Commission, Catholic Schools Carol Service, Union of Catholic Mothers, Notre Dame School, Si Edward's School, Our Lady and Pope John School, Ecclesiastical Education Fund, Oscott College


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Bishops Engagements

C Confirmalion.M Mass. 0 Ordination.

V Visitation.

Cardinal Hume. Archbishop of Westminster Friday: Westminster Diocesan Trustees, 11 am. Saturday: Party for Homeless. Cathedral Hall, 5 pm. Sundsy: C. Buntingford. 4.30 pm. Mondar M at Vealding, 7.30 pm Tuesday: Philip Howard School Prizegiving. Wednesday: M at Allen Hall, 12 noon. Carol Concert at Royal Festival Hall, 7.30 pm.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark: Friday. Monday: Bede and Venerable Engirsh College meetings and Ad Limina. Rome. Thursday: Area Bishops' Meeting, 10 am.

Archblisiiop Coons de Murville of Birmingham: Saturday-Sunday: V. St John's, Banbury. Tuesday: Visits Brothers of the Good Shepherd Hostel, Wolverhampton. Thursday: Meeting with Bishops of the Church Of England. Bishop's Croft, Harborne, 10 am. Archbishop Worlock of Liverpool: Friday: V. Merseyside Development Corporation. 10.30 am. M. St Malachy's, Liverpool. 7.30 pm. Sunday, V and C. St Anthony's Padua. Mossley Hill Monday: V and C continued, Mossley Hill. Wednesday: M for Solver Jubilee of Church, Holy Ghost, Ford, 7.30 Om. Thursday: Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Friday: M, St Richard's, Wiveliscombe. 6.30 pm. M. St John Fisher. Wellington. and inducts Fr Mortimer, 8.30 pm. Sunday: M and C, Si Thomas More. Marlborough, 11 am. Tuesday: M for Union of Catholic Mothers, Sacred Heart, VVestbury-on.Trym, Bristol, 7.30 pm. Catholic Schools Carol Service, Salisbury Cathedral, 2.30 pm. Wednesday: ARCIC Day, St Bonaventure's, Bishopston. Bristol, 11.30 am-3.30 pm. Certificate Awards Evening, St Bernadette's School. Whi'. church, 7.30 pm. Thursday: M, Thanksgiving in Commemoration of the first M in Taunton. Golden Jubilee of St George's Hall, 7.30 pm. Commissions Special Ministers.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Friday. Monday: Meeting of Bishops' Committee for the English Colleges, Rome.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford: Friday: V. St Gilbert, Brook House. 2 pm. M, English Martyrs. Whalley Range, for the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Apparition, 7.30 pm. Sunday: V 11 are, C 3 pm, St Gilbert, Brook House. Monday: Commissions extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, Liturgical Centre, Blackburn. 7.30 pm. Tuesday: Deanery Conference, 11 am. Penitential Service, St John's Cathedral. 7.30 Om. Wednesday: Board of Administration, 10.30 am. Thursday: Rescue Council, 11 am.

Bishop Clark of East Anglia: Friday: Lectures, Oscott College. Saturday: C and V. Bretton. Sunday: C and V. Italian Catholic Mission, Peterborough. Monday: Suffolk Ecumenical Committee meeting. Hengrave Hall Wednesday: Oxford Arch Deanery Clergy, St George's House, Windsor, pm.

B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Wednesday: M. St Thomas More Comprehensive School, Willenhall, 9.15 am. Thursday: Meeting with Bishops of Church of England, Bishop's Croft, Harborne. 10 am.

Bishop Emery of Portsmouth: Sunday: C and M. St Theresa of the Child Jesus, Totton. 3.30 pm. Tuesday: M for the Little Sisters of the Poor, Jersey. Channel !stands, 6 pm.

Bishop Gray, Bishop of Shrewsbury: Friday: Attends the Executive Committee meeting of the Liturgy Commission, London. Sunday: V and C. St Augustine's, Runcorn, Monday: Attends Catenian Christmas Carol Concert, Free Trade Hall, Manchester, 7.30 pm. Tuesday: Chapter M and meeting, Cathedral Shrewsbury. Wednesday: Meets with Diocesan Education Team, Curial Of ices, Birkenhead. Thursday: Attends Ecumenical meeting with Church Leaders. Bishop's Croft. Harborne. Birmingham.10 am.

Bishop Guauelli, Bishop in East London: Friday: Deans Meeting. Pope John House, 11 am. Social and Pastoral Action Workers' meeting, 8 pm. Saturday: M, Westminster Cathedral, Walsingham Group, 3 pm. Sunday: Induction M, Kilburn, 12 noon. Tuesday: M and meeting, Allen Hall Students, Pepe John House. 6 pm. Wednesday: CD& 10 are. Carol Service, Hackney Hospital, 5 pm. Deanery Priests' meeting, Tower Hill, 7.30 pm. Thursday: Pax Christi meeting. Pottery Lane, 5 pm. C. Kentish Town. pm. Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough: Friday: Meets with Clergy of the Middlesbrough Deaneries, St Alphonsus' Hall, 10.30 am. Sunday: V. Our Lady of Lourdes. Saltburn. M, 11 am. Wednesday: Attends meeting of Local Radio Advisory Committee, BBC, London. Thursday: Attends Executive meeting. Social Welfare Commission, London.

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Saturday: Meets Religious of SE Area at Amigo Hall, Southwark, 9.30 ant Monday: V. Beckenham Hill, 7 pm. Wednesday: M and V. Junior School, Sitting. bourne, 9 aim. Thursday: Diocesan Bishops' meeting. 10 am. Attends Blackheath Luncheon Club, 1 pm Attends Function at Sr Thomas' School, Nunhead, 6 pm.

B ishop Hitchin, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Thursday: Archbishop's Council. Archbishop's House.

Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: V,Swanley Parish, Tuesday: Guest Speaker at SI Joseph's Convent School, Reading. Wednesday: Attends House of Hospitality meeting, Heathfield, 11 15 am Bishop Lindsay of Hexham and Newcastle: Friday: Consecrates St George's Church. Bells Close, Newcastle-upon.Tyne, 7 pm. Saturday: Con. secretes St Paul's Church, Alnwick, 3 pm.

Bishop McCartie, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Saturday: M, Enstone, 6 pm. Sunday: M and C. Holy Trinity, Sutton Coldf ield, 3.30 pm. Monday: Ecumenical meeting, Oxford, 11.30 am. M and C, Sacred Heart, Four Oaks, 7.30 pm. Tuesday: Bishops. Mission Commission, Westminster. 11 am. M, Bishop Challenor School, Birmingham, 7.30 pm. Thursday: Meeting with Bishops of Church of England, Bishop's Croft, Harborne.

Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Friday: V. Oscott. Saturday: Auxiliary of Apostolate M, Nottingham, 10 am. Sunday: V and C, Our Lady and St Thomas of Hereford, Ilkeston, 3 pm Monday: M and Blessing of Extensions, St Charles Primary School, Measham, 11 am. Tuesday: Attends AGM of Catholic Youth Service Council, London. Wednesday: Meeting of Ecclesiastical Education Fund at Bishop's House, Nottingham.

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood: Friday, Attends meeting of National Liturgy Executive Committee, London, 11.30 am. Sunday: V. Christ the King, Walthamstow. Tuesday: Consecrates new church, Radleigh, 8 pm.

Bishop Mahon, Bishop in West London: Friday: Meeting of Diocesan Trustees, Archbishop's House, 11 am. C. Hounslow. 7.30 pm. Saturday: Meets Religious Sisters' Committee, 2 pm. Sunday: Youth Advent meeting, Campion House. Attends Hounslow Deanery Religious Education Group Advent Event, 2.30 pm, Advent Youth M, West Acton, 4.15 pm. Tuesday: Attends Bishops' Mission Commission, Archbishop's House, 11 am. Attends reception for Governors of Cardinal Newman School, West Acton, 8 pm. Thursday: Attends Uganda Group Meeting, British Council of Churches, 11 am.

Bishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Wed. sassy: Deanery meeting, Crosby. 10.30 am

Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Friday: V. Guildford. Saturday: Inscription of Guildford Deanery C candidates, Ladywell Convent, Godalming. V. St Joan's Parish, Farnham. Sunday: M. Guildford Deanery Youth Event, Farnham. Wednes. day: Carol Concert, Portslad Community College, pm. Thursday: Meeting of TVS Religious Advisers' Group.

Bishop Pearson, Bishop in Cumbria: Friday: Finance Meeting. Lancaster. 10.45 am. M at the La Sagesse Convent, Windermere, 5.30 pm. Sunday: M with the Sisters of Charity of Si Paul. The Convent, Workington. 11 am. Tuesday: Attends Clergy Conference. St Bede's, Carlisle. Wednesday: V. Housebound in St Monica's and St Joseph's Parishes, Blackpool. Thursday: V. St Bernadette's School and Housebound, Bispharn, Bishop Rawsthorne, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday: C, St Oswald's, Longton, 7.30 pin. Saturday: National Primary Syllabus Management Meeting, London, 10.30 am.

Bishop Restleaux of Plymouth: Friday: Presents GCE and CSE certificates at Si Edward's School, Poole, 8 pm. Sunday: V and M. St Augustine's, Weymouth, 10 30 ant. C, 3 pm. Wednesday: Celebrates M and Dedicates the Altar for the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Penzance. 7 pm

Bishop Swindlehurst, Auxiliary of Hexham and Newcastle: Saturday: Sunderland's Schools Advent M, St Bede's, Washington. 10 am. Lourdes HospitaIlte M. St Anthony's. Sunderland. 2.30 pm.

Bishop Thomas of Northampton: Friday: Oscott C011ege. Saturday.Sunday, Holy Family, Luton. Meeting concerning Deaf, Northampton. Meeting with Life Group, 8 pm. Tuesday: M at Aston Le Walls for reopening of Church. Wednesday: Meets Ecclesiatical Education Council 12.30 Om, Northampton. Thursday: prizegiving at Our Lady and Pope John School, Corby.

Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: V to Mitcham. Saturday: Faith and Light Day of Christmas Celebration M at Brixton, 2 pm. M and Presentation of Papal Awards, Wimbledon, 630 pm. Attends Asian Chaplaincy Christmas Social Event at Wimbledon Town Hall, 9.30 pm. Sunday: Commissioning of Special Ministers of the Eucharist at Aylesford Tuesday: Attends Croydon Deanery meeting at 11 am. Presentation at Notre Dame School, Battersea. 6 PM.

Bishop Walmsley, Bishop of the Forces: Friday. Tuesday: V. Gibraltar Bishop Wheeler of Leeds: Saturday: Attends Diocesan Pastoral Council Sunday: V and C. St Joseph's, Batley Carr.

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