Page 1, 10th February 1950

10th February 1950
Page 1
Page 1, 10th February 1950 — TO OUR READERS

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People: Almighty God


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14UNDREDS of thousands " of Catholics in this country do not read a Catholic newspaper from one year's end to the other. For them the life and death struggle of the Church and their Catholic brothers and sisters in the Iron Curtain countries is a vague, confused story. For them the campaign for the Catholic schools is merely an announcement from the pulpit about a rally somewhere or other which they will not attend.

Now most of these hundreds of thousands of Catholics are loyal, loving children of Almighty God who. if they knew what is happening and realised what it means, would at once throw their weight into the struggle.

Every reader of TliE CATHOLIC HERALD will bring a new and most willing recruit into the ranks of Catholic Action by the simple process of making one of these inactive spectators a reader of the Catholic Press.

Most earnestly we ask our readers to try to secure one new reader. In every church porch there are copies of the " C.H. " for the asking.

Get a new reader and you have doubled your strength to forward the cause of Christ.

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