Page 14, 10th February 2006

10th February 2006
Page 14
Page 14, 10th February 2006 — Bishops' diaries

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Organisations: Millennium Centre, Finance Committee, Archbishop's Council, Bishop's Council, Pastoral Resources Centre, Syrian Ortlitadvx Service, All Saints Church, Salvation Army, Milton Keynes Christian Council, W'tninater Auxilt Mon:Illani Pastoral Board, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Nodhamptoti1 Surcsipm Unity Service, Rosary Church, Diocesan Deaf Service, ES-Ecumenical Service, Cylan Council, Peel Centre, St Michael's College, St David's College, Pastoral Ministry, Serra Club, St Mary's College, Club di Londra, Bishops' Confereme Spirituality Committee, Gateshead Civic Centre, Bishops' Committee for Overseas, Wird:am/pm Priests Council, Council of Deans, Catholic Children's Society, Tuc:fipm Institute of Acolytes, England Victims Association Memorial Service, St Mary's Church, College of Consultors, Oscott College


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Bishops' diaries

February 12 to February 18

Cardinal C Murphy-O'Connor (Westin-lastest: Sun:11am Mass for Students, Cain hridge 1 Iniversity Chaplaincy, Cambridge. Tee: 12ncon Auxiliary Bishops' Ordination, St Georges Cathedral, Southwark; 8pm: Addresses members of Club di Londra. Wed.8am Kam President's mtg of Churches Together in England, Archbishop's House; 7pm: Attends HRH The Queen's Anniversary Pritegiving for Higher and Further Education. Thu: t 030am Council of Deans nag, Archbishop's House; 6pm: Consecration of Our Lady of the Rosary Church. Marytebone, Fri:9.10am Meets with Archbishop's Council.Archbishop's House.

Archbishop V Nichols (Birmingham): Wed 15 February-Tue 21 Feb: Visits Rome ['alleges,

Archbishop P Kelly (Liverpool): Sun:I lam Civic Muss, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool. Tue:12nnon Episcopal Ordination at Rev Paul Hendricks and Rev Patrick Lynch as Auxiliary Bishops of Southwark, Metropolitan Cathedral of Si George, Southwark. Wed-rue 21 Feb: Visits the Liverpool Arehdrocesan Missionary. Project, lima, Pent,.

Archbishop K McDonald (Southwark): Sun:1130ani C Welling. Mon: pot Mtg, Archbishop's House. TUernoun Episoupal Ordination of Res' Patrick and Rev Paul Hendricks, Si Gsvrge's Cathedral, Southwark. Wed:I I am A rchbi shop's Collect 1, Archbishop's House. -Dar. Mtgs, Archbishop's House. Bishop K Conry (Arundel & Brighton): Mon: Mtg at Dabcec; Appointments at Hove. Tee: Episcopal Ordination of Rev Paul Hendricks and Rev Patrick Lynch his Auxiliary Bishops of Southwark. Wed: Appointments at Dahinec.

Bishop D McGough (13' ham aux11): Sure lOarn M St (ides, Cheadle. Sat: Gpm M St John's.Alton.

Bishop P Pargeter (Wham auxil): Tuc:fipm Institute of Acolytes, Oscott College. Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Sun) Pastoral Visit and Confirmation-Saffron Walden. Tut:: Mtgs./Interviews. Cathedral House.

Bishop D Lang (Clifton): Tue:10am Sisters in Pastoral Ministry ring. ['lifter Cathedral. Bristol. Wed:12pm Prison Chaplains mtg. HMP Eastworx1 Park, Thw7pai legion of Mary mtg, Bristol. Saul(kini Diocesan Pastoral Council. Ale sander House. Bristol; V St Augustine of Canterbury. Downtrod and St John Fisher, Frcrichay, Bristol.

Bishop M Evans (East Anglia): Sun:continued Visit to Cambodia.

Bishop ,J Rawghornc (Hallam): Sun: V Sacred Heart, Sheffield. Tue: 12.30pm (7A1-)101) mtg., tooth-in. Wed:1130am Salvation Army, Sheffield. Fri:7.15pm Catenians, Chesterfield. Sat: V St Mary's, High Green, Sheffield.

Bishop K Dunn (1-fealtam & Newcastle): Sun:10am M & Parish Visitation, St Bede's, Newcastle upon Tyne; 1 lam: Parish Visitation mtg. Wed:5.30pm Northumbria Industrial mtg, Gateshead Civic Centre. Thu:1030am Meets with Coordinators of Diocesan Deaf Service. Fri,Spm Attends Syrian Ortlitadvx Service, English Martyrs, Newcastle. Sat: L I30am North at England Victims Association Memorial Service, St Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle.

Bishop P Olionoghtie (Lancaster): Episcopal Oviiiution, Southwark Cathedral. Wed:10am Secondary. Schools' Chaplaincy Team mtg. Thu: I lam Racial Justice mtg; 730pm. Fri: 10.30am Bishop's Council mtg. Sat: 2pm Lourdes Youth Reunion Mass, Cathedral.

Bishop A Roche (Leeds): San:11am V St Joseph's, Huddersfield. Tue.121tocio Episcopal Ordination of Bishops elect Patrick Lynch. SS.CC and Paul Hendricks, Si George's Cathedral, Southwark; 7pm: Mass for Vocations and 1 a [Inch of Serra Club,TASC. Wed:103(lam Deans' mtg. Hinsley Hall. Thu-Sun 19 Feb: Visitation Vencrabile & Bcda Colleges. Rome. Bishop V Malone (I: pant auxil): Sun: V Sr Jude. Wigan Tue7 I 2noon Episcopal Ordination of Rev Paul Hendricks and Rev Fhteick Lynch as Auxiliary. Bishops of Southwark, Metropolitan CallWral of SI George. Southwark. Wed: 10am Joint lIniversiries' Chaplaincy tilts,Liverpool. Thirl lam Regional Sponsoring Body mrg, Uvel pool. Fri:7prn Receives Hononity Fellowship. St Mary's College, Strawberry Hill. Sat: 6.30pm V M Sacred Heart, Wigan.

Bishop T Williams pool mail); Tee: anon Episcopal ()rdination of Rev Paul Hendricks and Rev Patrick Lynch as Auxiliary Bishops or Southwark, Metropolitan Cathedral of St George, Southwark_ 7.30pin C St Margaret Mary, Penworthani. Wed:10.30am Ashton Deanery mtg, St Oswald and St Edmund Armwsmish, Ashtonuin-Makedield. Thu:7.10pm C St Teresa, Penworthani Bishop J Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sumlprn Ruby Jubilee Mass. St Stephen's. Hull. Tue:7pin C St Margaret ClithcrowiSt Pitulinus, Haithiy,

Wird:am/pm Priests Council. Curial ┬░dice. Thin 7pm Celebrates Mass for she awarding of the KSG to Mr K McNamara, St Charles, Hull. Fri-Sun 19 Feb: CWL National ['ntrimittee at Swanick, Bishop P Boyle (Nodhamptoti1 Surcsipm Unity Service, All Saints Church, Earls Barton. Tee: I Oani Chapter Mass, Cathedral; 12,15pm Induction of Canons, followed by lunch; 3pm: Mtg. re Permanent Diaconate Programme, Bishop's House. Wed: I Oani Presidents of Milton Keynes Christian Council. Thu:1 lam Reqllle.111 Mass fur Cumin Junes Galvin, Cathedral. Fri: 7.30pm Lourdes Reunion Mass, St Mary's, Dunstable. Sat:10.30am Diocesan Pastoral

Council, Milton Keynes; put Vocations Week-end. Turvey Abbey Bishop M McMahon (Nottingham): Sunday 12 Feb-Sat 18 Feb: Focolare nag, Rome Bishop C Budd {Plymouth): Sun:continued V to Parish of Our Lady of Lourdes. Plymptun. Mon: South West Church Leaders mtg Tue:12pm Episcopal Ordinations. Southwark; 6pm: Lourdes mtg, Bishop's House. Wed; I Oarn Plymouth Informal, Bishop's House; 730pm Talk to Exeter RCIA Group, Newman House. Thu:230pm Bishop's Council. Bishops House. Fri:7pm Centenary. Celebration Mass, Srs of St Patti, Keyham Sat-Sun 19 Feb; V to the par. ishes of l'avistock and llolswoithy. Bishop C Hollis (Ponsmouili): Sine V to South Wight Parish. Isle of Wight. Tucarn Episcopal Ordinations, St George's Cr/Um-kW Southwark. Well lam Bishops' Committee for Overseas mig. London.

Bishop li Nohlc (Shrewsbury)! San: Pastoral Visitation, St Columba's. Chester; 7.15pm Wythenshawe Clergy Tram rnIg, Sacred Heart, Baguley.Tue:9.4.5arn Rededication of St Alban's Primary Sell. Liscard; 12.15pm Cathedral f'haptcr Mass, St Joseph's. Sale Weclam Interview morning, Curial Offices Thu: 1130am Bishops' Confereme Spirituality Committee nag, Vaughan House. WesUninster Eri:12.30prn Children's Society Second Step Celebration, Millennium Centre. Leasowc. Bishop J Hine (S'waric Mail): Sun: 1130am Mass for University of Kent Chaplaincy. More 11,15am !As of the Kent Deans. West Mailing, Tue. 12noon Episcopal Ordinations at Southwark Cathedral. Wed: 11am Archbishop's Council mug, Southwark; 2.10pm Catholic Children's Society 13irectors' mtg, Purley.

Bishop H (S'wark Auxil) : Surr1prri C Wei lington. Tue:10.30am Concelebrates at the Episcopal Ordination at St George's Cathedral. Southwark. Fri:1030am Chairs mtg of the Deans of the South West Area at Marie Reparatrice Convent. Wimbledon.

Bishop A Hopes (W'ruinstet Auxil): Sun:continues] Parish Visitation to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Stephendale Road. Mon: Engagements, Archhishop's Ito Tuearn Engagements, Archbishop's House; 12noon; Episcopal Ordination of Bishop-Elect Father Paul Hendricks and Bishop-Elect Father Patrick Lynch. St George's Cuthednil, Suuditywk. Thu: Engagements. Archbishop's House. Fri:am Archbishop's Council mtg: pm: Engagements, Archbishop's House, SatSun IQ Feb: Parish Visitation to Our Lady of the New Souls, Kensal New Town. Bishop B Langley (W'tninater Auxilt Mon:Illani Pastoral Board wig, Vaughan House Episcopal Ordination of Bishop-elect Paul Hendricks and Bishopelect Patrick Lynch, St George's Cathedral, Southwark. Wed: I him Neocatechumerate Community nag, Archbishop's House'. 2pm; Metropolitan Police Commendation Ceremony for staff involved in 7th July atrocity, Simpson Hall. Peel Centre. Thu:1030arn Coma i of Deans, Archbishop's House. Fri:9.:ilk is Archbishop's Council, Sat: Concelebrates Mass with Portugese Community, St Mary's Church, Cadogan Street, followed by a reception for Mgr Vac Pinto's 80th birthday Bishop G Stack (Wminsier area): Sunamminued Parish Visitation to Si John Viortaey, West Green. Tue:12pro Episoapal Ordinations of Rt Rev Patrick Lynch and RI Rev Paul Hendricks at St (ieorge's Cathedral. Southwark. Thu:1030arn Council or Deans mig at Archbishop's House Fri ;9 30am Archbishop's Council, 6 30pm Presents Honorary Fellowships at St Mary's College Honorary Fellowship Evening. Sat-Sun 19 Feb: Parish Visitation, St Francis de Sales.Tottenham.

Bishop T Burns (Forces): Mon Interviews in London. Tue: Episcopal Ordination, St Georges Cathedral, Southwark.

WALES Archbishop P Smith (Cu dill r Soo. Maui M Nazareth House. Cardiff. Mon: l lam Province mtg, Archbishop's I louse. Cardiff."1'ue:1 I am Episcopal Ordination in St George's Cathedral. Southwark; 7.30pm Festival of Muslim Cultures Dinner in City Hall, Cardiff. Wed: 1230pin Lunch with the Finance Committee; 7pm: Reception at St David's College, Cardiff. Ibis: I lam College of Consultors mtg in the Pastoral Resources Centre, Cardiff; 730pm School Stage Performance in St Joseph's High Sch. Newport. Fri: 12.30pm 4pm Mtg at ih, Pastoral Resources Centre, Cardiff; 7pm. School Stage Performance in St Alban's High Sch, Pontypool.

Bishop M Jahale (Menevia): Mon: Province mtg, Archbishops House. Cardiff. Tuc: Episcopal Ordination. Southwark Cathedral. Wed -Tue 21 Fell. Visitation of Bede and English Colleges, Rome.

Bishop E Regan (Wrexham): Sun: Visitation. Holyhead. Mon: Welsh Bishop's mtg. Cardiff; 451: Bolen Cymru mtg. St Michael's College. Wed: Cylan Council mtg. Fri:7pin Stella Maris. Llandudno. get together for Pilgrims going to liolyland in Lent.

Key: SA-Mass. C-Confirmation. VVisitation. 0-Ordination. Mtg-Meetini. Sch-School. ES-Ecumenical Service.

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