Page 2, 10th January 1947

10th January 1947
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Page 2, 10th January 1947 — Where can I get a booklet, published in America, called " Begone Satan "?

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Where can I get a booklet, published in America, called " Begone Satan "?

Can an American reader help?

Is Anna the Prophetess canonised?

No. Immortalised as the flowering of the Holy Ones of the Ancient Law.

Why is Christ-Mass more honoured than Lady-Day?

Because it is the Revealing of the Mystery. All thoughtful Catholics honour Lady-Day, which has left its trace in our language.

Why do some priests say the three Christmas Masses " one after the other " without a break?

To avoid the fatigue of a longspaced Fast.

Why isn't the Feast of the Circumcision a holiday of obligation in France?

Because it and the Feast of the Epiphany were abrogated by the Napoleonic Concordat of 1801.

Must a Frenchman observe these feasts when in England?


Your reply on Papal Infallibility is misleading, if not incorrect."

It was a quotation from " Radio Replies," which are authorised and reliable. No brief reply can cover all the aspects of a question on which huge volumes have been written. Your own statement that " the Apostles were infallible apart from St. Peter" is certainly both misleading and incorrect. The Apostles did receive their commission directly from our Divine Savour, but it was to be exercised in union with and not apart from the Prince of the Apostles, to whom He gave the necessary Headship.

Can a layman enter a monastery as a paying guest, or must he join the Order?

Monastic hospitality is proverbial. Present your credentials—e.g., a recommendation from your parish priest —and ask the Guest Master to explain the conditions under which you may become a " familiar," i.e., an employee, or a " lay-brother," i.e., a member of the community. Your nearest Trappist (Cistercian) Abbey is at Roscrea.

Why is even Freemasonry in England condemned?

Because it is part-and-parcel of an International Secret Society.

Their work in England seems to be mainly charitable.

Thank God for that.

Why does the B.B.C. neglect the Catholic religion?

This begs the question! We do not believe that it does, and — see our " Jotter " column 3175—we think that letters of appreciation for its good items, e.g., the recent talks by Fr. Vann, 0.P., would be constructive. The " Studio Services " are artificial and less useful.

What is the value of " Modern Romanism Examined "?

It stands condemned by its title. An author capable of nicknaming the Catholic and Roman Church as " Modern Romanism " is incapable of impartial examination! The quotations given without references are the unrationed red-herrings of controversy,

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