Page 3, 10th January 1947

10th January 1947
Page 3
Page 3, 10th January 1947 — Catholic Profiles : 87

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Catholic Profiles : 87


THE Marchioness of Lothian is

the wife of Peter Francis Walter, 12th Marquess of Lothian and grandson of Lady Amabel Kerr. She is the daughter of the late Major-General Sir Foster Newland, K.C.M.G., C.B., and of Mrs. William Carr. She is half Italian on her mother's side and is a great-niece of the Benedictine Cardinal Dusmet, of Catania, whose caw now awaits beatification.

Lady Lothian is now in her 24th year and has two children : Lady Mary Anne Kerr, aged two years, and Michael (Earl of Ancram), who is aged one. Before she was 21, she had an article published by the Spectator on "Christian Reconstruction (now obtainable from the C.T.S. in the form of a leaflet) apd has since written again for the Spectator and the Sunday Graphic on similar subjects and is often asked to speak at public meetings. Among her other activities, she is Diocesan President of the Catholic Mothers' Union, on the Executive Committee of the Derbyshire Red Cross, and for the past six months secretary of the Committee negotiating for Fountains Abbey, and in this work she is associated with Douglas Woodruff. Frank Sheed, the Duke of Norfolk, Barbara Ward, Lord Pakenham, the Hon. Hugh Gibson, Sir Giles Scott, Maisie Ward and Simon Elwes. Described in the American Magazine, Time, as "young, lovely and devoutly Catholic," her ambition is to have a large family. as she holds that the true fulfilment of a woman's happiness is to be found in the home. At the same time she feels that as Catholics we are the standard-bearers of the only true and living Christianity in a generation that can solve none of its problems or tragedies unless it re-learns and re-accepts Christ's Way of life. It is therefore the urgent duty of every Catholic, man, woman or child. to penetrate their own immediate circle by vigorous Catholic action and so eventually influence the national conscience and outlook. Such is the conviction of the Marchioness, and it will be seen that she is doing her best to implement her principles.

THE Catholic cause in this country has suffered in the past from corn' placency. from Catholics who have done nothing to spread the warmth. the life and the comfort of the true Faith: who have apparently regarded all non-Catholics as inferior beings. No doubt some excuse can be made for such self-centred conduct in the past. During centuries when it was still unsafe for any Catholic to obtrude himself too much on public notice, when the whole Catholic party was a dwindling minority and regarded as potential enemies of the State, it was no easy matter for a Catholic man or woman to make profitable contacts with the neighbourhood, or seek to convert souls. The iron had gone deep into their hearts, and it took time to recover from the mental and spiritual moods engendered by such treatment. But those days, as Lady Lothian rightly holds, are now long since past. Therefore the Catholic must lay aside fear and misgiving and seize all opportunities that are offered for bridging the gulf. We shall not convert the world by quietism or the disparagement of other Christians. Here, of course, our task can never be easy, for we have the double duty of unswerving loyalty to our own principles, to our doctrines and traditions and yet at the same time of cultivating a certain tact, born of kindness. that will smooth our relations with non-Catholics and all men of goodwill. Lady Lothian expresses her admiration for converts and considers that whether we are born Catholics or not, we must all at one time or another " convert " ourselves.

HE belongs to no political party but has plenty of political opinions

which are summed up in her conviction that the various " isms " have been the ruin of her generation in practically every country of the world and that future and more terrible catastrophies can only be averted by abandoning these false " isms" and concentrating on the less exotic but more logical Christians' ideals in family and national and international life. She holds that if her contemporaries who are being engulfed by a mounting wave of materialism. could be led to see this, it would save them from the destruction to which such evils as divorce, class-warfare, thwarted parenthood and the magnification of the State, are leading them. She is, therefore, particularly interested in any movement that seeks to educate youth. in. Christian principles to counter the overwhelming propaganda of materialism which prevents young people from findhag their real Leader and Hero and the only One who can satisfy all their ideals and requirements.

We may well hope and pray that Lady Lothian may be granted a long and happy life to devote to such a cause.

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