Page 3, 10th January 1964

10th January 1964
Page 3
Page 3, 10th January 1964 — CHALLENGE OF THE REIGN OF GOD

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Organisations: Legion of Mary
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OD'S Rule and Kingdom (Herder-Nelson, 42.r.) from the pen of Father Rudolph .Schnackenburg, a distinguished Catholic exegete in Germany, and it is a happy thinp shut some of his work is now available in English.

He writes: " The Biblical notion of God's kingship has had a historical development of its own. It has also played a dominant part in the history of revelation and salvation. The main purpose of this book has been to illustrate this" (p. 348). He has succeeded in his object, and with thorough scholarship.

A first part deals with the Kingship of God in the Old Testament and later Judaism. Then comes the considerably larger section on the reign of (jod in the preaching of

Jesus. his inevitably touches on almost, all aspects of Our Lord's ministry and teaching.ula Particularly striking is the seelion on the "Challenge of the Reign of God(p. 1(14), which in turn prepares for. and helps to solve, the crucial question, How near was the reign of God, "one of the most difficult problems for the New 'I eminent exegete. Respect for truth compels him to avoid the specious arts of the polog,ist" (p. I95).

He then faces up to the several difficult texts, and in the course Of his conclusion avers that -the early Church did not admit any mistake on the part of Jesus. Nor need sic do so if we adopt a careful attitude towards tradition as ti a hole, and pay attention to the manner. the significance and the purpose of Jew's' preaching" (p. 212).

In the section on "the Reign of God and the redeemed community aes

Jus" we arc told that: . .

2"2ih3e). company gathered round Jesus the Messias is just as much a sign of the powerful presence of God's reign as his words and deeds, the forgiveness of sins, the expulsion of devils and the cures" (p.

The place of the disciples and Si. Peter is described all the more forcefully because so objectively and without apologetic preoccupation. The result is an admirable description of the genesis of the Church. with the Eucharist as its dominant reality.

In the preaching or the postpaschal community the accent moves from God's reign to the rule of Christ on high, or Jesus as Messias and Lord. St. Paul shows very clearly how God's present rule is exercised in Christ's dominion over the Church as over the whole universe.

The ideal of the rule of Christ and of God is expressed. each in their own way. by St. John. the Epistle to the I Et:brews andby the Apocalypse. So this valuable study in biblical theology, from which so much can he learnt, draws to a close---except. surprisingly enough, for a "Note on 1 heologieuil Terminology-. which comes at the end and not at the beginning. We need to distinguish reign or rule. kingship, and kingdom; and to discern which is intended in each biblical text or eon text: (belt again to reflect on what we mean when tkc vas "Thy Kingdom come".

The Gospel according to St. Mark, by Alexander Jones (Geoffrey Chapman, 25/-).

THIS is precisely, as the subtitle has it, a Text and Commentary for Students. The text printed and commented upon is the Revised Standard Version; and it has been given an imprimatur.

So we are perhaps a step nearer to that common version acceptable to all English-speaking believers.

From the outset we are urged that it is the text of the gospel that matters. Manylecturers on Scripture have said the same: a happy few have been able to convey that primacy of the Word of God over the many words of men who explore it.

Father Jones helps towards a right approach by printing the gospel text on one page and the notes, in smaller type, on the opposite page. The whole remains a marvel of compression and clarity.

scone might find the introduction hi terse, butt hearing in mind the iiereds of students, we arc sure that Father Jones has chosen the right course. This is a book to recommend to all who would seek to know the gospels, and so their faith, better.


Heaven's Hostess, by Aloysius Mullins O.P. (Thomas More Books, 6s. 6d.).

FATHER MULLINS writes Heaven's Hostess as a brief explanation of St. Louis-Marie Grignon's True Devotion to Mary, and addresses himself in particular to members of the Legion of Mary. As the rather frightful title may suggest it is not everyone's genre of writing, and it has rather too much simplification of doctrine and apologetics. It would he foolish to force everyone into this particular jaaket, but equally foolish to insist that everyone should wear the tails and topper of more exacting writing. C.R.

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