Page 11, 10th July 1936

10th July 1936
Page 11
Page 11, 10th July 1936 — SCOTLAND'S SUMMER HOLIDAYS Children's Milk Bars

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Locations: Aberdeen, Glasgow


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.From Our Scottish Correspondent), At this time of the year most people's thoughts are turned towards holidays. The latest unemployed figures showing a need of improvement, even in this country's hardest-hit areas, have just come in time to make us all feel a little less guilty. about enjoying our summer holiday while so many are forced all the year round to a life of meaningless and dead holiday in the dreary streets of our industrial districts.

And Scotland is giving the British Isles the lead in how to have and enjoy a real holiday with the least expenditure of money. Last Saturday, in the only National Forest Park in Great Britain a camping site was opened by Sir John Sutherland, chairman of the National Forest Advisory Committee, at Ardgartan, near Arrochar. This site is being placed at the disposal of the Glasgow and West of Scotland District Association of the Camping Club of Great Britain.

The National Forest Park The National Forest Park is, of course, in Argyll, and the site selected is situated on the shore of Loch Long and covers several acres. It is a beautiful spot backed by the extensive fir plantations of the Forestry Commission.

The Ardgarten site is the second permanent camping site in Scotland, open to all who sign the " Campers' Code." The other is at Balmaha, and was opened three years ago.

Sir John Sutherland, opening the site, said that 40 years ago when he was in France, he had become convinced that we would never be right in Britain until we had the freedom, if he might use that term, of our forests.

Although there were no big trees growing at Ardgarten yet, there would be some day.

Camping in the future would be different from what it was to-day.

It would not necessarily mean the pitching of tents by the seashore. The camping communities would sojourn at the heart of nature in charming wooded surroundings, where shelter would be afforded by great trees.

Tenants' Plebiscite

But in Scotland one cannot keep one's mind off social troubles for long, and the news of the opening of this camping site, arousing as it does memories of the lovely Argyll Forest, comes at the same time as an odd little fight in the St..,M.achar district of Aberdeen.

Here the tenants of the municipal houses are up in arms against the rents policy of tlig town council. The officials of the Machar Tenants' Association have taken a plebiscite of the tenants in the area, and it has resulted in a 95 per cent. agreeing to dictate the rate of rents they intend to pay : 4s. a week for a two roomed house; 5s. a week for a threeroomed house, and 6s. for a four-roomed house.

It appears that the town council are taking a reasonable view, it being their policy, as they state, only to charge rents which the tenants can pay after providing for at least food, sufficient clothing, and the cost of fire and light.

An Idea for All

But the incident makes one feel how strong the consumer can be if only he can strengthen himself by union with other consumers.

We heard last week, for example, of all motorists in Switzerland agreeing not to use their cars on a certain day, unless absolutely necessary, as a protest against the Government's excessive taxation. The experiment worked admirably. Perhaps in Scotland more easily than England, consumers of every kind, whether of houses or motor-cars, could join together to put an end to the domination of both capitalists and governmental authorities. The people of this country would not abuse their power they would thereby gain.

New Enterprise in Glasgow

The Scottish Milk Marketing Board has opened four shops in densely populated areas of the city for the express purpose of supplying cheap milk to all children between the ages of two and fifteen years.

These new " Children's Milk Bars" serve the double purpose of offering a supply of milk at a reduced price for the first time to children between the ages of two to five years, and of extending the provision of cheaper milk to children of school age during the summer holiday period, which in Glasgow has now been extended in the case of all schools to two months.

It would be unfortunate if school children who have been taking advantage of the cheaper supply of milk were to lose this health-giving ration during these two months. The Board's plan a4 least ensures that milk at the same cheap rate will be available at these " Chilren's Milk Bars," in four of the city's most densely populated areas.

All Scotsmen will congratulate Dom Oswald Hunter Blair, Abbot of Dunfermline, who is to keep the " golden jubilee," or fiftieth anniversary of his priestly or dination, on Sunday, July 12. He was ordained priest at Fort Augustus on July 12, 1884, by Bishop John Macdonald, first Bishop of Aberdeen in the restored Scottish Hierarchy.

The abbot has been associated with the Highland Abbey, which he was largely instrumental in founding, for nearly sixty years, having received the • Benedictine habit in 1878.

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