Page 3, 10th July 1970

10th July 1970
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Page 3, 10th July 1970 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Bishop Guazzelli, Auviliary of 'Nestminster-Saturday: Ordains offiest. SS Michael and Martin. Hounslow. 4, Sunday: Mass and Confirmation, 55. Mary and tyfichael. Commercial Road, 4.30. Monday: Mass and Confirmation. Our Lady 0 Mount Carmel. Church Street. 7. Tuesday, Mass and Confirmation, 51. Stroud Green. 7. Wednesday St. Thomas Becket Centenary celebrations, Canterbury, 3.15 Thursday: Ms for anniversary of Servile homes, Sericite Church, Fulham Road, 6_ Mass and Confirmation. Our Lady of WrIlesden. 7_30

Archbishop Dwyer of BirminghamSunday Attends S V P Society festival meeting, Birmingham. Wednesday-FridaY: Preaches Novena. Carmelite Church. Dublin.

Bishop Cleary, Auxitiary of Birmingham -Sunday: Mass and Confirmation. St Martin's, Moseley, Birmingharri. 3.30 Tuesday_ Opens and blesses St. Mary's School, WuI,II. 2.30. Wednesday: Mass and Confirmation. St. Patrick's. Dudley Road. Friday: Attends sports presenta• lions, StatiOn Hotel, Dudley, 8, Bishop Emery, Auxiliary of Filming_ ham-Monday; Attends Tripartite educatitan COmmittee meeting. London, 5_30_ Saturday' Nuptial Mass, Our Lady of WaySide Church, Shirley, Solihull, 52, ArehbIShop Beck of Liverpool-FridaY. Mass for Brother Moran's retirement frerri Cardinal Godfrey School, Liverpool Cathedral. 7. Monday-Friday. Clergy re.


Bishop Harris. Auxiliary of LiverpoolFriday, Visitation of schools and sick.

O ur Lady'S, Flirkdale. Cathalit Children's Protection Society meeting, 3. Saturday: Speaks at dinner for former ou0115 and staff of Notre Dame High School, Mou-nt Pleasant. Sunday: Confirmation and Visitation. Our Lady'S, Birkdale. MondayWednesday: Addresses Prison Chaplains' conference, King Alfred College, Win. chester. Thursday: AddresSes Prison Medical Officers' conference, University of Lancaster.

ElishOp Gray, Auxiliary of LiverpoolSaturday, Opens Field Day, St. Austin's, lhatto Heath. St. Helens. 2_30. Sunday: Mass_ St. Chad's. Chorley. 'r 0.15_ Mass and Confirmation. St Mathews. Shermersdale. 6 Monday: Visits schools and P arish. St. Mathew. Skelmersdale, 10.30. Confirmation, 7 Tuesday-Friday: Attends Diocesan Clergy Retreat, Uoholland College.

Bishop WorleKk of Portsmouth-Friday. Attends St, John's Coliege speech day, Guildhali, POrtSMOuth. 7 Saturday Addresses C.W.1._ International meetinn. Park Place, 12. Sunday: Ordination. St John's Seniinary. Wonersh. 11 Tuesday: Chapter meeting. Bishop's House Aldershot Fraternal meeting, Aldershot. 7.30. Thursday: Addresses Chapter ditlegateS. Mill Hill, 3-30

BishiSP Grant of Northampton-Fri. day: Calod dinner party, 7.30. Saturday: Ordination. Northampton Cathedral. 11_ Thursday: Attends opera, Thornton.

Bishop Ellis of Nottingham-Saturday: Ordination. Chestereeld, 11. Suildayi Visitation and COnfirmatIon, Market Ha,'borough. Tuesday: Visitation and Confirmatiort. Aifreton, 6.30. Thusrday: Leads Diocesan Pilgrimape to fladley, 3.15. Friday_ Ecumenical meeting. NOttingharn. 6_30.

B ishop McClean of MiddlesbroughM,onlarycn-rFtrh Aidabyb,, : ,Attends Clergy retreat. A

Bishop Holland of Salford-Saturday_ Opens Summer ra, Holy Name Hall. Portsmouth Street. Manchester, 2.30. Sunday: Visitation. 11. Conflrmatio.n. 3_ St. Mary's. Ashton-under-Lyne. Tuesday. Visits school and sick. St. Mary's, Ashton-under-Lyne. 10 30. St. Augustine's Grammar School seeeCt, day, Free Trade

H all. 7_30. Wednesday: Finance BOard, 10.50. Thursday: Chapter Mass. Salford Cathedral, 12. Attends installation of Bishap of Manchester, MancheSter Cathedral. 3. Attends Civic receptron, MancheSter Town Hall, 4.30. Friday: Mass, St. Alphonsua. Brooks's Bar. 11. St Gregory's Grammar School speech day, Free Trade Hall, 7.

Bishop Burke. Auxiliary of SalfordPriday: Blesses new hall and SOCial Centre. St. Margaret Mary's. New MOston. 7_30. Sender, Confirmation. St. Richard's, Longsght. 3. Tuesday: Manchester Education Offices, 3. Wednesday: Finance 1Soard. 10.30. Thursday: Chapter Mass. Salford Cathedral, 12. Mass. Mount Carmel. Blacklev. 7.30 Fridav, Mass. St. Alphonsus, Brooks's Bat. 7.30

B ishop Casey of Brentwood-Friday: Mass and Confirmation, St. Peter's. Dagenham. 7.30. Saturday: Ordination. 55. James and Helen, Colchester, -11.30. Sunday: Ecumenical Service in honour of St. ThOrnaS Becket. Brentwood. 3. Tuesday: Consecrates Altar and concelebrates Mass. Chlgwell convent. S. Wednesday Visits Anchor House. Canning TOWS. 6. Thursday: Mass and Confirmatsort, Holy Trinity. BaSildon. 7.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds--Friday: Attends Curial Offices, Lays Foundation stone for Little Sisters of the POW. HeadIngley SundayVisitation. 10.5. Confirmation. 3. St. Winefrlde'S, Bradford, Monday-Friday: Attends Diocesan retreat. Spinkhie.

BIShOP Foley of Lancaster-Saturday, Confirmation, St. Joseph's, .Preston, 7. Sunday: Mast at annual gathering or GuideS and Scouts. Castlehead. Grange, 11.30. Monday-Friday: Clergy retreat.

nderley Hall.

Bishop Cashman or Arundel and

B righton-Friday: MaSS. St. Mary Magdalen Church. Brighton. 11. Blesses and opens new school. Confers Minor OrderS, St. John's Seminary. WOnerSh, 6, Saturday, ConfeYS Maid,. Orders. St. John's Serninary, 10.30. Sunday: Confirmation, Hastings, I. Tuesday: Confirmation, St. /ohm's College, Beaumont. 5 wednesday• Attends induction of Fr. Maxwell as pariSh prieSt Or Seisey. Susses. 7.15 Thursday: Canters priesthood on Rev. B Anderson. Church of Christ the King. Es1Puree. 7.30.

Bfshop Butler. Auxiliary of WestmInster-Monday-Friday: Lectures on • =hurch. Nazareth House. Durban.

Sister Mary Theophane sharratt, of Ashburton. Goeforth, Northumberland, a memher of thy FranciSCan 'Missionaries of St. Joseph. celebrated the Golden Jubilee of her Profession on June 24. She taucht at S1 Cedes College, Manchester. until 1933. when she was elected Vicaress G eneral of the Congregation. From then until quite recently Sister wes a member of the General Council. The celebrations were held at the Mother HOttIn the Francisran Convent. Broughton Hall. Eccieshall. Stafford

Radio & Television

SUNDAY: Radio 4 110.30-11.15 a.m.) Morning Service from Lady Margaret House, Cambridge. Christian Conversion Meditation, prayer. and song on the nature Of the Christian life. conducted by Fr. Gerard Meath. OP Radio 3 01-11.30 p.m.). Modern Organs: 2. BuCkfast Abbey

WEDNESDAY: Radio 2 (8_53-9_1 a_m.) Pause for Thought. Fr. O'Brien considers maturity.

Radio 4 18.45-9.30 P-m.). Now Read on. Programme includes item: Aretheiny Spencer On The Silence of Pius xti by Carl* FalCOnr

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