Page 16, 10th July 2009

10th July 2009
Page 16
Page 16, 10th July 2009 — Quebec by Steven Manning (Continuum, £25) The importance of Quebec

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Organisations: Royal Navy
People: Steven Manning
Locations: Montreal


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Quebec by Steven Manning (Continuum, £25) The importance of Quebec

may now seem like some error of history but according to this new study, the Canadian province played a fundamental role in both the Seven Years War and the American War of Independence.

The book is divided into three parts, each telling the story of one of three 18th-century sieges on the capital, not just the famous one by Wolfe in 1759 (of which this book marks the 250th anniversary).

Quebec was considered by the British to be of fundamental strategic importance and the capture of the city from the French is explained here in the context of the Seven Years War. Then in 1760 the French beat the British and laid siege to Quebec once more. The Royal Navy came to the rescue and the French retreated to Montreal. The final siege by the Americans in 1776 failed, leading to the creation of an independent Canada.

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