Page 3, 10th June 1955

10th June 1955
Page 3
Page 3, 10th June 1955 — I CHILD 'i EN'S CO NE D EAR Children: I wonder

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Locations: Stamford-town


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I CHILD 'i EN'S CO NE D EAR Children: I wonder

if, as I did when I was at school, you ever had ter learn a poem called " The Lord of Burleigh,' by Lord Tennyson? We were very excited last week-end when we went to see Burleigh House in Northamptonshire. In the poem it is described like this: Parks with oak and chestnut shady, Parks and order'd gardens great. Ancient homes of lord and lady, Built for pleasure and for state. It all looked just like that. The poem, as you will know if you have read it. is all about a village maiden who falls in love with a handsome painter. After the wedding in the village church: They by parks and lodges going See the lordly castles stand; Summer woods about them blowing. Made a murmur in the land. The poor artist suggests that they should go in and have a look at the " handsome houses where the wealthy nobles dwell." So they go in arid walk about, while all the time the village maiden thinks how nice it will be to get back to their own little cottage.

Thus her heart rejoices greatly. Till a gateway she discerns With armorial bearings stately. And beneath the gate she turns: Sees a mansion more majestic Than al1 those she saw before; Many a gallant gay domestic Bows before him at the door.

Of course, it turns out that it is really the Lord of Burleigh she has married and not a painter at all. The poem becomes very sad after that hec-ause she is so upset at not having her little cottage that she dies. But before she dies she has three children. If you feel like going to see Burleigh House, the actual address of it Comes near the end of the poem where it says:

Weeping, weeping late and early. Walking up and pacing down, Deeply mourn'd the Lord 01 Burleigh,

Burleigh-house by Stamford-town.


MONDAY is the feast of one of everybody's favourite saints, St. Antony of Padua. If you have any really long-lost things, such as books, which you know are somewhere in the house, now is the moment to say a prayer to him, And, of course, if you happen to be called Antony, it is your feastday as well. Did you know that the name Antony means " Beyond price" ? Clare Simon

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