Page 2, 10th June 1966

10th June 1966
Page 2
Page 2, 10th June 1966 — 14(4re Nuct At sirr.;.tr )

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Organisations: Ku Klux Klan
People: St. John-Stevas


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14(4re Nuct At sirr.;.tr )

Sir,--The central theme of Mr. St. John-Stevas' article in support of racial integration lies in the fact that we have a multi-racial society and can do nothing about it since the children of immigrants know no other country.

We know from what has happened in other parts of the world that, whilst legislation may be brought in to force integration; we cannot legislate for the heart. This is the root cause of the trouble in America. The Ku Klux Klan do not cause the race riots (though they probably capitalise from them); it is the vast majority of whites who, whilst not wishing to suppress the negro, just do not wish to integrate with them. Thus the ghettos are formed with all the resulting tragedy and heartbreak.

Repatriation is nothing new, over a quarter of a million Tamals were repatriated from Ceylon to the Indian mainland in the 1950's in the interests of racial harmony.

Would not the children of immigrants prefer to grow up in a society of their own kind where they are accepted as equals, rather than find on maturity that they are living in a white ruled society which ostracises them socially, whilst paying lip service to philosophies which profess to believe in racial integration?

C. R. Fuller Buckhurst Hill.


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