Page 8, 10th June 1983

10th June 1983
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Page 8, 10th June 1983 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Arundel Parish Church, Hierarchy Standing Committee, St Gregory's School, St Stephen's Primary School, Standing committee, Haringey Education Commission, Catholic Women's League, Diuceean Council of Primes, International Justice and Peace Committee, SI Vincent's Church, Religious Education Commission, Board of Administration, Ratcliffe College, Mit, Lancashire Ecumenleal Council, Deanery Assembly, Framingham Earl Methodist Church, pmAttends Service of Thanksgiving, East Cheshire Serra Club, Housekeepers Guild, Enfield Haringey Education Commission, University of Oxford, Governing Committee, Senate, Cateolan Association, Northern Church Leaders' Committee, Westminster Senate Of Priests, Diocesan Clergy Council, General Chapter, Portsmouth Council, Diocesan Senate of Priests, St John's School, Local Radio Adviaory Council, Arundel Cathedral, West Cheshire Hospital, Bishop's Standing committee, North Manchester General Hospital, Catectieticai Commission, All Saints Pastoral Centre, St Bonitacces College, Governors' Committee, Society Garden Party, St Joseph's Preparatory School, Society of Holy Childhood, Tunbridge Wails Deanery Pastoral Council, Association for Propagation of the Faith, Peeterai Council, Sacred Head Church, Didsbury


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Bishops Engagements

C Conlirmation. M Mass. 0 Ordination. V Visitation.

Cardinal Hume. Archblehoo of Westminster Friday: Bishop Butler's Golden Jubilee Celebrations, 11 am. Saturday. 0 of N. Burrows. Hexhiem Sunday: Standing Committee CHEE. Monday: Senate CAFOD. Meeting with Cardinal, 7.30 pm. Tuesday: CDA CMAC Reception. Wednesday: Westminster Religious Education Commission. 11 gill, Archbishop Bowen el Southwark: Friday: Golden Jubilee M Father John Butler and Luncheon, Archbishop's House, 11.30 am. Monday Bishop's Standing committee, westroinster,1 tip to 30 pm.

Archbishop Couve de Norville of Birmingham: Sunday:Sacred Heart Precession, Maryvale, 3 pm M, Sacred Heart, Aston, 6 pm. Monday: M and Cs, The Old Palace, Oxford, 6.15 pet Tuesday: M and 0, Campion House, Oxford, 3 pm. M and Cs, St Peter, Eyesharn. 6 pm. Wednesday: M for Primary Heads 01 RE Conference, Maryvale Thursday: SA for Bishop Holland Sever Jubilee, Salford, 12 noon_ Archbishop Worliock of Liverpool: Edda). Meeting of Northern Church Leaders' Committee, Derwen, 11 am. Saturdey: Interviews Students for Seminary, Curial Offices, 10 am. Sunday Preaches University Sermon, University of Oxford, 10.15 am. Monday Meeting Cl Bishop's Standing Committee, Archbishop'a House, Westminster, Tuesdey Governors' meeting, Upholland Gelia0e, 2 pm Wednesday Celebrates M for Golden Jubilee of Mgr McDonnell, Si Joseph's. Blundelleande. 6.30 pmThursday: Bishop Holland Golden Jubilee. Hopwood Hall, Manchester, 12 noon.

Bishop Ataxender 01 CIIIIoni Friday: Administers the t-iacrament nt Auguatirees, Downerwl, 7 30 per Saturday. Admmisters the Sacrament of C, SI Mary's Convent, Shafidabury. 11 am. Sunday: Diocesan Pilgrimage, Glastonbury, 2 pin. Wednesday: Clete. Diuceean Council of Primes' meeting, Newman Hall, Westbury-on-Trynr, 11 am. Concelebrates on occasion of Father Michael EnglIshie 25th Anniversary of 0. St Patrick's, Bristol, 730 pm

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Sunday: V, Our Lady'S, Latchford, 1NarrIngton. Monday: Celebrates M and Addresses North East Cheshire Serra Club. Timperley, 7 pm Tuesday: Meeting of UphollarAl Governing Conmellee, am. C, St Joseph's, WInslord, Cheshire, pm. Wednesday: Dedication of Interdenominatinnal Chapel at West Cheshire Hospital, Chester. 11.15yam Meriting of Deans, Birkenhead, 3 pm. C. St Vincent on Paul's, Brameall, Cheshire. Thursday: Biehop Holland, Golden Jubilee Celebrations, Hopwood Hall,

Bishop Dude, Auxiliary of Salford: Friday: Schools CommIssiOn, 10.30 am. Speaks to Conf emends, St Catherine, Didsbury. 2 pm. M, St Mary's, Swinton, 6.30 pm Saturday: Rescue Society Garden Party, Didsbury, 2.30 pm. Sunday: C. St Catherine, Didsbury, 3 pm. Monday; Schools Concert, Free Trade Hall, Manchester, 7.30 pm. Tuesday: Governing Committee, Upholland. 12 noon. Wednesday: Board of Administration, 10,30 am. Thursday: eit, Hopwood Hail, Middleton, 12 noon.

Bishop Clark of East Anglia: Sunday V, Bury St Edmunds. Monday: Hierarchy Standing Committee meeting. Westminster, 3 pm. Reception, Launching of John Paul Trust, Westminster. Tuesday: Framingham Earl Methodist Church, Joint Prayers for Departures of two locals for work in Third Mild Wednesday: Centenary M. St Joseph's Convent, Sudbury, 12 30 pm Reception for new Chairman, County Hall, Norwich.

Bishop Cleary. Auxiliary of Birmingham: Friday: Conducts Plymouth Clergy Retreat, Batidest Abbey. Saturday: M and Prolesslon. Slater al the Infant Jesus. SS Mary and John, Wolverhampton, 3 pie, Bishop Emery of Portsmouth: Friday: Southampton Meeting Hampshire Heads of Churches meetings, 10_30 am Bishop's House meeting with Sacred Heart, Fareharn, Youth Discussion Group, 6,30 pm. Saturday St John's Cathedral, Portsmouth Celebrate M and attend Annual Meeting of lee Catholic Women's League, 12.15 pmSI Joseph's, Maidenhead Celebrate M Canon J Murtagds Golden Jubilee. 6 pm. Seedily: 61 Patrick's, Southampton C M, 11.30 am Tuesday: London Education Meeting Wednesday SI Thomas More, TWyferd Consecration Of A11/11 and Church. 7 pm. Thursday: Bishop's House, Portsmouth Council el Priests' Meeting, 10.30 am, St Patrick's, Hayling island C M and Commission leg of Ministers. 7 pm.

Bishop Foley of leneestecFriday, Visits Schooi and Housebound, St Anthony's Parish, Preston, 2.15 pm. Sunday: M for Silver Jubilee of Rev Mather, Boarbank Hall. 12 noon. V and G, St Mary's, Ulf/melon, 3 pm. Tuesday: Mooting for "Venerable,APPeal3elshop's House. 2.30 pm. Broadcast for "Red Rose" Radio, 8.30 OM. Wednesday: M to,. Housekeepers Guild, Cathedral, 2.30 PM. Thursday: Bishop Holland's Golden Jubilee M, Hopwood Hall,

12 noon. C, Blessed Sacrament, Preston, 7.30 B ishop Gray, Bishop of Shrewsbury: Friday Chief Concelebrant ar M of Thanksgiving of the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Sacred Heart, Aston, Birmingham, 7.30 pm Saturday: Interview* Prospective Church Students for tne reoteme, Curial °Dice*, 81 kenhead. Sunday: Celebrates M, Shrewsbury Cathedral, 11 amConfers Sacrament ofC, St Patrick's, Wellington, 5 pm Tuesday: Secular Clergy Fund Lunch, Mallington Banashe Hotel, Confers the Sacrament of C. St Mary's, Msdeley, Telford, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Confers the Sacrament of C, Our Lady's, Birkenhead, 7.30 pm Thursday Bishop Holland's Golden Jubilee Celebration at Hopwood Hall, Middleton. 12 noon B ishop Guazzelli, Bishop in Baal London: Fritter Deans' Meeting, 11 am. Church Leaders' Meeting, 2.30 pm C. Ciaptem Park, 7.30 pm. Sunday: C. Hotnenon. 11 arn C, Copenhagen Street, 6.30 pm. Monday: Launching of John Paul Treat. Westminster, 3 pin Tuesday: Deanery meeting, TH, 1045 am CDA, S pm Calod, Cardinal Paulo Arns. 7.30 pm Deanery Assembly, TH, 7.30 pre. Wednesday GOA, 10 am CMAC. 7.30 pm. Thursday: C, Commercial Road. 7.30 pm.

Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough: Friday: Golden Jubilee and Consecration nt St Vincent's Church. Hull. 7.30 pm Sunday: MayOr's Sunday, Beverley Minster. Wednesday: Meeting Local Radio

Adviaory Council, Lon dun Silver Jubilee Celebrations, Rev J McKeever, St Gabriel'S, Onnesby, 7 pm. Thursday: Golden Jubilee Celebration's, Bishop Holland at Hopwood Hall, 12 noon. Presides and Preaches at Silver Jubilee Si, Ron

• Madden, Sacred Head Church, Middlesbrough, 7 pm.

B ishop Harvey. Bishop In North Lander: Saturday-Sunday: Pastoral Visit, St Mary and St

Andrew, Doles Sunday: Meeting. Enfield Haringey Education Commission, 7.15 pre. Tuesday Diocesan Senate of Priests. COA, 5 pm. WEinee day: COA, 10 am, Thursday: Annualeneeling. Crusade or Reenue. 0 pm Bishop Henderson, Auditory el Southwark: Friday: IncluctIOn 01 Parish Priest, BrOchley, B pm Sunday: Si and C, Lee, 11 am. Monday: Meeting at the John Paul Trust, Aralb1611011.11 House, Westminster. 3 to 5 pm. Tuesday: M and C. Blum Hill. 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Blessing of the New Wing of St Joseph's Preparatory School. Gravesend, 2 pm. Thursday Si to Celebrate 50th Anniversary 01 St Stephen's Primary School, Welling, 2 30 pe, Si and C,

Ereh, 7.30 pm B ishop Hltehin, Auxiliary of Liverpool, Friday: Lancashire Ecumenleal Council. Blackburn. 2.311 pm. C. Our Lady's, HIghlown. 7.30 pm. Saturday: Golden Jubilee Si for Fr Mulcahy, 11 pin Sunday: V. Corpus Christi, Raintord MendayThursday: Third World Troraire Seminar, Maynooth and Galway.

Bishop Holland of Salford: Friday: Schools Commission, 10 30 am M, St Way's. Swinton, 630 pm. Saturday: Open Rescue Society Garden Party, Didsbury, 2.30 pm. Sunday: V. 10.30 am. G,SI Aloyelus, Ardwick, 2.30 ern. Monday: Jubilee High Scheel Musical Concert, Free Trade Hall. Manchester, 7.30 per. Tuesday: Presents Badges and Certificates, North Manchester General Hospital, Crumpsall, 2-30 pie. Wednesday Board of Administration. 10.30 am. Thursday M, Hopwood Middielon,12 noon.

B ishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark: Ridgy V to Gillingham Parish Saturday: Parish V. Bearstead. Sunday: V, Bearetead Monday: Tunbridge Wails Deanery Pastoral Council meeting. 8 pm Tonbrelge, B pro Tuesday Churches Consortium at Canterbury. 11.15 am. C at Canterbury, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: House of Hospitality meeting at Heatheeld, 11,15 am Thursday: C, Chariton, 7.30 pm Bishop Koristant, Bishop In Central London. Friday: Jubilee M, All Saints Pastoral Centre, 11 am, Cs, SI John's W006, 7 pm Saturdey Cathedral Art Exhibleun. 11.0 am. Monday: Standing Committee meeting, Archbishop's House. 11.30 am Latmen oh John Peel Trust. Archbishop's House C. Padding Inn, 7 pm Tuesday: Senate meeting, Archbishop's House, 10 30 am Wednesday: COA meeting, Arch. bishops House, In 311am Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Saturday: M for Silver Jubilee Sr Francis, Convent Of Mercy. Nottingham. Sunday: Prize Day, Ratcliffe College Wednesday: Wehrle of Deans, Rearsby,10.45 ern. Thursday, meeting of Catectieticai Commission, Highrields, Derby, 2.30 pm. Derervel Hospital Appeal, Derby, 8.15 pm.

Bishop MeMehon of Brentwood: Friday: Concelebrates M, Bishop Butlers Golden Jubilee, London Colney, 11 am. M and G,New Hall, 0 pm Sunday: Preaches at Glastonbury Pilgrimage Wednesday: V. Our Lady oi Lourdes, LeIghon-Sea.

Bishop Mellon, Bishop In West London: Friday: Retreat. Saturday: Si and meeting of International Justice and Peace Committee, Archbishop's HOURP,, 12 15 pm Seturday•Sunday V, Stanvvell Monday Manna of Voluntary Colleges, Archbishop's House.

2 pm, AGM. Society of Holy Childhood, Mill Hill, 4.30 pm Tuesday: Chairs AGM. Association for Propagation of the Faith. CDA, Attends Reception for Cardinal erns, Archbishop's House, 7.30 Pm, Wednesday: COA, 10 em AGM. St David's Home, 5 pm. CMAS gathering. Thursday Matting of Western Area Church Loaders, 10.30 eel. Meeting of Link Sisters. St Anne's Convent, 7.30 pm.

Bishop Mover-ley of Hallam; Friday: Northern Church Leaders' meeting al Wigan. Saturday: eincesan Peeterai Council at Denaby. Sunday. Civic SA a! Cathedral tnllowed by Civic Reception at Town Hall. Tuesdsy: Diocesan Clergy Council, 19.39 am. Presentation oh Prizes [0 Nurses at City Hell, 12.45 pm. Murat:ley:Bishop Holland's Jubilee Celebrations et Heywood C at Darlon. 7 pm.

B ishop Kevin O'Connor, Aulillia• of Liverpool: Saturday:0 in Ireland, 130 pm.

B ishop Murphy•O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Friday: Cathedral Deanery C, Arundel, 7 pm. Saturday: Worthing Deanery C, Arundel Cathedral, 2.30 prn. M, Forest Row, 8.30 pro, Sunday Brighton Deanery C. Arundel Cathedral. 2,30 pet M far Cateolan Association, Arundel Cathedral, 8 pmAttends Service of Thanksgiving for 500th Anniversi cry of Dukedom of Norfolk, Arundel Parish Church, 7 pm Thursday: Guildford Deanery V.

B ishop O'Brien, Bishop In Hertfordshire: Friday: Bishop Butler's Golden Jithitee at All Saints Pastoral Centro. Visits the Brothers of tie Sacred Heart at St Cciumba's. St Albans, 5 pm. Saturday: J and P. Annual meeting at Archbishop's House, 10 am. Sunday: Confers Ministries Crusade ul ihe Holy Spirit. Hatfield 10 am Monday. Hierarchy Standing Committee at Archbishop's House, 11.30 am. AGM Shared Churches in Hart! ordshire Tuesday: Westminster Senate Of Priests at Archbishop's House, 10.30 am. Wednesday: CDA at Archbishop's House, 10 am. Thursday: Meeting of Catholic Secondary School Headleachers at St Michael's, Garston, 11 am.

O lt** KeYin O'Brien, Bishop In Middlesbrough:

Friday: Preach at the Golden Jubilee and Consecratioo of SI Vincent's Church, Hull Sisriday M and r AGM at Hull University Chaplaincy at 8.15 pm. Monday Si for the Nons at tne Convent in Whitby Thursday: Bishop Holland's Jubilee M at Seifert! Cathedral Father Madder's Jubilee M at Sacred Heart, Mit:Mt.:sty ough. 7 30 pm.

Bishop Rawslhome, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Monday: John Paul Trust Launch, Archbishop's House, WeStrnin stir Tuesday: Governors'

Committee meeting, Upholland, C,St William of York, sCtraotsr,,hy,L720.,ppoomi Ws,littilirar3ordeteol 14n gpwrnithuPcamstormal Metropolitan Cathedral. 8 pm Thunder Meeting with SERRA. Br shoo Eton. Woceton A 3n nm Bishop Reatieaux of Plymouth: Saturdly: M,10.30 am. Election of Mather General and Counsellors for Daughters of the 01099 of Plymouth Diocese, Stoodley Knowie Convent_ Torquay. 11 am Sunday: Annual Corpus Christi Procession' (Plymouth Deanery), St Bonitacces College, Crownhill, Plymouth, 3 prn. Tender Diocesan Schools Music Festival and M, Buckles) Abbey, 2.15 pm. Thursday: OlficiSl Opening of St John's School, Tiverton, Devon, 2,30 pm Bishop Thomas of Northampton. Saturday. Sunday V. Sacred Heart, Northampton. Monday: Meets Diocesan -Tribunal C, St Brendan's, Corby.Tuesday: Visits St Gregory's School, Northampton. C. Sacred Heart, Stopsley, Luton. 7.30 pin. Wednesday: C, Our Lady Help of Christians, 0.110,1, 7.30 pm.

B ishop Tripp. Auxiliary of Southwark, Friday: V IP Borough Parish Celebrates M at Daughters olMary and Joseph Convent Croydon, at 12 noon Saturday: Joins walkers On the Walk Of Reparation for the Sins of Abortion at 6.15 am. Celebrates M at St George's Cathedral at 8 ant Sunday C at Thornton Heath at 3.30 pm and 710 pm. Tuesday: Meeting of Diocesan Prison Chaplains al A:ries-turd. Thursday: iPpr ke hoe: as d .i 07 8 m,

of Papal Award at Bermondsey

B lame .Welmslay, Bishop of the forces: Sunday: C M. RAF Abingdon. 10.30 an Monday: Vicariate Adminietralive Counell Meeting, Farnborough, 11 am, Tuesday: Vicariate Pastoral Council StandingStelvieldedingwCormnemnolviallee, MwisiitirLFarnborough, Sunday: : vandc. 3 pm.

Beaurnerrs. Monday: General Chapter, Loreto Convent, Llandudno, 12 noon. Wednesday: Cs, Flint Thursday 0, to the Priesthood of Rev Deacon.

Mak" Wheeler at Leeds: Friday: C M St Malachy's, Halifax, 7.30 pm. Saturday: St Patrick's Gentre,H uddrirsfield, AGM Of UCM. Sunday: V and C, SI Ai/Vetted', Leeds. Wednesday St Patrick's, Golden Jubilee M for the Canon .3 Farrell, 11 am Thursday: Concelebrates at Golden Jubilee of the Bishop of Salford, Hopwood Hall. Attends meeting of Friends of Mother Therese at htsuelvinaf Castle

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