Page 10, 10th June 1994

10th June 1994
Page 10
Page 10, 10th June 1994 — BISHOPS ' DIARIES 12TH TO 18TH JUNE Archbishop Maurice Couve de

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BISHOPS ' DIARIES 12TH TO 18TH JUNE Archbishop Maurice Couve de

Murvalle (Birrohntisam): Sun: WC, St Edwards. Selly Park. Mon: M , St Mary's', Brewooi, 7.30pm. Wed: M, St Edmund Campion Sch., Birrningtuu-n, 11 .15arn C, Ss Joseph & Helen, Kings Norton, 7.30pm. Thu: M, St Edmund's Sch, Wolverhampton, 11.45am. C, St Augustine, Sohlull, 7pm. Fri: M for Sisters of the For Child Jesus, Southern, Noon. Blessing, Our Lady of Lourdes Sch, Wimey, 7pm. Sat 0, English ?dames, Sparkhill, 3pm.

Archbishop John Ward (Cardiff): Sun. Civic Service, Our Lady of Lourdes, aliff

Mountain Ash, 3pm. Mon: ., Clergy/Laity Golf Tournament, Radyr Club, Cardiff,

6.30pm. Tue: Jubilee M, Fr mas Keane, Ledbury, Noon. C, Si Friends, Ely, Cardiff, 7.30pm. Wed: C. St Peters, • „ 7.30pm. Thu: Jubilee M, jeee Hodge Nursing Home, Cardiff, 11 am. Jubilee M, Porthcawl, 7pm. Fri: Diaconate 0, Ebbw Vale, 7pm. saninfl Archbishop Derek Worlock verpool): Sun: MN, Holy Family,

Halewood,11.15am. Mon: I Working Party Mtg, St Katherine's College, 101m.

Tue & Thu: Interview ' Candidates, 5pm. Sat: 0, St Anne's, Overhury St, 3pm. Archbishop Michael Bowen (Southwark): Mon: Mtg. Christian Education Centre, Tboting, 10.30sur.

Bishop Corm= Murphy O'Connor (Arundel and Brighton): StIll: M for Marriage and Family Life, 'Worth, 11_30am. C, Cathedral, 3pm. Wed: Welcomes students from SUS= and Brighton Universines, Storrington, 3.45pm. Thu: M, Si Joseph's Sch, Haywards Heath; 9.15sun. Leads Study Day for Chogy. Worth Abbey. Presentation, Redhill. Fri: Headteachers Mtg, Storrington, I I am.

Bishop Terence Brain (Birnsinghimi auxiliary): Sun: C. St Charles Borromeo Hampton on the MIL Preaching Court:field Pilgrimage, 3pm Tue. C, Our Lady of Wayside, Shirley, 7pm. Thu: C, St Anthony, Wolverhampton, 7.30pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council Mtg, lOarn. C, Our Lady of Lourdes, Kmgswinford, 7.30pm. Bishop Philip Pargeter (Birmingham auxiliary): Sun: C, St Thomas, Walsall, Ilam. C, St Nicholas, Boldmen, 3pm. Mon: V, St Mary's Sch, Warwick, 2pm, C, St Mary, Wareick, 7.30pm Tue. Conference on homeless, Maryville, 11.15am. V. 5th. Kieigatunding, 2pm. Wed-Thu i V, Sch, Sc Joseph, Banbury, 2pm. C, pariah, 7.30pm.

Bishop Alan Clark (East Anglia): Sun: Diocesan Pilgrimage, Wahingham. The: C, St Nem., c..sinhridgeshire Bishop Ambrose Grielths (lierhatn and Newcastle): Sun, V, Youth Rally, Stockton on Tees. Family Life M, Ushaw , 3pm. The: M,Ushinv, 9.30am. C, Boldon Colliery, 7pm. Wed: V, -Bede's World", Jarrow, 11.30am. Catechism Day, Ushaw, 2pm. M, Tow Law, 7pm. Thu: C, St Joseph's Jarrow Fri: C, St Robert's, Fenham. Bishop John Brewer (Lancaster): Sun: V, Si Wilfrid, Premum. Toe: C, Christ the King, Blackpool. Wed: E and F commission rug, RE C,entre. C, English Martyrs, Preston, 7pm. Thu: V, St Wilfrid's Primary Sch, Preston. Blessing of Sch, Hill Chapel_ C, St C,regory, Preston. Sac Diconae Mtg, Morecombe, lpm.

Bishop David Konetant ): Sun: V. Sacred Heart Pariah, Honsworth, am. The: C. St Bernard's, Halifax, 7.30p4n. Wed: Governors' Mtg, Leeds, 4.30pm. AGM, Leeds, 7.30pm. Thu: Jubilee M, 7.30*. Ueda, Festival Concert, Ampleforth Abbey, 7.30pm.

Bishop Daniel Mullins (Mencrts): Sun: C, St Michael's, Brawn, I tam. Mon: KSC, Clergy and Larry Gotf lburnament. The: Sch V, St joaephis Primary, Notch, am. St Joseph's Primary, Oydach, pm_ Wed. Centenary M, St Paul of the Cross, St David's, Ilandeilo, 7pm. Fri. C, Our Lady of Margani, Port Talbot, 7pm.

Bishop John Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun: C, Sr Gek..res, Scarborough, llsm Tue: Clergy Day of Ftecollection, Hull, 10.30am. Wed: Day of Recollection, HazIewood Castle, 10.30am. Thu: V, St Mary's Sch, Grangetown, 10am-Noon. RESPOND Forum, Middlesbrough, 7..30pm. Fri: M, St Margaret Cbtherow, Haseby, 7pm. Sat: Creech:tun launch, Cathedral, noon. Weekend Retreat, Minsteracres, pm. Bishop 1Cevin O'Brien, (Middlesbrough surIllary): Mon: Mtg, London. Tue: Day of Recollection, -Rockleigh, Hull. Fri: Sponsoring Body. Jubilee Celebrations Bishop Leo MeCarde (Nortkampton): Sun: M, Ss Franck and Therese, Northampton, 11.30am. Mon: E C meg, Christ the King. Milton Keyes 7.30pm. Wed: Garden Party, Northamptonshire, Pobce HQ 6.30pm_ C, St Pacrick's, Duston. Thu: V. Our Lady's Sch, Corby, 10.45atn. C, Our Lady of Walsingham, Corby, 7pm. Fri: C, Sstcred Heart, Luton, 7.30pm. Sat: Pilgrimage, Willingham.

Bishop James McGuinness (Nottingham): Sun: Rodney Pilgrimage, Mon: Presentation, McGuinness Centre. Thu: Mtg, 2pm. Fri: Mtg, Beaming of the Sick, St Joseph's, Derby, 6pm. Sat: Spgi=thsters Renewal Day. Bishop Christopher Budd ): Fri: Cornish Church Leaders. Sat: AGMCWL, 0, Crovmhill.

Bishop Crispian Hollis (Portsmouth)! Sun: V, Ss Joseph and Edmund, Southamptoo, Mon: M, Brockenhurst. The C, Southampton, 7pm. Wed: Clergy day of Recollection 10-30tam Ashurst. C, Ss Mary and Philip, Fordsnbridge, 7pm. Thu. In Service Trainiag Day, 10.30m, Wickham. C, Holy Cross, Eastleigh, 7pm. Fri: Diaconate 0 St Joseph's, Basingstoke,, 7.30pm. Sat: 0, Sacred Heart Waterlooville, 2.30pm. Biahop Patrick gay (Salford): Sun: M 9.15 am and 11 am. V Sacred Heart and St Edward. Mon-Fri: Retreat for lford Clergy, Loyale Hall, Patinhill. Sat: 0, St Clare's, Blackley,1 lam. Rescue Gorden Party, Didbury, 3pm, Bishop Joseph Gray (Shrewshury): Sun: V /C, Rock Ferry. Mon-Fri: Clergy Retreat. Bishop Charles Henderson, (Southwark auxiliary): Sum M and C, Herne Hill, 11.30am. Mon: Mtg, Christian Education Centre, 10.30am. M and C, Deptford, 7.30pm. Tue:,M and C, Sidcup, 7.30pm. Thu: M and C. Lewisham, 7.30pm. Fri: Confirmandi Milt, Forest Hil!,4m. Sat: Diaconate 0, Eltham Well Hall, 7pm. Bishop John Jukes, (South smailiary): Sun:V, Maidstone. Mon: Christian Education Cenci Mtg, Morin(/' Bee, 10am. Wed: C, Rainharn, 8pm. Thu: House of Hospitality Mtg, Sussex, Ilam. lC, Tonbridge, 7.30pm. Fri: V, St Mary's College, Folkestone. Sat: V, Southborough. Sun: V coned/ Diaconate rrag, West Melling 3pm. Bishop Howard Tripp, (Southwark ausdliary): Sun: Institutes Readers and Acolytes, Wonersh, 4pm. Tue: London Churches Group, I0.45am. Sat-Sun: CTE mtg. Bishop Victor Guasceelli (Weetmbister, east area): Sun: C, Haverstock 14i11, 12.30pm. The: C, Highbury, 7.30pm, mu: C, Clapton, 7.10pm. Sat Idillwall, pm. Bishop Vincent Nichols, (Westminster, north area): Sun: V, Hendon. Mon: Jubikrian M, Archbishop's House, 11.30am. Tue-Wed: National Board of Catholic Women mtg, Durham. Thu. C Enfield, (Holtwhites Hill), 7.30pm. Sat: V, Mill Hill. Bishop James O'Brien (Westminster, Hertfordahlre area): Sun: C. Our Lady and St Michael, Garston, 10am. Tue: Mtg, Watford Deanery. Wed: Sc), ki, St John's, Baldock, Ilam. Fri: C, Our Lady's Church, Chipperfield, 7.30pm. Sat RCIA Thanksgiving Id, St Peter's, Hatfield, 3pm. C, Our Lady of Lourdes, Harpenden, 6pm. Bishop Patrick O'Denoghue (Westminster, west area), Sun: C, Shepperum, 1030am. C, Stillwell, 3pm. hat, Mtg, 10am. lubllee M.. Sacred Heart. Teddinattn, 7.30pm. The: V, Carmelite M tery, Wme. V. St Mary's, Sch, Isleworth, 10am. Fri: Deans; mg, Onerley, I lAm. Sir C, /Unwell, 12.30pm. C. Cranford, 7pm. Biahop Franck Waanialey (Forces): Tom United Services Catholic Associalion

AGM. Sat Reconeithal ion cekbs, Tyburn, am. Pastoral V, RN Plymouth Area, pm. . Ko: A . 4 -Mass. G iGooffrmatien VVintation. Mtg Magane. Sch Schad

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