Page 9, 10th March 1939

10th March 1939
Page 9
Page 9, 10th March 1939 — BISHOP OF GERONA SPEAKS " Why the Church is With Franco "

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BISHOP OF GERONA SPEAKS " Why the Church is With Franco "

The Bishop of Gerona, in Spain, has issued a long communication on the position of the Church in regard to the Spanish Civil War.

The Bishop endeavours to set straight "the confusion rampant among Catholics outside Spain as to the issues at stake in the present war."


" The Church in Spain is with General Franco because of his defence of the rights that Christ has given His Church, because he has declared his government will administer for the greatness and well-being of Spain ...

" The Church will not interfere in politics, but, politics are not going to interfere with action that comes within the sphere el the Church."

That the Church in Spain is free and unmenaced by the State is the conviction of the Bishop.

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