Page 10, 10th March 2000

10th March 2000
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Page 10, 10th March 2000 — Bishops' diaries

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Bishops' diaries


March 13 to 20

Atebbishop. Sleet V Nichols iftinninglunol, Sun r.

St ['eta in Snood Gwen. to loam Rile of Election. Cannital, 3pm Tur: Diocesan Financial Sri:I-etude!: Conference. Vaughan Else, Vrmioster. I lam. 0 of Farewell for Bp Vincent. SI Mary Magrbilen. %%chime. Spin rho, Gists Roscoe Laney. ).'pool Town Hall. Cpool. 5pm. Fri. C All Stunts. Kenton, 7 Opra. Sat, C. All Saints. Kenton, I lam Archbishop P Kelly 11..iverpurib: Sun.V M. St sylsemer. 1.pool. Mom V M. Si Aintree:us. L'pool, 11.30mn Mum Ii,> of Hrollonion. Mods Fte, Itslant College Standing C Itre ?ilia.. Wed. Lent .Address Upool. Parish Church, 105pin Metropolitan rather-1r al Choir Aswe MINI, CAthedryil. L. .d. 7 lOpm

()Id Swan Deanery Day of Risco/10:16as Anchhp's Ilia Attends Rol,oc lecture, Cathedral. I:pool. Sp. Archbp'sCesmot.Cialal 01kes. 10.15ain Meets with Vicar's General. Archbps Hse. 2pra, M of Dedication. St Patrick's. Southpon. 730proSar. Pas Christ Vint for Procr m N Irclaeal. Cathedral. I num. Interrows plospeollsc ieminimans ArchNii Hie. mt. V M. St Joseph. PetiLmIt.

Archbishop 141 Bowen ISIndhoark law: South lomion Ad ( nen Mir Arehhpli Flue. I 0.1:!Nam. Installation RI Sc. Commack Murphy ITConnut Archbishop of Wcontinster,Wesuninster Cathedral. I lam. 'Mu. Fund. Rnisinnp Dinner for I/ownside and

Worth Boss and (lids Club PD. SI,nn 0 for Archhp (hear Romani. Calholta I. ape.

lush, m P Prirgetei t (hum austitM of Election for Iii IA. -tion. Tun: M. Cardinal Newman Sch. Bear. wi-s4 t Wpm Fri Emmaus Mtg. ST Pturicli.r. Ds!, Dance. Soligolt. 7 (Spin SoxCIL Imahling Leeds.

Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Sun. VI. Stock. oam Rile of Election. Cathedral. fpm. Toe Miss AI Interview, Cathedral lint & C. firundmayes Thu: Apostleship of the Sea Mtg. Bp's Hue, 12,30pni EnMigs It lawmen* Cathedral Hse.

Bishop M Akaander Sun. RCIA. Rile of Elecniou, Clifton Cathedral. ?pro Wert Salisbury Ifeancry Lenten Statist M. St Gregory's, Salisbury. 730pm Ss, V/(' St luaeph'a. Nympslield 73di Amur Dinner. St Joseph's Fidtmoth. !Brunt

Bishop P Smith [Easy Anglian Soo: Rite of Election. Cathedral. Not" icb.dpm. Tue. CFAS L'onference. Peterhiwough.

lbshop J Rawslhorne of Election. 4 'attualrat. ?pm Mon: Sheffield Theological Society hltp, Central YI R(• ['Much. 7 10pot. Tut! Cltaphraiy Mut. Sheffield children's I 1.a.paal. I lain Paul VI Mennrool Lsnura. I...Wm, 7 illpm Vtleyl• Diocesan Fusin:y.8,ml Pest and ['muter. IP 4Snin 1 NO Ail,.

wry Mn. Pasionl Centre, 7pm. Sat. Catholic Yong Peoples Forum. Crewe

Bishop A Griffiths (Her= & Newcastle), Sun.M. Jam How, Waihington, 14,30pm. M. Si John Panic. W.uhingion 10.Vam. M & C. St lam Rost. Washington hpm Mon. lips' Mtg. Lcals. lit. Akarn CARAT lecture . Wane College, Durham. 7-10ptu. llshaw College Governor:, Standing ("nee Mtg. lIshass College. I I am. Wed. Mt Day V. St Joseph's lierniell NMI:4:611C upon Tyne: Dedication of SI Augustine,. Church, I on 1.1111e. Gateshead. 7prn,Frl: Bps' ConferMee Dept forChnstini Respensittility at (31.n:thin Mtg. tech:Ron Sy. London., Mu, Sat (mak .1 of the Laity Mtg. St Joseph's. Gates)ad, llani Vigil M. Si Joseph's. Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne. 6pm. Wallop I) Konarant theettsi: Sun-Feet i'atholic Ed Week, Melbourne Australia.

Bishop ft-rooky IMaidiribroughi Sun: Pope l'aul VI 4CAFOD/ Annual Lecture. Preston. Inns Mob Mtg of Northern Bpi. tads, arnrpm. Thu, Mtg with Hp. ouncil. Bps' Hse, am/pm C, SI Reroodeoes Numborge. 7pm. Pri. NEST Pamck's, Middlesbrough. 7pm. Sal: 1&P Mtg. York A. Arehbp Plane!, Mena, nal S. Yong Minster. amrpm.

Bishop r. MeCarlie (Northampton): Sun: Rite of

E.10:tion. (Iberian. 3pni I St John ()este. Curtly, 7pni. Tue. College of Consultors. I Ions C. St John's. Lawn. 7.30pm. Sat Dime.. l'oirds Corder. (om. London Colney, am, ISishop) Mititii anew iNtatinghamr. Sun:Rite of Fkxturn. t:athedral. Notts. 3pm. Toe: Diocesan Station M. Holy Cows Whowick. Leics. 8pm. Wed. Mig of Dineestin Trustees. WI II,tn Use:. Nests. Thu. Diocesan Slatinn st St thighs. ttnx-nfgate. Lincoln. Sprit Fti, Si P.ortels May M. St l'ainck's Leics. I lam.

Bishop C liodd I Plymourbit Sun Rite of Election. Cathedral, Noon. Pls mom h I ',awry Mtg, cm. Plymouth Stalion NI. pal "rim. Plymouth llroyensay Chaplaincy. A.M. Torbay Deanery Mtg. pm Lorna:. Nation hi. Tonics. nen. Sat V. SUIM01.101.

Bishop C Hollis 41Portimouthg Tue: Connie:11 of Nest, Mte Bps fl.e 10 Mill um weed Dean:

Mtg. lips' H.e. Int Itl..Munt. Thu. Day for New Ttlaltaleri. Pak I'Lloa Nonni] Centre. Wickluun.. Fri: Jubilee M. St Colman. Cosham. 1pm. Nat Diocesan Covenant ()ay, M. St Anne Sch, Southampton. //Sharp Bishop T Ards (Salford): Sun:V. St Mary'a. Ireloon ant. Rite of Elecilon. St John's Cathedral. 3pm Tor RC Pronely Headwachers' Conference, 2.15pot. Wed. Prayer Breakfast, Town Hall. latchester. 7,4Sam. Junior Clergy Day, Clipping. Thu, V. SI. /05E0'6 RC Plenary Sch, 31/ AM Deanery Conference

Mtg. St Demurs t Sacred Heart. Ckieren) 2pin Mtg Loudon.

Bohm C Henderson (SwarliP SurcM & C. Milani Well Hall. IR .111am Moir Chairs Diocesan Finance Mtg. I lam. Toe: hi& C. Riarkten. / 31Ipm Thu: Chain. National Coon ho other faiths. SWI. I Inn, Presides of Reception of Bihie Catcchesis, ii ialpm. Sat Milk C. Welling. hien.

Bishop !inward Tripp iii'wark Suo:V. Rochampton MoeV. Nnehompton :shy Stuart r'olleyc Moserlui, \fir. ?pm Mier hitt, Catholic Union. famul inprnlithhe & Parliamentary Affairs Cher 564MtgreCluklren's Seciely.Purley.2.3(Men. Fri: Mtn of Dept of I:hi-Man Responsibility & Cid oenslup. 3o Fut:lesion Sy. I I am Sat V Rie_hmoncl. Bishop V Guaiselli tWininsum. E meal. StiltPit.I'athe. anal, 5.3Ylpin. Mon: Holy Land Pilgrimage omit March Bishop .1 O'Brien I WmInster. Hens areal: Sun: Rite of EledosiCatedral. Irmi Mon: Shared Churches Trustee Mtg. 0.13mn. Hefts & Beds S ("We. Pam:hanger, Welwyn Garden City. 100111. Thu. M tor Westminster Primary Sell Heads. All Saints Pastoral Centre. 5.15pm. Fri. Chinch I. cadent' Mtg. Abbey OAR Hse, St Albans. Now Sct V. sacred Henn. Wale

(rDonntihue I W'mlnater, W womb Smelt

iinageri brieworth Want. Rite of Eleminn.Callieilral, fpm Inct (hear Rumour CAFOD Lecture. 7.Mprn, Thu: St Mary's I npegr I Wickentham, Governors' Mts. 11.1im. St Pausrly's Soho, Nt Open. Fri: St Patrick's Day Celebrations. Noon

Bishop Er Waimalley (Formal: Mom V. Mill Hill Matt:Iry Establishment. Leaninn. I tarn ArithishupJ Ward (CordItt: Mon V. St Gabrrel's Primary Sch. Newport, l lOarn. Tue. M. UCM Annual Conference. Aberuvon. I 1.30ain.

Bishop') Mullins IMenesing Sun fiCIA M, Emrol ti et a. Cattinimi 1(1.45 pm Thu: Lenten Sadao 51, OL Queen of Peace. Llanelli toreannarthen Ducey 7pm Sat. M & Lenten Sermon, St Dessnri priory, Swansea.' 2.30pm.

Bishop E Regan IWnothanast: Sun: Rite of Election. Cathedral. fpm. Mon: Northern Bps' Cm. 7pm. TCC J&P Centre. Tun: CCMW Confience. Port (SISal. Wed, Deanery Seaton M. Punkin:Av. 7pm Thu. Deacons' AGM. 7pm, Fri: Congress &ming Op, Bp's Ilse. 1. 91prti. Sat: Congress Delegates Mtg. I /am 3.3lIpm Sr Richard Civaltit High Sch. Flint

Key: M.Mus. C•Cordionation V.Visaatim 0.0td, nation. Mfg-Meeting. Soh-Schad FS-Ecumenical Service.

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