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10th March 2006
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Page 14, 10th March 2006 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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Organisations: Liverpool Arehdlocescat Centre for Evangelista tiOrl, I.:duration Service Management Board, Council of Priests, Annual Civic Service, V Northwick Park Hospital, Archbishop's Council, Centre for Evangelisation, 3-30p111 Diocesan College of Consultors, St Patrick's Church, Bishop's Council, Sheffield Arena, Diocesan Finance Board, Conroe:ace Centre, Diocesan Education Commission, Diocesan Inspection Board, Tue7pm Diocesan Education Council, Ushaw College, iticesan Centre, Bishops' Council, Council of l'riests mtg., Board of Administration mtg., Kent Schools Commission, John Paul Centre, Tha;930am School Assembly, V Galloway's Society, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evan, Pastoral Centre, Rarranon Hospital, Essex University, University of Wales, Priests Agenda Committee, Centre for Ev-an, Catholic Children's Society, Si Michael's Church, Thomas Flolford Catholic College, Parish Church, Liverpool Hope University, Adult Fonnation Commission


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March 12 to March 18

Cardinal C M urph, -O'Connor (Wcst'flinger): Mon: 'taro NI of St Gregory. Downside Abbey., Bath. Tue/Wed: Interviews & Laigagements.Thu:apm M St Patrick's Church, Soho Square; 730pm Evening Reception -The Right to Life Charitable Trust". Flouse of Commons. Iii: 930am Meets with Archbishop's Council. Anabishop's House. Archbishop V Nichols (Birmingham): Tue: thumb Schools Faith in the Future Conference; 7pm: C St Bernadette's. Womhourne. Thu: I 03flam I/cans' nag, Mary vnle; 7pm: Catechesis lonteuchers. Cathelnil. Frl: I Ount V St Patrick's Sch. Dudley Road. ArehhEillop P Kelly t Liverpool): Sun! I urn M for the Second Sunday of I era. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. I iverpool; 3pm: Annual Civic Service. A Renal Synagogue.. Toe: 10.15arn Arehbis hop's Council „ Liverpool Arch diocesan Centre for Evangelisation; 7pm; "leaving Safe Harhours" Theology Cinsup riag,Archbishop's House. Wed: Warn V Si Wilfrid's RC High Sc!,. latherland; 6pin: I onergiu; Lcclutr, Liverpool Hope University. Thu: 103thun Cameil of Priesis„ Liverpool A rchdlocesan Centre for Ev-an. gelition. Fri:10zun V Holy Cross RC High Seh,Chorley; 330pm V Galloway's Society for the Blind. Preston; 730pm Lenten Reflection. Our Lady. Queen of Martyrs . Crosteth Sne2 30pm Lrruen Relation, St Macy. Leyland. Archbishop K McDonald; (Southwark). Tue:anapm Mars, Archbishop's House. Wed:R.30am London Church Leaders' mtg. Aiehlashop's House; 5pni: Archbishop's Council,Archhishop's House. Bishop K Coney (Arundel & Brighton): Sun: Returns from ('1 EM mtg. Rome. Mon: Sussex Church Leaders rola Meets with Adult Fonnation Commission, Dabeee. Wed: Appointments with Deans, High Oaks, Thu: V St heonatels-Mayfield Sch (Week of Reconciliation); V Si Leonard's Parish, Fri: Spring Schools' Conference, lkoking. Sat, Deacons' Retreat, Sayers Common.

Bishop 0 McGough (Wham auxil): Sun:1 1 am M Ss Peter & Paul. Lichfield. Mon:2pm V Si Joseph's Primary Sch, Darlaston; 7pm: C Darlaston. Wect730pm Station Mass. St Joseph's. Burslem, Thu:1 (.1.3(krat DUMB' mtg, Maryvale. Fria lam M Si l'allick's, Wolverhampton; 2pm: V St Wilfrid' s Primary Sch, Tunstall. Bishop P Pargeter Wham ausa): Sun; 1 lam C Si Thomas More, Coventry. Wed:1030am Pastoral Forum nag. 2pm: V Guardian Angels Sch, Castle Bromwich; 7pm; C Guardian Angels, Castle Brom wich. Thu:10.30arn Deans' mtg. Maryvale; 2pm: V Si Augus linen Handswonh; 7pm: C St Angustine's, 1 landsworth.

Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Sun:12.10pm Presides at Mass, Essex University. Tue Mtgs/interciews, Cathedral House, Wed: Mtgs. Cathedral House, Thu: V C Fusion & Dovercourt. Sat: 2pm Moors with Permanent Deacons, Stock. Bishop M Evans Dias; Anglia): Sun: continued V Lowestoft. l'ue: 8.15put Young Adults Group, Norwich. Wed: 3-30p111 Diocesan College of Consultors, Poringland. Fri:93thrun M St Laurence's Sch, Cambridge. Sat:1030arn-3 30pm Commissioning 1)ay tie toy Ministers of Holy Communion

BishopJ Rawsthume (Hallam): Sun: 9.15am V St Catheritte's. Sheffield. Monalpm Rainbow Trustees, Pastoral Centre. Tura 10.45am Diocesan Finance Board nag, Pastoral Centre; 230pio Council of Priests Agenda Committee, Pastoral Centre. Thu:5pm Roxption. Sheffield Arena. Sat:2pm M Rarranon Hospital; faiths PI V St Patrieks,

BiShOp K Dann (Flesham & Newcastle): Tue:7pin Diocesan Pastoral Council nag. Wed:430pm Nag with Diocesan Education Commission. 'Tha;930am School Assembly, St Mary's Primary Sch, Jarrow. Fri:10.30am St Patrick's Day Mass, Si Michael's Church. Newcastle upon Tyne. Sat: I ,sids Diocesan Inter-Faith Conference, St Aloysitts Cluirch, I lehhum; 6pm: V 51 Sacred Heart. Byeminoor.

Bishop P O'Donogisue (Lancaster): Stm. llam Novena of Grace, Sc Wilfrid's, Preston. Mon:2pm Stephenson Trust nag. Tile: Opening of Avenhant Celan...Preston, Wed:1030sun Council of l'riests mtg. Fri:10.30am Bishop's Council mtg; lamina Preach al Priests' Retreat. Sat:12.151am Diocesan Parish Youth Mass. Cathedral. Bishop A Roche (Leeds): Sun: 930am V Holy Family, Slaithwaite, 3pm: Presides at Vespers. 1 reeds Parish Church. Tue:5pm M of Candidacy of Stephen Webb, Ushaw College. Wed:7pin "Plugged it t" Youth

CaFE,Cathalral . Thu: I Oarn VG's

mtg, Bishop's House: 12norin fatg with • Deans of Bradford Tam, Bradford Nonh, Bradford South, and Halifas Deaneries. Bishop's House. Fri: I 0_30ani Bishops' Council, Hitaley Hall. Sat 1 lam Bicentenary of St Joseph's, Pontefract. [Whop V Malone (lapool Sun: V St John, Wigan. Tue:10.15ani Archbishop's Council. Liverpool An:hdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation. Wed:limn Casorley Deanery Mtg. Thu: 103avu Council of Priests. Liverpool Anaidiocestui Centre for Evangelisation; 730pin C Si Richard of Chiche.sicr,Athenon, Fri: 1030am "Leaving Safe HarboursGroup mtg, I :iverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation; 730pai C St Richaal or Chichester,Athertun. Sat: barn V M St William. Ince. Bishop '1' Williams (lapool auxil Swe9,30san M for the Novena of (hace, St Francis Xavier, Liverpool: 3pm: Annual Civic Service,AlLeTtot Ss tuarogue. More2prn V St Mary's C:o1 lege, Crosby. Tim:10.15am Archbishop's C'eoricil, Liverpool Arehdlocescat Centre for Evangelista tiOrl. Wed:734pin C St Ambrose Barlow.

Asiley. Thu:10.30am Council of Priests. Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evan gelisation. Sal: V Sacred Heart and St Benedict's Parishes. I lindley. Wigan. Bishop JCrowley Middlesbrough): Sure 9.1.5am Mass for 50th Anniversary of St Aelred's Clutch. York. Mon: 731kini Lenten Station Mass, Sacred Heart; 630prn Oita oldie Diocesan Development Group, Bishop's Diocesan Pastoral Care nag; 7pm: Lenten Station Mass, Si Charles, Hull. Wed:am/pm Bishop's Council, Bishop's House, 7pril Lenten Station Masa St Andrew's. Tecoville.Thwarapm Meets with Deans Fri:12.10pm Izalco Station Mass, John Paul Centre. Sat: V St Bede/Sacred Hen. Hull; 530pm M Si 13eides,

Bishop P Doyle Nonfat] initial) 'fur: 1030arn Diocesan (lergy mtg, Bishop's House. Wed. I tharmapin Interviews, Bishopsflouse.fhu:Llani Ecumenical Executivealhomton; 2pm: M St Patrick's Sch,C.orhy. Rpm: Milton Keynes f'atenian Association Dinner & 3(001 mtg. Marriott Hotel, Newport Pagnell, Friaaan Beadteachers' Conference, High Leigh, lioddosdon.

Bishop M McMahon (Nottingham): Sun: V Christ the King, Mackworth. Mon:2pm I.:duration Service Management Board mig,l)iticesan Centre. Muckwonh. Wed:1 pm Building &Biles mtg. Willson House. Thu: lOrim Bishop's Council, 13iOhop's House. Fri: Si Patrick`a Leicester, Bishop C Budd (Plymouth), SUR:CM/IIued V S Anthony's Parish. Poole. Morc7.30pm Exeter Circle Catenians. Wedrrhu: Exeter Lenten Densely mlo, Honiara. laalOarn V St Edward's Sch, Poole. Sat-Sun 19 March: V St Joseph's Parish, Poole.

Bishop C Hollis (POONA-mai): Swallam M St Mary's, Ryde, lac of Wight. Tue7pm Diocesan Education Council mtg. Bishop's House, Portsmouth. Wed:Ilam-3pm Cler,. Day, F)ottsi Abbey, Lipper Wonthamplon, Beading, Thu:101030arn ;Diocesan fa lamer:Trustees tag, Bishop's House, Portsmouth. Fri:11am Mtg with Portsmouth university Chaplains, Bishop's House. Portsmouth. Sat:1 Lam-pm Days for Deacons. Park Pirate Pastoral ('mitre, Wickham.

Bishop T Brain (Salford): Sun:9.15am V M Our Lady of Dolours, Kemal. The:113a= Bishop's Council mtg, Wart! Icy Hall, 2pm: Board of Administration mtg. Gerald Road. Wed:B130am V St Philip's, Mammy Sch. Kersal; 2.30pm V Sick & lousebounthOur Lady of IJolours. Kers:a:7.301mi Station Mass, St Ambrose Barlow Deanery, Si Kentigem's, Fallow field . Thu:llam Clergy Day. of Reeraleobun. Whalley Abbey. Fri: Private Appointments, Wardley Hall. Sat 130pm

Celebration of Mass at Sacred 1 feart, Gorton on the lith Anniversary of the Beatification of Blessed Cyprian Michael lwene Tans).

Bishop B Noble 1Sinewsbury I. Sun V Si Saviour's, Ellesmere Port. Tue: 730pm Lenten Talk, Blessed Thomas Flolford Catholic College. Altrincham, Wed:am Interview nairning.C.wial Offices, 2pm: Hospital Chaplains' mtg. St Colinnhaa. hester,Thu: 10am Wirral Schools PerMershi p, Curial Offices. Fream V Diocesan Primary Schools' Deputy Headleachers, f'hoster. Sae 430pm V Frandon

Bishop Jr line (S'wark Ausity Sun: V Herne Bay, Molt I Oars Mist with local education callous regarding Kent and Medway Catholic schools at Wm MallMg. Tue7 1030arn Diocesan Inspection Board nag ,Arehlashop's House, Southwark: 2.15pm Chaim mtg of Kent Schools Commission, West Mailing. Wed: 10aM Churehesibgether in Kent at West Mulling: 4pin Archbishop's Council ring, Southwark, Sat: 6pin M Ayleshrun parish. Bishop A Hopes I W'minster A usila Sun: 630rim M & Mtg with Young Adults Our Lady of Victories, Kensington. Mow Engagements, Atelibishop's. House. Tue. 1030am-4thn V Northwick Park Hospital. Jim: 1 lam-4pm Sick & Retired Priests' Day of Recollection, Vaughan I louse. Fri:am Archbishop's Council nag; prre Engagements, Archbishop's House. Sat Sun 19 March: V Our Lady of the Rosary, Staines.

Bishop B Longley (W'minster Auxil): Mon: 7piti Animal Laudon Lecture, Town Hall, Kerisington.lac: JO3Ckarn Tower Hamlets, laianery mtg, Westforry Road, E14; 2pm: V Holy Family Sch, Poplar, Wed: 830am London Church Leaders Etna, Southwark; I lam: Catholic Children's Society rixerticm at the Conroe:ace Centre, St Charles Square; 5Fre BusinessAction on Homelessness "Ptah Anniversary Supper-, venue IN:. Fri: &an Catholic ('hitcherfs Society Breakfast mig: 930am Archbishop's Council; 2.30pm Day tbr Life mtp, Iceleston Square. Sat: V Poplar Parish.

Bishop G Stack (Wrninster area): Sun: 3pm Presents Papal Award at Villa Sodahtini , She.nley, I lert.s. Toe: Ikanery mtp, Watford. Wed: .10.30am Chairs Education Continission nag. Fri: 9.,30um Archbishop's Council; 1230pm BBC (RA( • working arty, Sal: V Sr Peter in Chains Stroud Green.


Arrhhishop P Smith (Cardiff): Sun: 1 lam C St Teilias Parish. Cardiff Wed: 3prn Mip Etaliston Square. London. Thu: 9am Intents Raniuncni for 200a/2007 in Faelesion Square, 1 radon; 730pm 'Ton h search" Workshop in University of Wales. Bishop M Jahale (Menevia): Mort DioceSall Trustees mtg. Wed-Sal 25 March: laumenioa Visit to Syria/Lebanon. Bishop E Regan (Wrexham.): Moriam St Joseph's High Rh, Wrexham .Tue-Sat: DiUcCsail Pilgrimage to The Holy Lind,

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