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10th May 1946
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Page 1, 10th May 1946 — "WHICH FOODS DO T ?"-117o. 7

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"WHICH FOODS DO T ?"-117o. 7

pattern for

the DAY'S NERS Simple and very fascinating—this planning of meals,for health. Something that gives you pride and satisfaction. For in great measure, you have the wonderful power to give yourself and your family the health that brings real joy of living. We've had to learn which foods are most important during these years of shortage.

And, when rationing ends, you should still keep to the pattern of healthy eating. Body-building and protective foods first. Then you can adapt the _details, put on the " trimmings " to suit yourself. Remember, even when food of all kinds is plentiful, you still can be badly undernourished if you fail to choose the right foods for health.

A guide to right eating—FREE LEAFLET

In the announcements we issued before this one, we 'explained to you about the different foods, and what they do for you. 'IT you have forgotten some of them or if you missed some of the anriouncements, you'll find the leaflet "Choosing our Food" of great help. Send a postcard now for it to the Ministry of Food, Food Advice Division, London, W. r.

The foundation of your daily meals

Notice that the body-building foods (meat, fish, egg, cheese) appear frequently ; " little and often " is better than a large amount at one meal. Notice too, how the important protective vegetables appear twice daily.

BREAKFAST : Porridge (or other cereal or fruit with milk). A cooked dish (bacon or egg or fish or sausages). Bread and butter or margarine, marmalade or jam, tea or coffee; for children, cocoa or milk.

MID-MORNING SNACK. Especially for adolescents, or adults doing heavy work, it is best to combine a body-building and a protective food; for instance, cheese and watercress sandwich. meat patty and tomato. • DINNER (midday or late dinner). Soup if desired. Meat or cheese or fish or egg. Potatoes, fresh vegetables, including a green leafy one every day if possible, at least several times weekly. Pudding.

SUPPER OR HIGH TEA (or lunch if you have late dinner). Cheese or fish (fresh or tinned) or egg or meat on points. Raw vegetable salad, bread or potatoes, butter or margarine. Cake or biscuits, jam or honey or syrup if desired,or if for lunch, a pudding.

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