Page 2, 10th May 1946

10th May 1946
Page 2
Page 2, 10th May 1946 — imme■••■•■•• CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENiS

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Locations: London


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Keywords: Cider, Methley

war BE PREPAID Send amount estimated (approx. 6 words to a line) plus 6d. if using BOX Number (Arlin/Murata made AFTER insertion). MINIMUM alines.

Hotels and Trade 1/9 per line

au-th, -Death, Marriages, Patonal, Property, Houma Flats. Holiday Aecnrnmodation, accommodetion Vitetifit and Wanted. Situations Vacant •and Warned. Educatloual. Vocation. Miscellaneous Saila aud Wants

1/3 per line Donal* Slemtioes—Vacant and Winced .11.DcrIine


CATHOLIC HERALD, 67, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4.


THOMPSON—LAYELiTY.—At the Churce of the Holy Rosary. May 4th, 1946. by Rev. H. Hammond (uncle of the bride), with Nuptial Mass arid Papal Bleseina. Jelin Bernard. eldest son of Mr. end Mrs, A. Mammon. 22, Methley Grove. Lean. 7. and Hilda Mary, eklest ciaueliter of Mr. ard Mrs. B. Laverty, 1, St. Mary's Road, Leal& 7.

DEMOBBED? Why not bring up to dale that stem collection? Many new Issues since 1935. Send now for Free Gift and fine

selection of stamps on approval. Postage anprealated.—Philatellm, 25, Retenn Avenue. Hayes, Middlesex.

nL1ACIOUS Vintage Cider and Petry Wine K-4 supplied In returnable 6, 9. 15 and 30 gallon corks Delivered to your door MO. where. Stamped addresed envelope for price Ii, --The Cotswold Cider Co., II Clarence Street, MUM:031eT CEORGE Beightweles Band, An orchestra of personality and high repute for dances, receptions and Ail ere clam musieet runetions.-19. Lakeside Road, N.13. Pal. 5377. HASSOCKS for Church and borne., State K-1 colour. 1l. 6d. eaoh earriaste Paid.—W. Tyas. Chapel Street Works. Dueenebury, near Brad ford. IRE) men calling 'All-in ' tours inciudi ing expellent hotels eatenng (full and Plenty). excursions, etc.. also Indeperidern

holidays arramed — International Trivet nanenv Commercial Bides Dame St Dublin MSS. typed promptly and carefully la 15d. per 1.660 words, carbons 3d. 1,000.—

Miss Hawkins, 4, St. Peter', Read, Cirencester.

VOSES, humped nt otherwise. remodelled IN to suit the face without detection Outstanding ears permanently ser beck Red veins. males linen round the eVell or MC 133143ifelY seed faces treated Experience of ove: 25 mare of trearenems Write (Or in

431)3111,111011 log fee 00triUlt131.101) OEM C H " efo Settee Service Ltd 69 Reel Street London E.C.4 OLD Pantomimes' Associatinn will he restim Intl its activities with a reunion in London this Whition. Persons iatoriesied who have not heard from nee Secretnrs. should write C. B. V. Head. 4, Edge Sumo London, W.8. PSORIASIS-ECZEMA enceu Arun eim sleep Write (Wane Chemiess Ltd toept 36) 242 1 volem Road Blackpool ST. ANTHONY'S BREAD. Ocelots prayed for daily —Convent of the Good Shepherd, Saltash. Cornwall

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