Page 3, 10th May 1946

10th May 1946
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Page 3, 10th May 1946 — QUICK LIST

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Organisations: Chinese Communist Party


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The Vigil of a Nation. By Lin Yutang. (Heinemann. 12s. 6d.) Dr. Lin describes a journey through his native land, commencing in 1943 when China's years of suffering reached their crescendo of pain. He writes modestly and vividly. his style spoiled only by an occasional affectation of Americanese which conveys a wrong impression of insincerity. He has some searching criticisms to offer op the Chinese Communist Party, and these are supported by evidence. Ile is always readable: his descriptions of his people at war. moving; his book its worthwhile.

The State of the Nation. By John Dos Passos. (Routledge. 12s, 6d.) Mr. Dos Passos presents reportage of America at war in a book written to disabuse the G.I. of an illusion which he shared with too many of his friends in this country—that America is a place where the civilian, in peace and war, wallows in easily-gained riches, has no thought for the P.B.I. of his own and other countries, is stupidly unaware of what war meens to those in battle areas and is, in fact, a selfish sybarite. Mr. Dos Passos succeeds in his task—the pity is that it was necessary. There was an excuse for the soldier of all countries being prejudiced against the civilian in every country—it wasn't a good excuse but it was a fact. There is no excuse for the prejudice of civilians in this or any country against America. This book will help them to get a perspective on the country, which,. with all its faults, has had the greatest virtue, generosity, which is another word for charity. The whole Union is set out in this book, which is also delightfully illustrated.

Saint Catherine of Genoa: Treatise on Purgatory and The Dialogue. Translated by Charlotte Balfour and Helen Douglas Irvine. (Sliced and Ward (is.) Since att the " blurb" says, it is " pointless for the publisher to urge the praises of spiritual documents so famous,it is no less pointless for a reviewer so te do He'can but draw attention to the publication, commend the publisher for his enterprise, and report favourably on the translation, which was begun by the late Mrs. Charlotte Balfour and finished by Miss Irvine, who also contributes a useful short introduction ft may well he hoped—and expected—that this book will encourage ite readers to make the acquaintance of von Meet's great work on St. Catherine Fieschi.

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