Page 6, 10th May 1946

10th May 1946
Page 6
Page 6, 10th May 1946 — Catholic Information From Abroad

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Catholic Information From Abroad


Among recent pra ate audiences painted by the Pope was that accorded to Miss Grace Moore, the American singer, who is at present touring Italy. She later declared that she is shortly to be received into the Church. The Pope also received during the week M. Maritain, French, Ambassador to the Holy See, and M. L. Massignon, Professor at the College de France.

It was officially announced from Vatican City on May 1 that the Eireann Legation there has been raised to the rank of an embassy.

The discovery of a comet by an astronomer of the Vatican Observatory at Qistel Gandolfo is featured as the outstanding event in the annual report on the observatory's activities, made to His Holiness Pope Pius XII, by the Rev. Giovanni Stein, SJ., the director. The comet was discovered on February 2, 1946, by Matthew Timmoers, SJ., in the constellation Leo Minor, The Holy Father has ordered a special ceremony of thanksgiving for Sunday next, May 12, the occasion of the first anniversary of the end of the war, in the Vatican Basilica. A special committee has been appointed to ensure the representation of all the organisations of young _Catholics,

Fr. P. Clement, of Milwaukee, has been nominated by the Pope Superior General of Capuchins. The Holy Father took this decision because of the present difficulty of calling a General Chapter of the Order.

AUSTRALIA Cardinal Norman Gilroy, Archbishop of Sydney, is now visiting Perth for the centenary celebrations of the Catholic Church, which now numbers 72,000

faithful in Western Australia. The Order of the Sisters of Merca, founded in 1846 with six members, now totals 268, with 21 communities throughout the state. This is also the centenary of the foundation of the new Norcia Monastery in the bush, 80 miles from Pei th, first established as a mission for the natives.

A chaplain to the Young Christian Workers' Movement in Australia, the Rev. Andrew Tynan, has been appointed

by the Pope as Catholic Bishop of Rockhampton—a vast Australian bush diocese of 160,000 squale miles running inland from the Queensland coast. Bishop-elect Tynan is the file Queensland-born priest to become a bishop,

A sensation was caused in Catholic circles throughout Australia with the resignation on March 28 of the Right Rev. Mgr. James H. Hannan, National Director for the Propagation of the Faith; to become a missionary in the Solomon Islands. His resignation to become a missionary in the Solomons was a dramatic answer to his own appeal to Australian priests to volunteer to solve the critical missionary problem in the Pacific Islands, due to the Japanese occupation.

BELGIUM The Rev. Pere M. Riquet, S.J., was invited by the Belgian Boy Scouts to give an address in connection with the jubilee of their foundation. The noted preacher of Notre Dame and former internee of Dachau, gave a stirring address in Brussels on " Reconstruction Through Charity."

. CANADA Mgr. James B. Dollard, noted poet and, for 25 years, rector of Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Toronto, has died at the age of 73. Ho was a native of County Kilkenny, Ireland. Among his best-known poems are " Irish Ballads and Lyrics," and " Irish Mist and Sunshines."

CZECHOSLOVAKIA The Ruthenian or Greek Rite Catholics, who left Sub-Carpathian Ruthenia when it was ceded to Russia by Czechoslovakia, are being given a new home in the Sudeten districts of Northern Bohemia and Moravia. They replace the German-speaking population, which the Prague Government is expelling to Germany.

The Hierarchy of Slovakia has issued instructions to members of the Slovak clergy forbidding them to stand as candidates in the general Czechoslovakian elections scheduled for May 26, The Bishops' directive also forbids the clergy from delivering pre-election addresses or participating in any way H5 the forthcoming elections. COLUMBIA Official news has been received here by the 10-year-old Catholic University " Bolivariana," at Medellin. Columbia, that ,it has been elevated to the rank of a Pontifical university. The honour was announced in Rome by the Sacred Congregation of Seminaries and Universities.

FRANCE The first General Chapter of the Order of Citeaux since September, 1938, was held at the Abbey of Citeaux on Wednesday, May 1. The new Abbot General of the Cistcrcians is Fr. Dominic Noques, a Breton, aged 67.

GERMANY Cologne Catholic workers were aden the Bonifaliusktrche by Cardinal Archbishop Dr. Frings on the eve of May 1. He said that Christianity accorded nobility to labour. The ultimate purpose of all work was the glory of the Lord. The Catlaolic Church would never allow labour to be deprived of its dignity and the workers degraded to slaves. " We demand from the world wages for the German worker that will enable him and his family to lead a life worthy of human beings."


More than ten thousand faithful gathered at the foot of the towering 10,000-ft. volcanic mountain of Haleakala on the island of Maui, on April 28, to assist at the Pontifical Mass marking the centennial of the founding of the first permanent mission on the Hawaiian Islands. Archbishop Amleto Giovanni Cicognani, Apostolic Delegate to the United States, pontificated at an open-air Mass.


According to Press reports in Hungary, the Episcopate has issued nstruetions to the clergy to refrain from all political activity, and the Government intends to introduce a Bill whica will make it necessary for the clergy to obtain written permission from their bishops before taking part in any political activity, according to Budapest Radio.

ITALY A large Fascist flag was hoisted over Verona (North Italy) Cathedral recently. It flew for three hours before the authorities could remove k, INDIA

Mgr. Tharayil, Coadjutor Bishop in Travancore State, has been served with an order forbidding him to take part for one month in any public convention likely to be detrimental to law and order.

Catholic solidarity of effort in fighting famine not only in India but id other parts of the world was keynoted by Mgr. T D. Roberts, Si., Archbishop of Bombay, in a recent letter to the Times of India. In acknowledging the Bombay Government's thanks for the gift of one million pounds of flour sent through him by American Catholics to aid the people of India, Archbishop Roberts seized the opportunity to emphasise what Bombay Catholics themselves are doing to relieve the pre.sent critical situation.

JAPAN The Irish Sisters of St. Maw, who lost all four of their large schools for girls in Japan through air bombardments, are opening a new school in Tokyo, the Rev. Patrick J. Byrne, Maryknoll Superior, has reported there. The Sisters are also seeking permission to open a school in Kyoto.

Interviewed on his return to Japan, Ken liarada, first Javanese diplomat accredited to the Holy See, said that the deepest impression he brought away with him from Rome was of the personality of the Holy Father. His warm and cordial sympathy, his holiness, his wisdom and statesmanlike vision, made him a unique personality. Harada recalled the Pope's refusal to have his apartments heated in winter so that he may share the hardships of his flock.

Inthe first formal discourse on Christianity given before Japan's Imperial . family, Dr. Kotaro Tanaka, leading Japanese Catholic layman, Orplained the Catholic religion to Emperor Hirohito and Empress Nagako for an hour-and-a-half in the Imperial Palacein Tokyo on the afternoon of April 30.

NETHERLANDS • In the Catholic weekly, De Link. Prof. G. Brent, of Nymegen University, welcomes Mr. and Mrs. Mead, who are 'lecturing in Holland.

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