Page 10, 10th May 1974

10th May 1974
Page 10
Page 10, 10th May 1974 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Lincoln School, Lourdes School, Finance Committee, Council of Priests, Convent School, Catholic Women's League, Good Shepherd Service, God Hospital, College Council, Bishop Ullathume School, Bishops' Commission for Apostleship of Sea, Justice and Peace Commission, Corpus Christi College, Cardinal Newman School, Norwich Council of Churches, Park College, Diocesan administration, Ushaw College, Archdlocesan Council, St Brendan's Church, Curial Office, Council of Administration, St Mary's Primary School, St Bode's School, St Joseph's Social Centre, Edmund's College, St Mary's College, Trinity Church, St John, St John's College, Clergy In Service, Pastoral Council, St Edmund's College, Deanery Pastoral Council, St Boniface's College, Cardinal Langley School, CTS Executive Committee, Catenian Association, Leeds Diocesan Pastoral Council, Diocesan Catholic Teachers' Association, Wood Hall Centre, St Francis School, St Joseph's School, St Francis' School, Catholic Deaf Service, Liverpool Catholic Teachers Association


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Bishop Butler, Auxiliary of WestminsterFriday-Friday. In-Service lreining Course. Leeds Diocesan Clergy. Woodhall. Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Sunday: Concelebrates Mass, Diocesan Pilgrimage, Hednesford. Thursday: Meeting. Si Edmund's House, Cambridge, Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham Sunday: Concelebrates Mass, Diocesan Pilgrimage. Hednesford. Monday: Visitation, St Gregory's. Langton: Mass and Confirmation, Longton, 7.30. Tuesday: Visitation. St Augustine's Meir: Mess and Confirmation, Mei r, 7.30. Wednesday: Visitation, St Patrick's, Walsall; Mass and Confirmation, Walsall, 7.30. Thursday: Visitation. St Mary's, Walsall; Mass and Confiunation. Walsall. 7.

Bishop Emery, Auxiliary of Birmingham Sunday: Concelebrates Mass, Diocesan Pilgrimage, Hednesford. Tuesday: Visitation and Mass, Bishop Ullathume School. Coventry. 11. Wednesday: Mess and Confirmation, St Anne's, Alcester Street, Birmingham, 8. Thursday: Visitation and Mass, Cardinal Newman School, Coventry. 10.30; Meeting of Coventry and Warwick CCC, 2. Archbishop Bock of Lb/Impel:II Saturday-Sunday: Plenary Session of Pastoral Council, Canada Convent, Wavertree. Monday: Mass at Our Lady of Sorrows, Liverpool, 7.30. Thursday: Meeting in Curial Office, am, Bishop Harris, Auxiliary of Liverpool Friday: Meeting of Nnrthern Bishops. Suturduy: Meeting of Pastoral Council, Cenacle Convent, Liverpool. Sunday: Pastoral Councii, Cenacle Convent. Liverpool; presides at Good Shepherd Service. Cathedral. Liverpool, pm Monday: Meeting of Council of Administration, am. Tuesday: Visits St Joseph's School, Widnes, am. Wednesday: Visits Junior Seminary, Underley Hall; meeting of Scours, St Margaret Mary's, Liverpool, pm. Bishop Gray. Auxiliary of Liverpool Friday: Confers Confirmation during Mass. St Monica's, Bootle, 7.30. Saturday. Plenary Session of Archdlocesan Council at Cenacle Convent, 10.15. Sunday: Celebrates Catenian Association diamond jubilee Mess and preaches, St Mary's, Chorley. 11: celebrates Mass and Coolers Confirmation, St Teresa's, St Helens, 3. Monday' Concelebrates Mass of Thanksgiving. St John's, Wigan. Wednesday: Visits schools and sick. St Mary's. Chorley. 10.30; concert by the Cathedral Cantata Choir, Crypt of Metropolitan Cathedral. 7.30.

Archbishop Cowderoy of Southwark Sunday: Mass. Visitation and Confir

motion. Sunderstead, 3. Tuesday: Mass and Confirmation, Maidstone, 7.30 Thursday: Leads Schools Pilgrimage to Ayleaford, 11.30.

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark -Saturday: Liturgy Study Day, St Ursula's Convent, Greenwich, 2. Sunday: Mass, Visitation and Confirmation, Chariton, 3. Monday. Diocesan finance meeting. 11: managers' meeting of Our Lady of Lourdes School. Blackheath. 3. Thursday: Mass and Coofirmation, Tonbridge, 7.30. B ishop Worlock of Portsmouth Friday: Visitation and Confirmation, Ventnor. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Yately. Monday. Visitation and Confirmation, Cove. Farnborough. Tuesday: Election oT Lord Mayor. Guildhall, Portsmouth. 11: Mayoral Banquet. Guildhall, Portsmouth, 8. Wednesday: Concelebrates Mass for St John's College Patronal Feastday, St John's Cathedral, Portsmouth. 10: blesses new attar of Collage Chapel, St John's College, Southsea, 12. Thursday: Bishops and staff meeting. St Edmund a College, Ware, 2; East Barker-ere Deanery Pastoral Council, St Francis' School, Ascott, 8.

Bishop Grant of Northampton Friday: Meeting of College Council, St Edmunds House. Cambridge. Sunday: Leads Youth Pilgrimaye to Walsingham. MondayFriday Meeting of CIDSE, Munich. B ishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton --Sunday-Monday: Visitation end Cuidrimation, Our Lady of Peace, Burnham. Tuesday: Mass for Catholic Teachers, Notre Dame, Norwich, 8. Wednesday: pilgrimage of Peers and Commoners to Walsingham. Thursday: Corpus Christi College, Talk on Eucharist, 10: CTS Executive Committee meeting, 2.15; Norwich Council of Churches, annual general meeting, 7.30. Bishop Ellis of Nottingham Sunday. Visitation and Confirmation, Hassop, Tuesday: Interviews Church Students, Tellerton; Governors' meeting. Tollerton. Bishop IYIeGuleness, Coadjutor of Nottingham Friday; Visit to St Albert s Convent School, Hinckley; Mass, 10.30. Saturday: Meeting of Diocesan Societies. Kirkby in Ashfield, 3. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, SS Peter and Paul, Lincoln. Monday: Concelebrates Jubilee Mass for Mgr Bernard Allen, Syston, 7,30. Tuesday: Interviews Church students. Tollerton, 11; meeting of Governors. Tollerton, 5.30. Wednesday: Visit to Our Lady of Lincoln School, Lincoln; Mass, 7. Thursday: Meeting of Bishops and Superiors. St Edmund's College. Ware. B ishop McClean of Middlesbrough Friday: Celebrates Mass, St Bode's School. Marske, 2.15; presentation of cups and medals, pm. Saturday: Methodist Synod lunch. Trinity Church. Ackiam, 1. Sunday: Celebrates Mess. Hull University Chaplaincy, 6.30. Monday: Celebrates Mess for Holy Year, St John of God Hospital, Scorton. Tuesday: Annual aeneral meeting of Yorkshire Brethren. Harrogate. Thursday: Meeting of Council of Priests. the Grange, Ampleforth. B ishop Langton Fox of Menevla Sunday. Price Day. St Mary's College. Rhoson-Sea Tuesday: Leads Clergy In-Service Training Course. Bishop Holland of Salford Friday: Northern Bishops, Wardley Hall, Worsley, 11. Tuesday: St Gabriel's Hall Governors, 3; Allen Hall Governors, 4.30. Thursday: Schools Commission, 10.30 blesses and lays foundation stone, St Brendan's Church, Harwood, Bolton.

Bishop Burks, Auxiliary of Salford Friday: Northern. Bishops, Wardley Hall, Worsless 11, Saturday: Mass for Diocesan Catholic Teachers' Association, St John's Cathedral, Salford, 12.10, Sunday: Confirmation. St Dunstan's. Musters 3. Monday: Mass 2.30, and Governors' meeting, Cardinal Langley School. Middleton, 4 30 Thursday' Bishops' Commission for Apostleship of Sea. Birkenhead, 12.

Bishop Rudderhem of Clifton Friday: Mass, Presentation of Papal Awards, Woodchester, 7.30, Saturday: Catholic Women's League, annual general 'reefing. Cathedral. 2.30. Tuesday: Chapter meeting, 11.

Bishop Alexander, Auxiliary of Clifton -Sunday: Visitation. Shepton Mallet. Contitillation, 10.30. Tuesday Confirmation, Prior Park College. Bath. 11.45. Wednesday: Confirmation, Charlton Kings. 7.

Bishop Restieaux of 'Plymouth Friday: Blessing and opening of new school or St Nicholas, Exeter. 2.30; presides at art nual speech day of St Boniface's College. Guildhall, Plymouth. 7. Sunday: Mass and Visitation. St Ives, Cornwall, 10.30; Confirmation. St Ives. Cornwall. 3. Monday: Visits St Mary's Primary School, Falmouth, am: meets the Anglican Bishop of Truro. Tuesday: Deanery Conference. Wednesday: Diocesan administration meeting. Thursday: Welcomes Bishop Gerard Tickle, Bishop-in-Ordinary to HM Forces Bishop Casey of Brentwood Friday: Offers Mass, All Saints, Jaywick, 7. Sunday: Mass and Confirmation, St Antony's. Forest Gate, 4. Monday-Wednesday: Clergy In Service course. Damascus House. 51111 nir Thursday: Meeting of Staff and Bishops, Sr Edmund's College, Ware. 2

B ishop Lindsay. Auxiliary of Hexham

end Newcastle Saturday: Education Day, Ushaw College, Durham. Sunday: Mass. visit and Confirmation. St William's. Darlington, 3.30; armeed general meeting. Catholic Deaf Service, Newcastle upon Tyne 7. Thursday: Finance Committee, Bishop's House. 2.30.

B ishop Wheeler of Leeds Saturday Leeds Diocesan Pastoral Council meeting Trinity and All Saints Colleges, Horsforth Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Si Patrick's. Bradford. Monday: Mass for Catholic Nurses, Wakefield, 7.30. Tuesday. Yorkshire Brethren luncheon. Harrogate Wednesday: Meeting of Diocesan Commis sion for Christian Unity, Wood Hall Centre 7.30. Thursday: School Mass, English .Martyrs, York. 11 Bishop Pearson, Auxiliary of Lancaster Saturday-Sunday: Visitation and Confir• motion, Sacred Heart, Coniston. Monday: Celebrates Catholic Women's League Golden, Jubilee Mess. Our Lady's. Workington. 6.30 Bishop Foley of Lancairtor FNorthern Bishops' meeting, Wardley Hs, • • Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. 5e William's, Pilling. 11; Good Shepherd Ser vice, Cathedral, 3. Tuesday: Tribunal meeting 12: Bishop Pearson Jubilee meeting. Univer sity 3,30. Wednesday. Clergy Day of Recollection, Wigton, 11.30: Clergy Ops. Day. Undeiley Hall. 3.30. B ishop Grasse of Shrewsbury Fri day: Meeting of Justice and Peace Commission. Saturday: Annual general meeting of Diocesan Catholic Women's League, St Joseph's Social Centre, Birkenhead, 2.15 Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Anne's, Rock Ferry. Monday: visitation continued, St Anne's, Rock ferry. Wednesday. Visits Underlay Hall.

B ishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Saturday: Hexham and Newcastle Education Day, Ushaw College Sunday: Joins Deanery Holy Year Vielt to Four Churches. Tuesday: Addresses Liverpool Catholic Teachers Association. Thursday: Confirmation, St Hughes, West Timperley.

Bishop Bowen of Arunosol ana Brighton -Friday: Opens and blesses St Francis School, Caterham. Saturday: Meeting of Diocesan Ecumenical Cuounission, St Juseph's Convent, Redhill. Sunday: Presides at Catholic Girl Guides' and Brownies" Anneal Parade and subsequently celebrates Mass. Cathedral Arundel, 3 30

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