Page 2, 10th November 1939

10th November 1939
Page 2
Page 2, 10th November 1939 — " THE WANDERING JEW"

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Organisations: Catholic Church
People: Conrad Veldt


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Sitn-Perhaps your film editor will be able to enlighten us in regard to the film entitled The Wandering Jew.

Ostensibly, it shows the hardships the Jews have suffered through the centuries, but there is a subtle propaganda hidden behind it. The impression left is that the Church-the Catholic Church-has always been the persecutor.

Though very tiring to look at, without one light character to relieve the monotony, the acting of Conrad Veldt is, of course, superb.

The principal scene, however, deals with the Spanish Inquisition, and a greater travesty of history it would be hard to find. The monk is a scheming, crafty and unscrupulous criminal; the Jew a noble character suffering manfully for his good deeds.

Whoever was responsible at the Twickenham Studios for this picture must have intended to aim a blow at the Church, as it will do irreparable harm. Every Catholic should protest against this fresh slander to the religious Orders and to the Church.


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