Page 2, 10th November 1939

10th November 1939
Page 2
Page 2, 10th November 1939 — MASS AND WAR Prayer for Peace

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MASS AND WAR Prayer for Peace

Sue-It seems to be plain from recent experience, especially (though not exclusively) in country churches, that probably very few people are aware that prayers for the war are said at every Mass, and a still smaller number, if they do know, are in the habit of using a Missal, so that they could find and follow the beautiful prayers for themselves. The result is a considerable tack of intelligent corporate intention in the offering of these prayers in union with the Sacrifice of Our Lord in Holy Mass; surely a grievous loss to the Church and to individuals in these days when Christendom faces a world-crisis unparalleled in all its history?

It can hardly be contended that to be present in the body when something is done of which one is not even aware, is a satisfactory substitute for a conSei011e united participation in solemn prayer to Almighty God; and one feels that such an instructed participation might quite easily be made to replace the attitude of ignorance.

Two possible courses suggest themselveis. : I-s it too much to ask that at every Mass each Sunday the priest should announce that the last Collect, Secret and Postcommunion will be from the

Mass in time of war," and that on occasions when the Mass itself is being offered for intentions connected With the war, this should always be clearly given out at the particular Mass?

2. Could the C.T.S. print the Collect, Secret and Postcommunion, with their English translations, on slips of paper and supply them as cheaply as possible so that these could be given out in all churches?

The Holy Father urges us all to pray, and in this way perhaps we might help to carry out his wishes more effectively.

KATHARINE KENDALL, Hon. Secretary. Westminster Group, Society of St. Gregory, 2a, Pembroke Road, W.8.

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