Page 3, 10th November 1950

10th November 1950
Page 3
Page 3, 10th November 1950 — ALL SORTS By Fr, Bernard Basset, LT.

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Locations: Newark, LIVERPOOL


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The Assumption and the


THE Catholic Press informs us that the Vatican broadcast of the Assumption dogma was heard very clearly over here. We English Catholics must thank Ireland for that. I don't know what you lieerd but we were supplied with an inf tide I ing back ground of dreary musk: from the B.B.C. With so many English listeners interested and at that early hour of the morning, the B.B.C. could surely have given a relay.

Letters from overseas IT is a great pleasure to get news from readers in Australia,

India and America. This week two have come from South Africa, one asking the price of 100 Christmas Posters, the other informing us of a cell in South Africa and offering us a pat on the hack. One-third of the subjects for discussion were taken from " All Sorts,"

Advent inquiry

NTOW is the time to discuss Advent and its observance, for Christmas means the same for all Christians and preparation is necessary wherever you happen to live. Discuss these : 1. Why is Advent treated less seriously than Lent 7 2. What has St. John the Baptist got to do With Advent ? 3, la this Advent of the Holy Year what could we do to make our observance more exact ? 4. How best could we all help to restore the Christian meaning of Christmas?

The Christmas posters

THE Christmas Posters are to be an attempt on the part of very ordinary people to recall the spiritual side of Christmas. Thousands have contributed to pay for the posters which will argetar allonsaira pb me r y e r1. wNh oe ew vwe er

we pass a poster of the crib. What prayer shall we say ? 1 would suggest the invocation from the Divine Praises " Blessed be Jesus Christ, True God and True Man."

Time running out

THOSE who still have booklets A should try to dispose of them ae quickly as possible and to report by the middle of the month. It isn't too late to contribute now.

Competition results

THERE were many competitors 1for the All Saints quiz. The prize goes to M. W. (Newark), with five others running very close. Three solutions were offered in answer to the question " Which four Saints with the same Christian name lived in the same century" ? I. SS. Francis Xavier, Borgia, Solana, Caracciolo. 2. SS. John of God, John Francis Regis, John Berchmans, John Eudes. 3. SS. Peter Clever, Canisius, Alcantara and Fouvier.

What a remarkable age 1 All three sets were roughly of the same century.

Two dates

THE nuns of the Liverpool Cenacle have their sale of work on Saturday, November 18. So much turns on this in a retreat house that all friends should help. On November 15 in the Wimbledon Town Hall (8 p.m.). " The Sword of the Spirit " stages a great annual rally. Pr. Christie and the Countess of Listowel are speaking on "Christianity and Communism." Mr. Hollis is in the chair.


A LIVERPOOL teacher was 1 3given a lovely bunch of flowers on her birthday by a child in her class. She thanked the child. "Oh I could have brought more," said the child, "only the old lady tapped on the window."

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