Page 8, 10th November 1978

10th November 1978
Page 8
Page 8, 10th November 1978 — Mystical eye

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Mystical eye

The title of this book is a reference to that inner perception of wisdom and love springing from the mind and heart of a human being. The author writes: "When this inner eye is awakened, man blind from birth, sees the real glory and beauty and meaning of the universe."

The book deals with this mystical experience. Fr Johnston begins with a description of mystical knowledge. Having made a distinction between mysticism and mystical theology, he devotes a chapter to the latter showing the relationship between the two.

He writes about mysticism in the New Testament, but does not confine himself to Christianity; Hindu and Buddhist mysticism are also discussed and interpreted. He states that Buddhists and Christians can have a religious experience in common.

Of all the descriptions he has given to describe mystical experience he says the best is "a being main love". "It's", he writes, "a love-filled journey towards union with the All, a journey which can be described in all kinds of symbols and metaphors and figures of speech". An excellent book on the subject.

Maurice Nassan Si

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