Page 10, 10th October 1986

10th October 1986
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Page 10, 10th October 1986 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Hierarchy Standing Committee, Cambridge University, Council of Priests, Carmelite Church, St Mary's School, Committee of the Bishops, Dioesean Seheeile Commission, Standing Committee, Baptist School, Diocesan Youth Advisory Council, Council of Diocesan Affairs, Diocesan Praetor& Council Committee, Corpus Chese High School, Board of Administration, Arch Holgate School, Addressee Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Hesale Bible Society, Diocesan Schools Commission, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Mary Church, National Board of Catholic Woman, Schools 'Commission, Catholic Education Board, Archdlocesan Pastoral Council, Louis' School, lOarn Ministry, All Saints Pastoral Centre, Oxfordshire County Ecumenical Committee, Management Committee, Plater College, TV Centre, St Michael's Hospital, St Edmund's Secondary School, St Richard Gwyn School, Mossley Hill Church, pm. Thunder Ministry, College of Consultors, Committee of Bishops Conference Archbishops Hou


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0 ia Ordination, M Masa, V • Visitation, e Confirmation.

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Weeinester Sunday: M, Grahame Para 830p, Monday, Standing Committee Meeting, 11.30am. M, Chiswick, 7 30prn. Wednesday: Council of Diocesan Affairs, 10am. M, Carmelite Church. Kensington. 6prn Thursday: M and C. Westminster Cathedral, 6.30pm. Trinity Trust Evening, Westminster Central Han, 8.30pre Friday: Bless Alms Houses. St Mary. Cadogan Street. 12.30pm,

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark Monday: Bishops Conference Standing Committee meeting_ Archbishop's House, Westminster, /1.30am. Clergy Study Week, Ayiesford Friary, Wail Thursday). Friday: M to celebrate completion of major renovations to parish church, Chislehurst. 7.30Pm. Saterday: C, Folkestone West. eprn.

Archbishop Co,,,. de Munrille of Birmingeam Sunday: V & C. Maypole, Birmingham. Monday: Bishop's Confernce. Westminster. Tuesday/Thursdar Bishop's Conference, Hatch End_ Friday. V Birmingham students et Osterley Seturday: M for Guar/ ot SI Stephen, St Chad's Cathedral_ Archbishop Ward of Cardiff Monday: Standing Committee of the Bishops' Conference of England & Wales. Westminster Wednesday: Centenary Celebrations, Convent of Poor Ciares, Arundel. Thursday: Meeting of Scheel Chaplains, St Mary's Parish Hall. Cardiff, 113.30am. Friday Friends of Si David's, Wine Tasting Evening. St David's Cathedral Hall, 5.30pm Saturday: Consecration of Bishop of Monmouth. Brecon Cathedral, 2.305m.

Archbishop Warlock at Liverpool Sunder M with disabled Metropolitan Cathedral, 3pm. University commencement Service, Mossley Hill Church, 7pm Monday: Standing Committee of Bishops Conference Archbishops Hou. Westminster. Tuesday: Standing Committee of Archdlocesan Pastoral Council, Archbishop's House, 4.30pm. Pilgrimage reunion. Archbishop's House, Liverpool V to Oxfam Ox ford. Friday: M of Legion or Mary [celebrating 25 years of Canon Ripley) St Ecimuno's AshlothiniMakerlield, Bishop Ale:ender of Clifton Sunday V. 51 Mary's. Bath. Tuesday: Chapter Meeting at Clifton Cathedral. Wednesday: Meeting of College of Consultors. Sr Ambrose, Leigh Woods. I lam_ Thursday: Diocesan Schools Commission Meeting at Clifton Cathedral Clergy House, 10.30am. Fraley/Saturday: Ail and Architecture Conleie nee. West Wlakharn Saturday, V, St Patrick's, Etrookworth. pm.

Bishop Brows; al Lancaster Sunday: V, St Anthony's. Preston. TuesceraThursday: TV course, Hatch End. Rider Meeting of Religious Ststers, Breltergh Holt. 7pm Saturday: V. Our Lady & St Edward's, Preston.

Bishop Budd at Plymouth Sunder V and M. St John the Baptist. Dartmouth, 11001. Monday: V. St John the Baptist School. Dartmouth, am, Tuesday: M 01 Thanksgiving for Silver Jubilee of Amnesty International, Cathedral, Plymouth, 7 30pm Wednesday: M, St Michael's Hospital, Hayie. Cornwall, 11.45am Opens new area in St Michael's Hospital, 2.30pm. Tburaday: Dioesean Seheeile Commission Meeting. Cathedral House. Plymouth. 11 30-3.30. Addressee Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Christ. the King, Plymouth. 7.15pm. Friday: Ca", rch Leaders Meeting. Exeter, Bishop Burke, Auxillery for Salford Sunder V. St Hubert's. Great Harword, 10.30am. C. 3pm. Tuesday: Deanery Confernce, 11 arra Wednesday: M at C,aitiedral in honour of Our Lady of Waisingham Fraley: Begins V. St Joseph's, Ramsboltorn.

Bishop Clerk of Eest Anglia -Sunder V to Hadleigh Parish Monday: Hierarchy Standing Committee meeting. Archbishop's House, %Westminster. Wednesday: Carnbridgit Catenians Dinner. University Amrs Hotel. Cambridge 7pm Friday: PorIngland & Loddon Parish Dinner. Calstor Halt, Ca/stor St Edmund, 7.30pm. Saturday: Begins V to St Edmund's parish. Bury St Edmunds Bishop Cleery, Auxiliary for Birmingham Saturday: Jubilee celebrations of Little Staters of the Assumption. Our Lady, Marna*. 3.30pm, Monday: Management Committee. Aston Hall, 3pm. Cabman Clergy night. Wolverhampton. 8øm Tuesday: Deanery Conference, Wolverhampton.

Bishop Hannigan of Menials Tuarader Education Forum, London, 10.30am. Thursday: M for Feast Day of St Richard Cwyn at St Richard Gwyn School, Flint. I lam Meetlng with CAFOD. Wrexham. 2pm Friday: Academic M, The University. Bangor. 7.30prn. Saturday: NI at Blessing of New Chapel, Poor Clare Monastery, Hawarden, 1 tam Illynop Herds of Mickliesbrough Sunder Renew Programme. Arch Holgate School, York, 2pm Monday: Hierarchy Standing Committee meeting. London. Tuesday: N. St Augustine's Redcar. Wednesday Diocesan Schools Commission Meeting, Bishop's House, Itam Diocesan Finance & Properly Meeting, Blahop's House, 2.30pm Thursday: C, Holy Name of Mary Church. Middlesbrough. 7pm.

Bishop Harvey, Auxiliary tor Westminster' Sunday: M. Our Lady of Walsinghann and The English Martyrs, Enfield, 9.30am. C, Our Lady of Willesden, Willesden, 12 noon. Wednesday. COA. I0em Saturdar C. St Teresa of the Child Jesus, Headstone Lane, 5pm. Bishop Menders" Auxiliary for Southwark Tmeamy-Thurselar Bitthopia' Communication Course. Hatch End. 8pm. FridayeSanurday Meeting of English ARC, Croydon, 12 noon.

Mk* Jukes, Auxiliary for Southwark Sunday: V of Chatham parish. Monday: CCIM Meeting, Westminster. 11.30arn. Tuesday/Thursday:TV Centre. Hatch End Saturday Prithinving el St Edmund's Secondary School, Dover, 2.30pm.

Bishop Kelly of Belford Sunday: V a C. St Mary's, Langlea. Monday: Wiseman Lecture, Ascot, 4pm Wechtesday Youth GornmieSion, 10am Board of Administration, 2pm Thureder Meeting of Junior Clergy Senocal Convent Friday-Salurdey: V & C, St Wuistan Bishop Konstsm of Leech Sunday: M. St Cuthbert's. Bradford. them. Nlonday: Standing Commit146, Bishop's Conference. Westminster. 10.30arn Oxford & Cambridge Catholic Education Board. Westminster. 3 34)prn Wednesday: Diocesan Praetor& Council Committee, Cathedral House. 6.30pre Thursday: M, Corpus Chese High School, Leeds, 11 am Friday: Cambridge University Chaplaincy. 5.30pm. Saturday: Service Ripon Cathedral, 3pm ka Petrone' Feast, Bradford University Chaplaincy, Eipm Bishop Lindsey of Hex ham end Nerarcamie Sunday: V and C, St Bedes, Soutn Shields TuesdayfThursday Communieetions Course at Hatch End Seturday: Meeting of National Board of Catholic Woman.

LoBnideohopn. McCort'., Auxiliary for Birmingham Sunday: M. Our Lady. Cowley, 6.30PosMeader Standing Committee of Bishop's Conference, Westmister, 11.30am. Wednesday Oxfordshire County Ecumenical Committee, Kidlington, 4.30prn. Thuredny: Diocesan Schools Commission, Birmingham. 1 larn. Friday: Service in Hospital Chapel, Walsgrave. Coventry. 2_30prn &Moder: Knights of St Columba Saver Jubilee celebration, Wednesbury. 7.30pm

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood Sunder Presides at Service, Felsted School. Dunrnow. 9.45am Dedicates Church at St Thomas of Canterbury. Grays. epm Tuesday: Meeting with Diocesen Justice & Peace Working Group, Cathedral House. Brentwood, Bprn. Wednesday: Council of Priests meeting, Cathedral House, 2 30prn NI and C. St Peter's, Eastwood, 7 30pm Thursday M and C. St Francis of Assisi, Halstead, 8pm. Frider Concert in aid of St Francis Hospice, Cathedral. Born Satueday

Opens One World Week' Exhibition, Moro. I lam Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary for Westminster Sunday: kit for Induction of Parish Priest, Shepperton, 10.30am M and C. Hayes. 3,300m. Monday: V, St Mary's School. Isleworlh, 9.I5arn Meeting of Bishops' Committee for Europe, Archbishop's House, I pm. Centenary M. Our Lady & St Edward Parish. Chiswick. 7 30pm Tuesdar CAFOD Seminar. 2.151011. Wednesday: CDA meeting, Archbishops House. lOarn Ministry to Pnests meeting, Ealing Abbey. pm. Thunder Ministry to Priests meeting, Ealing Abbey, arr. Linacre Centre Governors' meeting, Archbishop's House, 5.30pm. Friday: Launch of Housetop video on Prayer. Cathedral Hall. Bpm Saturday: Interfaith meeting. West London Synagogue. 4.300m.

Bishop Mullins, Area Bishop In Swensaa Monday: CAFOD Meeting. Archbishop's House. Cardiff Tuesday: Meeting of she Forum on Higher Education, Westminster. 10 308th Thursday: Education Meeting. Archbishop's House, Cardiff, M and Social Evening, Aberdare, 7pm Frid•y: Pwyligor Deihl° PedwarcanrnIwyddiant Cyfielthu'r Seib', Aberystwyth. llatn Saturday: V Clyien Catholig, Aberystwyth. Ilarn.

Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Anthdel la Brighton Sunday: V, St John the Baptist. Brighton Tuesday: Celebrates Family M. St Witiods Sceoca, Crawley, 7 30pm Thursday: V. St Bedes School, Redhill am Friday: 0 ceremony, St Mary's, Deey's Wood. 1 lam Saturday: M and presents Diplomas. Plater College.


es J O'Brien, Auxiliary for Westmleter

Sunday: V, St Richards, Buntingford. Monday: Standing Committee Meeting, 11.30am. Bishop's Conference, Archbishops House. Tuesday'. Hells Area Clergy Day, All Saints Pastoral Centre, Catenian Assocat ion Dinner, aprn Wednesday: COA Archbishops' House, lOarn. Thursday: Chaplaincy meeting. Archbishops' House, ',tarn Friday C, St

John's Mill End. Maple Cross. 7 305m. Saturday St Teresa's, Borehamwocd, 6pfn

Bishop Pt O'Brien. Auxiliary for Middlesbrough Sunday:. M at the Catholic University Chaptaincy, Hull Wednesday, Schools 'Commission at Bishop's House. Middlesbrough, 2.30pm, Talk to Hesale Bible Society. Opm. Thursday: M for the Celebration of the Hoveden Martyrs at Sacred Heart. Hovodera Frider pnvose toast at the Hull Grammar School Dinner, Bishop Rawsthorna. Auxiliary la Liverpcol Sunday: Worley Deariery Family Day. Monday: Pastoral Formation Dept Meeting, Lfverpool, 9.30am. C. St moan's Winstanley. 7pin„ Tuesday Education FOrual Meeting, Westminster, 10.30am Tweed.Thursday: Crease at Hatch End. Friday: Governing body meeting Plater College Oxford Saturday M at Plater College. am Bishop SwindhalturaL Auxiliary for 14exham learrustle Sunday V & C, Si Mary's, Hartlepool Wednesday: Diocesan Youth Advisory Council Meeting, Seaham Harbour, 7pm Thursday: C, M, St Joseph's. NCIdan, 7pm, Bishop Thomas of Northampton -Sunday: V and C, Daventry Diocesan Youth Day. pm. Monday: Council of Priests, 2pm. V, Shenley Pastore' Area. Milton Keynes, 7pfn Tuesday/Wednesday: Post 0 Course. The Grail Thursday Cornerstone Trust, Milton Keynes, 10 30arn Meeting to st Louis' School. Aylesbury at Bishop's House. 3.30pm Friday(Saturday English ARC at Addington Palace Bishop Tripp. Auditory bar SOdlhinta Sunday: C al Colliers Wood, 3 30pm. Tuesday-Thursday: Attends Course at National Catholic Radio and TV Centre. Friday-Saturday: V. ?eating Sec.

Bishop Walmsley tHit Forces) Sunday, M. Celle. West Germany, 9.30arn. C, M. Hohne West Germany, 11.30am, Tuesday: Diaconal 0 M, Douai Abbey, Berke, 2.30pm Saturday: Evening M, Oakington, Bks, Cambs. 8.30pm

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