Page 2, 10th September 1948

10th September 1948
Page 2
Page 2, 10th September 1948 — ' POINTS FROM LETTERS " The Great Link" It may interest

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Organisations: Legion of Mary.-EnrroR
Locations: Derby, Dublin, London


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' POINTS FROM LETTERS " The Great Link" It may interest

readers to know the Newnes Public Library, Disraeli Road, Putney, has, in its " local collection," a copy of a pamphlet published circa 1851 entitled, " A Cornplete description of St. George's Cathedral; and handbook to the Catholic Antiquities of Southwark, with twelve engravings. Respectfully dedicated to the Very Rev. T. Doyle, D.D.. by his servants, G. W. and A. W., London: Thomas Richardson and Son, 172 Fleet Street; 9 Capel Street, Dublin; and Derby." LEONARD G. BUCKLEY. 50 Buckleigh Road, London, S.W.I6.

Sale of C.T.S. Booklets

Why could not some energetic Catholics sell C.T.S. booklets at the curbside of our streets in the same way that Judge Rutherford's missionaries sell their books at the curbside, in some of our English and Scottish cities ?-B. M.

[Similar work is done in Ireland, if not in England, by the Legion of

Mary.-EnrroR, C.H1.

Thanks Letter

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the hundreds of readers of THE CATHOLIC HERALD who have so generously helped our work of relief for German refugees, by sending gifts of parcels. If any of those who have been so generous in the past feel they would like to continue helping this work, would they please send future parcels addressed to: K.R.O. (Stadt Kreis), 576 C.C.G., B.A.O.R., 13, and mark them clearly " German Relief." -(MRS.) R. W. KELLY, 576 C.C.G., B.A.O.R., 13.

Parish History

My wife and I have been much interested in the correspondence in your columns on parish history. Feeling that the importance of continuing Catholic tradition had not been sufficiently emphasised in the past, we began some Months ago to compile a complete Guide to Catholic London, including in concise form the medieval and modern history of each parish and district. So far as we are aware, no book on just these lines has yet been published. We have submitted specimen chapters to two leading Catholic publishers, only to be told that, while they have no fault to find with our work, they feel " unjustified at the present time " in taking the risk of publishing it. These unexpected results have made us wonder how strong is the interest of the modern Catholic in the Church's tradition in England.-J. P. DERRIMAN, 36 Campden Hill Gardens, London, W.8.

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