Page 5, 11th April 1969

11th April 1969
Page 5
Page 5, 11th April 1969 — 'HERALD' LETTERS APPAL ME

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I BELIEVE IN GOD. Full-stop. I'm afraid all the frills and dogma have ceased to perturb my soul these many years. Although nominally an "Anglo-Catholic" I have travelled the world throughout my life and am acquainted with many varieties of religion from the so-called "heathen" (who, incidentally. also usually believes in One Supreme Spirit— with a multitude of lesser intermediaries) to the better known minds of the West.

I receive each week, through the kindness of a friend, the CATHOLIC HERALD. I read it from cover to cover with the greatest interest. instruction and enjoyment and . . am appalled. Appalled not by the content of its excellent articles by journalists and other wellknown contributors, but by many of the letters in your correspondence columns— which you so fair-mindedly publish. One may not necessarily be always fully in agreement with your main contributors, but one must recognise that each is an expert professional in his or her own field and that all have that priceless commodity, the courage of their convictions. In particular the following: First, Mr. St. John-Stevas. There seem to be some who evidently cannot read very well yet, or are incapable of understanding what is written, and others who deliberately misconstrue what he writes. One can but hope, Sir, you as Captain of the Team will continue in the courage of your convictions and neither restrain, rebuke, blue-pencil nor obliterate such a forthright and courageous crusader.

Then, Paula Davies, with her happy laughing face. Because she discusses frankly with others the modern "fashions," apparently some people condemn the whole paper and withdraw their subscriptions. How childish!

Modern fashions? M. Yves Laurent has yet to learn that in his adolescent way he is merely aping. very unsuccessfully, the fashions of Old Africa. One of the most attractive and beautiful sights I know used to be that of a young African woman striding forth with her "bare top." Why? Because she was utterly unselfconscious. I have yet to meet the unselfconscious European woman. After generations of enforced restraint and unnatural treatment she has become so deformed as to look more like a walking hat and coatstand. Remove the hats and coats and she would be just laughable; far better covered—as Paula Davies suggests.

Guy Delmore La Poutade, France.

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