Page 12, 11th April 2003

11th April 2003
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Page 12, 11th April 2003 — Bishops' diaries

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Bishops' diaries

April 13 to April 19

Cardinal C Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster): Sun:10am Celebrates Mass for Palm Sunday (Westminster Cathedral). Mon:7:30pm Celebrates Mass for the 300th Anni versa' y of the Founder of the Holy Ghost Fathers (Mary Immaculate and Si Peter Parish, New Barnett Tue:12noon Celebrates Chrism Mass (Westminster Cathedral). Wed: Interviews and Engagements. Maundy Thursday:6pm Celebrates Mass of the Lord's Supper (Westminster Cathedral) GoOd Friday:10am Office of Readings 4WestininsterCathedral). 3pm: Celebration of the Lord's Passion (Westminster Cathedral). Sat, 10am Office of Readings (Westminster Cathedral). 8:10im II FASICI VII (Wmtminster Cathedral).

Archbishop V Nichols (Birmingham):

1 lam Mass, Cathedral. Wed:1 I :34huir Chrism Mass. Cathedral. Thu:7:30pm Mass of the Lord's Supper. Cathedral. Fri:am Walk of Witness and Address, Solihull Town Centre. 3pm: Liturgy of Good Friday. Cattlettral. Sat:8:30pm Easter Vigil, Cathedral. Archbishop PKeUy (1 averpuol ): Sun: I lam Solemn Mass of Palm Sunday, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool, 5pm: Passiontide Meditation. Mossley Hill AngliCan Parish Church, Liverpool. Mon: I 2:11/pm M 1:10pm 51 Blessed Sacrament Shrine, Liverpool. Toe:12: 1.0pm M I :10pm M Blessed Sacrament Shrine, Liverpool. Wed:12:10pm M 1.101un M Blesses] SiKrdment Shrine, Liverpool. 7:30pni Mass of Chrism, Metropolina Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool. Thu:10am Office of Readings and Morning Prayer. 7:30pm Solemn Mass of the Lord's Supper. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the king, I averpool. Fri:10arn Sung Office of Readings and Morning Prayer. 11:30am Stations of the Cross. 3pm: Celebration of the Lord's Passion. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool. Sat:10am Office of Readings and Morning Prayer, 9pm: The Easter Vigil and First Mass of Easter, MetroPolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool, Archbishop M Bowen (Southwark): Sim: Palm Sunday Blessing of Palms, St George's Cathedral. late: Meetings. Archbishop's !louse. Maundy Thursday: I I : 15I1M MEW of Chrism, St George's Cathedral, Good Friday:3pm Solemn Liturgy of Good Friday. St George's Cathedral. Sat:8:30pi it The Easter Vigil Mass, Si GeOrge'S Cathedral_

Bishop K Con ry (Arundel & Brighton):Sun: I tarn (Palm Sunday Cletehmles Mass, Arundel Cathedral, Wed:6pm Celebrates Chrism Mass, Arundel Cathedral Thu:8pm Celebrates Mass of the Lord's Supper, Arundel Cathedral. Fri:3pm The Lord's Passion, Arundel Cathedral. Sat:8:30pm Celebrates Easter Vigil Mass, Amadei Cathedral.

Bishop P Pargeter i ft 'ham await:Wed:I I :30arn Concelebrates Chrism Masa. Catheckal. abu:7:30pm Maundy Thursday Mass. Leamington. Fri:3pm I aturgy of Good Friday, Our Lady of the Assumption, Maryvale. Sat:Spm Easter Vigil Mass, Holy Trinity, Sutton Coldlieltl, Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Sun:9am Mass 84 Blessing of Palms, Stock. 11:30am Mass & Blessing of Palms, Cathedral, Tuediam Ecumenical Prayer mug, Bishop's Mugs, Cathedral House. Spm: Penitential Service. Cathedral. Wed:7:30ren Mass of Claism. Cathedral Thu:8pm Mass of the Lord's Supper, Cathedral. Fri:3pm Good Friday Liturgy. Cathedral, Satlipm Celebrates the Easter Vigil, Cathedral. Bishop 1.1 Lung (Clifton): Stin:9:30am Celebrates Mass at Clifton Cathedral. Mon:7:30pm Cathedral Penitenual Service. Wed:Ilan:I Chrism Mass at Clifton Cathedral Maundy Thu: SprIl Mass of the Lord's Sapper at Clifton Cathedral. Good Friday: Uncoil Stations of the Cross. Clifton Cathedral. 3par: Liturgy of the Lord's Passim. Clifton Cathedral, Holy Saturday: Wpm Vigil Muss at Clifton Cathedral.

Bishop J Rawsthorne (Hallam.): Sun: I0:30ant Cathedral. 4:30pm Youth Gathering, Cathedral. Tee:Item College of Consultors. Pastoral Centre. Wed:11 am Chrism Mass, Cathedral. Ihulipm Mass of the Lord's Supper, Cathedral. Fri: 10am Morning Prayer, 3pm: Commemoration of the Passion, Cathedral. Sat:10am Morning Prayer, Cathedral. 9pm: Faster Vigil, Cathedral

Bishop A Griffiths I Flexhani & Newcastle): Sun:4:30pm V Permanent Deavons Group for Tea at Sealun Harbour. Mercy Centre for Prayer. Wed:2:30pm Diocesan Schools Commissioning mtg. Thu:8pm Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper, St Mary's Cathedral. Newcastle upon Tyne. Fri:3pm Celebration oldie Passion and Death of Our Lord St Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle upon Tyne. Sat8pni Celebration of the Easter Vigil. St Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle upon Tyne Bishop P O'Donoghue (Lancaster): Sun MaSS for Pulm Sunday. Tue:7: I 5pm Prepration for Ea.stcr. linty Family. Ingot. Thu: Chrism Mass, Cathedral. Bishop's Council nag. Lancaster. Mass of the Loofa Supper, Cathedral. Fri: Good Friday Liturgy, Cathedral. Sat: Easter Vigil Mass, Cathedral. Bishop D Konstant tLeeds): Sun:10:45am Blessing of Palms & Mass, Cathedral. Tue:7:30pm Chrisni Mass. Cathedral. Wed7: I 5pm Attends Young Peoples' Lectio Divan, Cathedral. Thu:7:30pm Mass of the Lord's Supper, (:alhedral. Fri:3pni Liturgy of the Passion, ('athedral. Sat:8:30prit Easter Vigil. Cathedral Bishop A Roche ( coadjutor, Leeds): Sun:4pnt Blessing of Palms & Mass, Italian Chaplaincy. Bradford. 1uc:7:30pm Chrism Mass, Cathedral. Wed:7:15pm Young People's Lectio laivina. Cathedral. Thu:7:30pm Mass of the Lord's Supper. Cathedral. FTi:3pm Litutgy of the Passion. Cathedral. Sat:8:30pm Celebrates Easter Vigil. Cathedral. Bishop V Malone (L'poul amid): Sun: National Board of Catholic Women AGM, Newman College. Birmingham. Mon:8pm Mtg at Lourdes Convent, I,iverpool. Wed:7:30pm Mass of Chrism, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool. Thu:S:30pm Mass of the Lord's Supper. Convent of Notre Dante, Wootton. Fri:3pm Celebration of the Lord's Passion, Convent of Notre Dante. Wooiton, Sat:8pm The Easter Vigil and rust Mass of Easter, Convent of Notre Dame. Wootton.

Bishop J Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun:10am Celebrates Palm Sunday Liturgy, Cathedral. Men:7:30am I cow Station MEISN. Tue:12noon Chrism Mass. Cathedral, Weil:12:10pm Lenten Station Mass. 7pm: Holy Week Reconciliation Service, Sacred Heart, Middlesbrough. Thu:7pm Mass of the Lest Supper, Cathedral. Fri:10am Good Friday Office. 3pm: Good Friday Liturgy, Cathedral. Sat:10am Holy Saturday Office. Cathedral. lipm: Faster Vigil, Cathedral. Bishop K McDonald (Northampton): Sun: 10:30arn Palm Sunday Mass, Cathedral. Thu:1 lam Mass of the Chrism. Cathedral. Pd. lpmLinirgy tithe Lord's Passion, Cathedral. Sat: baster Vigil. Bishop M McMahon (Nottingham): Sun: II:15am Palm Sunday Mass, St Remains Cathedral. Wed:1 I :30am Mass of Chrism. St Barnahas Cathedral . Maundy Thursday:7:30pm Mass of the Lord's Supper. Si Barnabas Cathedral. Good Friday:3pm Later oldie Passion. St amoebas Cathedral Sat7:30pm Easter Vigil, St Bamabas Cathedral

Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun:10:30am Mass at St John's Cathedral, Portsmouth. The:1 lam Mass of the Oils, Si John's Cathedral Portsmouth, Thu:7:30pm Mass of the Lord's Supper. St John's Cathedral. Portsmouth. Fri: I fkun Stetions of the Cross, St John's Cathedral, Portsmouth. 3pm: Liturgy of the Passion. St John's Cathedral, Portsmouth. Sat:8:30pm Easter Vigil, St John's Cathedral. Portsmouth Bishop T Brain (Salford): Sun:1 lam Palm Sunday Mass, St John's Cathedral. Maundy Thursday: 10:30am Mass of the Sacred Chrism, Si JUIllIvli Cathedral. Spin: MIMS of the Lord's Supper, St John's Cathednd. Goad Friday:12noon Ecumenical Service, lioyton, holy Saturday:8:30poi Easter Vigil. St John's Cathedral.

Bishop B Noble (Shrtwabury): Sun 10:30am Palm Sunday Mass, Cathedral, Shrewsbury. Tue:9am Diocesan Trustees nag. Curial Offices. 2:30pm Eucharistic Workinp. Party, Laburnum College. Wed:7:30pm Chrism Mass, Si Michael and All Angels. Wood. church, Birkenhead, Thu:7:30prn Mass of the Lord's Supper, Cathedral, Shrewsbury_ Fri:am Service of Witness around the Cross. Shrewsbury. 3pm: Celebration of the Lord's Passion, Cathedral, Shrewsbury. Sat:9pm The Eager Vigil. Cathedral, Shrewsbury. Bishop C Henderson (S'wark Auxil): Sun:R:30am, 10am, 5:30prn, Celebrates Masses at Holy Cross, Plumstead Common. Thu:1 1 :1Sani Consclebratcs Mats of Chrism, St George's Cathedrul. Fri:2pm Celebrates Gaud Friday Liturgy at Our Lady of Grace. Charlton followed by Ecumenical PeCICCS. sion of Witness. 8pm: Celebrates Stations of the Cross, Blackheath. Sat: Attends Holy Saturday Liturgy.

Bishop J Hine (S'svark Auxil). Sun Wed: No Official Engagements. Thu: 1 lam Attends Chnsin Mass, St George's Cathedral:Southwark. lipm: Mass of the Last Supper. English Martyrs, Strood. Fri:3pm Solemn Alter noun Liturgy, English Martyrs, Stood Suca:30pm Easter Vigil, English Martyrs. Satioti Bishop A Hopes (W'rninster Arian): Sun:1030am Palm Sunday Mass and proxssine, Parish of St Thomas of Canterbury. Fulham. Mon:pm Interviews and Eirgagemerits. Archbishops House. Tue:am Chrism Mass. WmuninsterCnthedml. pm: Interviews and Engagements Archbishop's (louse. Wed: Interviews arid Engagements, Archbishop's House. Thu:8pm Evening Mass of the Last Supper, Parish of Isleworth. Fri:3pm Celebration of the Lord's Passion, Parish of Cufficy. Sau8pm Easter Vigil, Parish of Waltham Cross.

Bishop B Longley (W. minster Auxil): Sun. Ss Mary & Michael. Commercial Road. Spin: M at St Thomas', Fulham, Tue: 12noon Diocesan Chrism Mass. Thu :80n Last Supper Mass, Si George's, Enfield. Fri:3pm Solemn Good Friday Liturgy, St John's, Islington Sat:Spm Easter Vigil, St 'Thomas', Harrow on the Hill Bishop G Stack ( W 'rninster area): Mon:7pm Cardinal Pole School. Tue: I 2noon Diocesan Chrism Mass. Wed: English College, Valladolid. Spain until 25th April. Bishop H 'Tripp (S'wark Auxil.) : Sian: I 1:30am Celebrates Palm Sunday Liturggs for the Tamil Community at Aylesfoul Thu:II:15am Concelebrates the Chrism Mats in St George's Cathedral, Southwuds. 7:30pm Mass of the Lord's Supper. Sut:Spm Presides at the Easter Vigil in Parley. Bishop T Runs (Forces): Sun: In Germany. Palm. Sunday, Guiasloh. Mon Sat: In Gennany.

WALES Arch bishop 1' Smith (Cardiff): Tue:9:30an) 2pm Seminar fia: Trustees. Thu:1 1 :30tun Chrism MILS% St David's Cathedral. 7:30pm Mass Mahe Lees Supper. St David's Cachedeal. Eri:3prn Liturgy of the Lunn Passion in St David's Cathedral. Sat:9pm Easter Vigil in St David's Cathedral.

Bishop M Jabale (Menevia): Sun: I Oarn Palm Sunday Mass, St Joseph's Cathedral. Wed:1 I:30am Chrism Mass, St Joseph's Cathedral. Maundy 'Tharsday:7prn Mass of the Lord's Supper. Good Friday:3pm Celebration of the Lord's Passion. Holy Saturday:9pm Easter Vigil in St Joseph's Ctuhedral. Bishop E Regan (Wrexham* Sun: Palm Sunday Muss. Cathedral. WecE7pm Mass of the Oils. Cathedral. 150:7:30pm Mass of the Lord's Supper. Fri:3prn Solemn Liturgy of The Lord's Passion, Cathedral. Saf.9pm Easter Vigil. Cathedral, Key: M Mass. C-Confirmation. V-Visitation. 0-Ordination. Mtg-Meeting. Sc?School, FS-Ecumenical Service.

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