Page 8, 11th August 1978

11th August 1978
Page 8
Page 8, 11th August 1978 — Pressures behind re-arming

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Pressures behind re-arming

Disarm or Die (Taylor and Francis, £1.75)

This is a useful, short handhook with contributions from four authorities from the complex world of disarmament issues: Lord Noel-Baker: Olof Pain* one-time Prime Minister of Sweden: Frank Barnaby. Director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, and Sean McBride, Chairman of the Special NonGovernmental Committee on Disarmament.

In addition it contains a section on draft disarmament treaty texts, both American and Russian, and the Commonwealth Prime Minister's statement on disarmament or 1961.

It is published on behalf of the Non-Partisan Fund for World Disarmament and Development.

The perspective of the book is very much that of this year's May to June United Nations Special Session on Disarmament — now of course ended. It is a melancholy fact that progress at that session was much less than the critical world situation demands, and than Lord Noel-Baker, in his

foreword, expected.

But this is not a book written just for a single UN episode. It is a remarkable account of previous efforts which have come sometimes so near to success.

The story of the 1932 World Disarmament Conference, and of the militarist and nationalist pressures which destroyed it, makes reflective reading. The pressures continue tod a y though the risks are incomparably greater.

Lad Noel-Baker makes all this history come alive, and no wonder; ..since he himself has lived through most of the episodes he describes.

But the other contributors are of great interest as well. Mr Palnne is particularly good on the relationship between development and disarmament. As a former Prime Minister his view' that the political leaders. despite the posturing, are all hut out of control of the arms spiral, which has a momentum of its own, comes with authority.

These issues require not only moral zeal but also a solid grasp of the facts. There are plenty of those here. Hope

fully this is only the first of a series of reasonably priced publications from this new non-partisan fund.

Bruce Kent

Cathedral MSS on microfilm

Lincoln Cathedral Library has put its manuscript collection on microfilm. The collection includes a 15th century Flemish book, the famous Ciilbertine Missal which dates from the 12th century, and a 500-year-old edition of St Augustine's De Civitate Del.

The introduction of microfilm will make Lincoln's manuscripts much more accessible to students.

John Harvey's works John Harvey's Magnificat and Name Dimittis, commissioned for the Southern Cathedrals Festival this year, and first performed in Winchester Cathedral last weekend, has now been published by Faber Music at f ISO.

Mother St Basil

A short biography of Mother St Basil, the foundress of the Poor Sisters of Nazareth, has just been published by the CTS at 20p.

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