Page 8, 11th August 1978

11th August 1978
Page 8
Page 8, 11th August 1978 — TV and Radio

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Locations: Jerusalem, Hazor


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TV and Radio


Junior Sunday Quiz (ITV. 5.20 pm). In the final programme of round one. Beaconsfield Girl's High School take on Graig Comprehensive School, Llanelli. Their topics are the reforming movement in the Christian Church in the 16th century, and the historical and religious background of the Jews in the New Testament. Both teams face questions on Jesus' Ministry in Galilee and on the Five Pillars of Islam.

Parables (ITV. 6.30 pm). "Another Weekend": A retired businessman is writing his memoirs. But what has his successful life cost those nearest him?


Memories of Violence (ITV. 10.30 pm). Producer-director Nigel Evans examines the lives and problems of two mentally disturbed young men who have been sent to Turner Village Hospital, Essex. As the film unfolds, Charlie's and Gerald's lives are clearly seen to be dominated by the past, and memories of their parent's', violence towards them.

Gerald lost an eye through his father's aggression and Charlie lived in a home where violence was a way of life. There are 700 other patients in the hospital aged from two years to 80. Nigel Evans spent 18 months filming the attempts by doctors and nurses to rehabilitate Charlie and Gerald.

THURSDAY BC: The Archaeology of the Bible

Lands (BBC 2 8.30 pm). Magnus Magnusson goes in search of Solomon from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to the Red Sea, and from the mines of Tinma to the city of Hazor.

Solomon's name only appears in the pages of the Bible. but Magnus Magnusson sifts the archaeological evidence for such powerful stories as King Solomon's mines, Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, the Wisdom of Solomon. and Solomon's Temple, FRIDAY M'Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen (ITV 10.30 pm). In the final edition of Granada's after-dinner-speaking series. the Liberal MP Cyril Smith joins the Vicious Circle to nominate the "Salesman of the Year". Taking part also are Auberon Waugh, Lord Longford. Spike Milligan, Kenneth Robinson and Peter Moloney.

Radio 3


Meditation (7 pm) looks at the Western tradition of meditation in the Christian Churches. Anglicans and Catholics discuss their various techniques and the general renewed interest in them.

Sir Lennox Berkeley (7.30) who was 75 this year, provides one of the highlights of the evening when the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Sir Charles Groves, performs his Symphony No 4. Sir Lennox also gives the ioterval talk in the radio broadcast.

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