Page 9, 11th August 2000

11th August 2000
Page 9
Page 9, 11th August 2000 — Better Sound through

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Better Sound through

Research 'The value of quality

integrated sound'

DERHAPS the most

commonly neglected part of any specification for a new church or refit is that of the entertainment technology installation. Sound and lighting are now becoming a valuable and integral part of houses of worship. In fact, many thousands of pounds are often wasted when an installation is near completion and systems are added as almost an afterthought.

The importance of quality sound within any public building is often underestimated, yet in truth it can be just as important to the ambience of a facility as good lighting and good temperature. Many manufacturers who would, up until recent years, have relied upon the rock 'n' roll and domestic system 'hi-fi' markets are new finally turning their attentions and design ethics towards the church and public buildings markets.

One manufacturer not falling into this category, however, is Bose. Bose is the world leader in the field of loudspeaker development, not only using the latest CAD systems but also using the best tools their designers have for evaluation, their ears. Bose loudspeakers are designed to address varying market requirements. These innovative loudspeaker products are radically different from that of the competition and as such require a different approach when one comes to including them within a sound system design solution.

Tom Simpson, Head of Technical Support at Bose comments: "Using Modeler and Auditioner technology we are able to try out many design scenarios that in the past would have been timeconsuming and costprohibitive. Our most up to-date loudspeaker systems are included within the Modeler database. These new products, coupled with outstanding designs and some proprietary technology are taking us into exciting and new areas of business."

Bose has been setting new standards in the audio world for over thirty years, and continues to develop and patent new technologies for many different applications, not least in the fixed installation market.

All Bose professional products are designed for flexibility of use and can guarantee excellent performance in very different situations, facilitating the decisionmaking process for both the installer and the end user.

It is important to remember that a sound system should offer a solution, not just 'boxes on the wall', and this is the ongoing working ethic which ensures Bose UK's continuing success in the filed of houses of worship.

For the church, aesthetics are often just as important as sound when specifying in-house music system, and Bose Business Music Systems are designed with this in mid. This simple Bose patented Virtually Invisible design of the Freespace Systems, for example, gives them an architectural elegance that will blend in with any decor, while the paintable surfaces of the enclosure and grill offer unlimited customisation options.

At the end of the spectrum, the Bose Panaray system, whilst being more 'visible', has an unconventional appearance due to a design intended to cause the least amount of impact possible in any environment that it is installed in. Its elegant design and compact dimensions are bound to please architects and installers alike, so that even in outlets where the diffusion of music is an important activity, the Panaray electro-acoustic system is not the first thing that is noticed upon entering, at least not until it is switched on.

Many high-profile churches around the world are benefiting from Bose quality sound solutions, perhaps most notably the Sistine Chapel. This does not represent prohibitive pricing levels though, A Bose solution can be tailored to meet the needs of any level of installation.

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