Page 4, 11th December 1942

11th December 1942
Page 4
Page 4, 11th December 1942 — WING COMMANDER R. ' SPRAGUE, D.S.C.

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KILLED IN MIDDLE EAST Requiem Mass was said at 11 o'clock on Wednesday at the Brampton Oratory for Wing Commander Richard Sprague, D.S,C., killed in air operations in the Middle East.

Wing Commander Sprague was the youngest son of Colonel L. C. Sprague, of the Royal Irish Rifles.

He had a distinguished career in the Royal Air Force. He was King's Cadet at Cranwell from 1926 to 192R; saw service in Egypt and Palestine 19291932 ; returned to Crenwell as an Instructor, and was later stationed at Hendon.

Early in 1940 Wing Commander (ffitn Squadron Leader) Sprague was posted to the Middle East, where he remained until his death last month.

In 1941, he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for conspicuous 111(111 and bravery.



We regret 'to announce the death, which took place at Old Windsor on Sunday, of Senor Don Pedro Juan de Zulueta y Sbeil, Attache of the Spanish Embassy. The funeral was on Wednesday.

He was the eldest son of Don Pedro Juan de Zutucta, who died in 1908, and was educated at Beaumont and Stonyhurst. He was Attache at the Embassy from 1916 to 1932, when on the proclamation of thg Republic, he resigned. He subsequently returned to his former post, serving under the present Ambassador, the Duke of Alba, till his death.

This is the third recent bereavement in the Spanish Embassy staff. Colonel Barra, Military, Attache, died in April, and Captain Espinosa de los Montero& Naval Attache, last month.

Westminster Requiem For W. A. Mackenzie, K.S.G.

A Solemn Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of William Andrew Mackenzie, K.S.G., former secretarygeneral of the Save the Children Inter. national Union, will be sung at Westminster Cathedral in the presence of Cardinal HinsIey, on Thursday, December 17, at 11.30 a.m.

An old friend of Mr. Mackenzie's, Mgr. Canon Jackman, will sing the Mass, and a panegyric will be preached by another friend, Bishop Myers.

Mike None, well-known Irish radio, film and stage star, has died in his 70th year in hospital from pneumonia. He was buried yesterday at Finchley.


Cardinal's Statement

A statement printed last week and sent in by Mr. Jack Donovan, of the T.U.C., and Miss Muriel Dow on proposed action regarding schools, contains the following phrase in reference to the establishment of a London Committee: " We have the consent of the Hierarchy .to proceed with this work."

We have since then received the following communication from Archbishop's House, Westminster:

" While diecussion of the T.U.C. resolution formulated at Blackpool is not banned by the Bishops, His Eminence is not aware any formal consent has been given by the Hierarchy for the formation of the mentioned Action Committee."

In assuming responsibility for the statement, Mr. Jack Donovan has told


" To remove any misunderstanding, I'd like to make it quite clear that no direction has been received from the Hierarchy. The decision was taken' by Catholic laymen anxious in their capacity as citizens to aid those responsible for the defence of Catholic interests."

U.C.F. Appointments Bureau Headmasters of Catholic Grammar Schools arid men graduatee are asked to note that the men's section of the Appointments Bureau of the University Catholic Federation of Great Britain has been reopened. Headmasters requiring Catholic graduate teachers are asked to communicate with the hon. secretary. Miss W. M. Britton, B,A., 4, Queen's Road, High Wycombe, Bucks.

There was a display, last week, hi the Nottingham Catholic Recreational Centre for H.M. 'Forces, A.T.S,, of the work done during the year by the Catholic Women's League Nottingham Needlework Guild, of which Mrs, Crook is the hon. organising secretary This year, in addition to many knitted garments and baby clothes, the Guild received gifts of groceries, etc., for distribution to needy Catholic homes, as well as £12 in cash to be devoted to a similar object. They have been divided between different Nottingham Catholic parishes and are to be distributed by the members of the Guild.

After averaging 650 bookings It week for some weeks, the St. Columba Catholic Services Club, 16-17, Eaton Square, London, had a record number of bookings for beds last week, when 684 Servicemen stayed there.

Flight-Stmt. Douglas Taylor, a former altar-server at Swadlincote, is reported missing.

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