Page 6, 11th December 1959

11th December 1959
Page 6
Page 6, 11th December 1959 — Children's Corner

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Organisations: Council of Nicea


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Children's Corner

• • I HAVE just been looking at a

new book If you have a younger brother or sister this would be a very good Christmas present. It is called "Children's Bible ", and is published by Burns Oates, price 10s. 6d. It tells very simply the story of the Bible from the creation of the world up to the first Pentecost.

I enjoyed the pictures most. They are very bright and exciting. 1 showed them to a little boy of two and he looked at them for a long time. and wouldn't give the book back to me when I asked—so it must be good. I'm sure that some of you older ones would enjoy it.

At Mass again

Do you know what is meant by

the Mass of the Catechumens? This is the first part of the Mass Lip to the end of the Gospel. In the early days of the Church the Catechumens which meant the people who were preparing for • Baptism, had to leave the church and only the Christians were allowed to stay.

This is where we got to when we last looked at the Mass, and the next prayer usually said is the Creed. This is a list of many, but not of course all, the things that we believe. It was written at the Council of Nicea in 325.

Wrong ideas

AT that time there were many

people going around with odd and wrong ideas about the Church. This Creed was drawn up so that everybody should be quite clear what was true and what wasn't.

It wasn't said during the Mass straightway. In fact it only started being used generally about seven hundred years later. It was the custom for the congregation and not the choir to chant the Creed, which is probably why we all stand up while the server kneels.


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