Page 7, 11th December 1959

11th December 1959
Page 7
Page 7, 11th December 1959 — Are ',bishop pleads for more aid

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Locations: Warsaw, Dublin, London, Rome, Plymouth


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Are ',bishop pleads for more aid


C.H.' REPORTER• "r-rtHE sun never sets on British charity," said Archbishop „ Gawlina, who is Protector of Poles in exile. when the Catholic Council for Polish Welfare met for its annual general meeting in London last week. He had flown in from Rome that day, and sat beside Cardinal Godfrey, who presided.

He had come to thank British Catholics for their continued aid to his countrymen both here and at home, and to plead for more aid.

The archbishop listened attentively to Mrs. Nora Warmington. the council's newly appointed hon. treasurer, who this year visited Poland, and who had this to say about conditions there:

" It is a fitful dream, and. in the background, a shattering nightmare. The river in Warsaw runs presumably the same; the banks and bridges are different. The paradox is everywhere: COMmunism and Catholicism side by side. Everywhere the people are hard-working disciplined, tremendously brave, arid often even gay. But you have only to scratch the surface to be back in the nightmare.


" Underpaid, unrelaxed, overworked, one has to admire the disciplined way in which they accept their unrewarding life-but the Poles of Poland are eager to live."

Bravol " said Archbishop Gewlina. shaking hands warmly with Mrs. Warmington after her address. He said: "The conditions in Poland are spiritually worsening". The uneasy truce between the Church and the Communist State continues, as both parties fear that a clash between them would be the signal for an invasion by Russian forces.

Cardinal Godfrey was warmly cheered as he announced he was personally giving £500 towards Polish relief.

More aid would continue to go from Britain to Poland in the way of literature, catechisms. breviaries and medicine, and English Catholics, so said Cardinal Godfrey. would go on contributing personally or through their own respective societies.

There are 130.000 Poles in this country. The lot of some older people among them is an unhappy one: unable for one reason or other to fend for themselves, they are often dependent on National Assistance.

Theatre chaplains

The hierarchy have agreed to appoint diocesan chaplains for the Catholic Stage Guild, it was announced at the guild's monthly meeting last Friday, Canon Mason, guild chaplain in Blackpool, speaking about back-stage visits he has made to Blackpool theatres. said that guild members could assist this apostolate by inviting their local priest to their theatre regularly. Many priests, unfamiliar with the theatre, might feel apprehensive about making visits without an invitation, as he himself was at first, Canon Mason said.


Need for an informed laity EVERY boy and girl, certainly

at the grammar schools. should undergo a course in Apologetics, said Fr. Francis Ripley. superior of the Catholic Missionary Society, addressing a rally organised by the Southwark Catholic Evidence Guild at the Woolwich Town Hall last week after the guild's annual meeting.

There never was a greater need for an informed laity able to explain the Faith in simple terms to others, " to be gentle, kind and firm, not emulating opponents in bitterness nor engaging in sectarian squabbles, but concentrating on expressing the great Truths of the Faith."

Fr. Ripley declared that every student for the priesthood could enhance his training by speaking from Catholic Evidence Guild platforms. There was nothing like having to anawer questions from a critical and possibly hostile audience for making one work to acquire a thorough grasp of theology.

Mr. R. P. Walsh, organising secretary of the Catholic Social Guild, said that he owed a great debt to the Catholic Evidence Guild for the training given to lent in earlier days. The guild's emphasis on the importance of the spiritual background of the work was one of the valuable lessons which he had found so useful in other spheres of Catholic action.

Secretary to say Mass for College

A STUDENT of Pitmans College L will say Mass and another will preach when the Central London College has its annual service at the Church of St. Anselm and St. Cecilia, Kingsway, on March 17, 1960, at II a.m, The Mass will be celebrated by Fr. Quinlan of Dublin, at present on a secretarial course at the college. The address will be given by Er. John Osborne, a student of commercial subjects, who is a lecturer in his homeland, Trinidad. He is a graduate in philosophy and theology, but wishes to improve his ability to teach commercial subjects.

Papal medals for Falmouth

Bishop Restieaux of Plymouth presented the Rene Merenti papal medal to Miss T. (Megan and Mrs. R. Freeland. at St. Mary's Church, Falmouth, on Saturday last week.

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