Page 9, 11th December 1998

11th December 1998
Page 9
Page 9, 11th December 1998 — LETTERS TO THE EDITOR

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Organisations: Are Church, Anglican Church
Locations: Perth


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The Sisters of Charity: an unjust accusation

From Mr Patrick Mullins Sir, I feel I must speak out on behalf of The Sisters of Charity, since their good name has been besmirched by innocent association with Fr Eric Taylor during his time at Father Hudson's Homes, and his subsequent conviction for sexual misconduct during his period at Coleshill.

My time in Coleshill with the nuns were the brightest days of my life and have enabled me to tackle the daily problems that life throws at I have made a good life for myself here in Perth. Australia thanks to the training and upbringing of The Sisters of Charity, along with a religious philosophy to apply to my daily life and activities.

The ex-children of Father Hudson's Homes who are looking for a scapegoat to blame for all their woes due to the -emotional devastation caused through their abandonment by their natural parents, must cast off the chip they bear on their shoulders and get onto to enjoying the third and final stages of their life.

Sexual exploitation may or may not have taken place amongst the children, but even if it had, as claimed. does that mean the nuns have to take responsibility for the actions of another unbeknown to them at the time and for which their order has to suffer as a consequence?

The good work their order has done for over 150 years speaks for itself.

Yours faithfully PATRICK MULLINS North Perth, Australia.

We are Church

From Mr Richard Lewis Sir, Elements of "We Are Church" seem to point to a path the Church of England has already gone down to its cost.

I struggle — and I mean struggle — with much of Catholic doctrine at times but my ego is not so out of control as to believe that, because it doesn't necessarily suit me, it is wrong or should change.

But then belief in God is always easier than belief in religion.

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