Page 4, 11th February 1983

11th February 1983
Page 4
Page 4, 11th February 1983 — I Points I

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I Points I

A new breed of woman

HAS Madelene Wall, Jan -28, forgotten the vast numbers of women presently occupied as police officers, lawyers, probation officers, ambulance crew, nurses, etc. Women who efficiently carry out the most demanding, distasteful and often dangerous jobs?

Does she think they tremble at the thought of turning out on a freezing night or learning of some sinful behaviour? It is obvious that she shares the misconception of many men — that because women are generally not aggressive that they are not tough! They are perfectly equal to the demands of the priesthood.

Women are the carers — Why not as priests? The benefits to the Catholic community would be beyond all imagining.

Mrs Kay Fisher London E4.

MRS M M SMITH'S otherwise excellent letter, January 28, contains one error. She writes: "Whilst the Church can listen to the opinions of the Laity and their ideas about married priests and the ordination of women — which are her own laws... "

Celibacy for priests, though very much consonant with the Gospel, is indeed the Church's own law. The men-only priesthood, however, was always understood by the Church as having been decreed by God and not as the Church's own law. It has been clearly re-affirmed as God's law both by Pope Paul VI and John Paul II.(Cf. Declaration Inter insigniores on women and the priesthood. CTS Do 493).

Fr L Kovacs Nottingham IN VIEW of your blatantly misleading headline, Jan 14, I am heartened to read the outcry against such misrepresentation. I join in questioning how such representatives were chosen. Liberated I may be, but one recoils from the idea of our Catholic Mother Church being presided over by divorced women priests on the pill (dangerous to health) and even in favour of aborting (cutting short life) of unwanted children.

Miss G M Rettalls Sussex.

BOTH THE Laity Commission and your letter writers have done Catholic women a great disservice. Extremism lurks in both camps, and a distinct lack of sympathy and charity. Let us try to be more reasonable. Feminist movements go too far when they equate 'equality' with being more like men than women, when they disdain the family as an anachronism and make sweeping statements about the male sexuality. However, a woman deserves an equality of respect as a human being, and should take pride, by and large, in her potential motherhood and sensitivity.

Kevin 0 Donnell Cheshire.

THE STATEMENT by the 131 women "That abortion was wrong generally, however many felt that abortion was not sinful, but saw it as the only action possible in cases such as . . the certainty of a child being born with severe or extreme physical or mental deformities . ." So handicapped children are to be discriminated against even in the matter of sin? Devil's Logic indeed. Mentally handicapped children cannot sin. Their over-riding need is for love.

Mrs R Payne Watford, THE ONLY time I have previously written to a newspaper was on the subject of the comedian Charlie Chaplin. Reading the reaction to the report "Why can't a woman be more like a man?" in your paper makes me feel we might be involved in another comedy!

Fr Michael Walsh Our Lady and St Paul's Argyle Street Heywood. Lanes

WHAT ON earth is wrong with the Catholic Herald, that the opinions of 131 women can be given such a silly headline on January 21st and throw your readers' page into such a frenzy? Calm down, or some of us will begin to suspect you take this sort of thing seriously.

Jane Bradshaw Bristol.

MAY I point out to Dione Cannings who mentions it. January 14, that the Biblical Commission specifically asserts that the Creation narrative in Genesis is historical and therefore accurate as God's inspired word. This has always been held by the Church down the ages. and no scientific theories, everchanging as indetxl they are, can ever alter the fact.

D Sullivan Essex, CHRISTIAN concern can express itself in different ways. For many it is in unobtrusive assistance to the people in their immediate neighbourhood. For a few it may be wisdom in public affairs, or an ability to inspire others.

Each year we therefore seek the names of Catholic women who have impressed your readers with their special qualities in any sphere. May we invite nominations now for our 1983 "Catholic Women of the Year"? (Closing date February 28). This event is open to all women and the money raised benefits the Third World.

Mrs P A Welswelller,JP Chairman, Luncheon Committee, 1 Hillsleigh Road, London W8 7LE

MANY THANKS for your sensitive compassionate editorial, January 28, "The Presence of Love". You do well to link up the anti-family forces of abortion, contraception, euthanasia and divorce, in a sophisticated age which refuses to see the connection. The Church's unchanging teaching on these issues is that "foolishness of God which is wiser than human wisdom" in our day, just as Christ crucified was in St Paul's. Your leader will bring comfort and inspiration to all loyal Catholics.

Mn Dora Nash MA Herts

THE CATHOLIC Stage Guild is seeking plays with a moral or religious theme for the Catholic Stage Guild National Playwriting Competition. The judges are Lady Rachel Billington, Mr Lionel Jeffries, Mr W J Igoe, Mr Bruce Stewart and Dr Daniel Swann. The Guild will mount a production of the winning entry. Application forms and full details available from Catholic Stage Guild, 1 Maidin Lane, London WC2E 7NA, A stamped, self addressed envelope is required.

Charles Pemberton

THE CHURCH teaches that no pursuit or occupation should be denied to women as woman unless it hampers or destroys her natural role in the human economy: and also that her complete spiritual equality with man does not imply identity of function or activity. Thus, women are by divine law ineligible for Holy Orders.

James Goldabury Nottingham

REGARDING George Tyrrell and the Catholic Tradition, the author of this book (Ellen Leonard), and also your reviewer, P B. Walsh, will have a lot to answer for if this hook has any influence on any Catholic mind, especially the minds of young people. Fr George Tyrrell was excommunicated by that great Pope, St. Pius X, after every effort had been made to persuade him to retract his dangerous modernist views. It was for our sake the Pope suffered and fought to safeguard our holy Faith: it is black ingratitude to resurrect poor Father Tyrrell and his erroneous views.

(Name and address supplied) ON FEBRUARY 4 you published five letters opposed to my views. None of these mentioned the main point of my letter, that St Pius X has condemned Modernism as a heresy. (This was the reason why Archbishop Levebvre named his society the Society of St Pius X, as he is likewise opposed to Modernism as was St Pius X.). The vast majority of Catholics 1 know abhor the Modernism that has taken over the Church since Vatican II.

Merseyside John Cardin

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