Page 8, 11th January 1985

11th January 1985
Page 8
Page 8, 11th January 1985 — Bishops Engagements

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Episcopal Engagements

Page 7 from 28th September 1962

Bishops Engagements

Ordination. M Mn,., V VbitanOi C Conference Cardinal Hume, Archbishop al Westminster

Tuesday. Bea ClUld.111 01 1.111.4 ,surf Allan s 5 lar edsesday n1 Dlora *i laa, 10 Al edsesday n1 Dlora *i laa, 10 Al . t,, 0,sio,0.n6on, Archbishop Warlock el Liverpool Monday. Val S4IISt14,Y Street ,,,ruoul I I am Tuesday. Opening 01 new yedn''re'sde"y1' 5/Vanilla*? Thor" Wear; ••.1,./1 or, drnti ah,i a Um' ersity Cfidpiddlc:y S Mewing et fvferseyside Crunches E1,1171,11111,01 C.1,101,1 Friends Meeting House 7 30 pm Friday, tolveir,p ol alelSevSlae El110111/150 W11005.10 Innovatior. Corm. 10 30 .1'1 E1.0101,11,11 SUIV2B Salvation Army Crladel Bootle 7 30 pm Bishop Alexander of Callon — Tuesday: Chapter M r:litilort Cathedral 11 Ma Wednesday' Mealaa at I forgyoon40,,., Shriart; 11 30 artl. Thursday: Diocesan Sermons isimiSsion Meeting at Clifton Cathedral Clergy Hume ref, icamM,dde;t130blepsnrs new Chanel nr Bishop 8161W41, Coadjutor of Lencaster — Tuesday. a111, Conference Fleetwood 1 I sin Friday. Le...ester r iaternal Bishop's House Lancastei 11 .01 Gonlmitterl Meeting id Achille :lath Chin1,MA, 30 pin Bishop Burgle. Auxiliary for Sellord — Sunday. V Si Gabriel s Castletnn Rochdale 11 am Wednesday. Board ol Admonisi (Minn 10 30 am thshop Clerk el East Anon* — Monday Meeting m Cotiric■I of Priests The While Hnunn Poringland 11 4111 Tuettley: Bury St Edmunds Deanery Meelidg 13 30 Hal Saturday! Spank% al A717:11; flay Conference Poole Dorset Illshop Emery of Portsmouth — WedneeditY, s House Portsmouth Meeting or the College .1 Consultors 4 pm Thursday 15U College ol Higher t. rhiratirm Southampton SMnnrng J0101 1.001.011100 Meelnig 10 30 am Friday. L SU College .1 Higher Ethiration SouthertiplOil Extraordinary Cu-partners Meeting 11 eel Bishop n Hoorn, Prnismorith Get Together for Planta of the Diocese pm ..,B,i,rtop,fi Fnote30y,o,f,L,amticovvst,erii:hatruian Cwivent 230 pm

I treader Barrow Deanery Conference Dalton ,..less II am Wsdnsaday M Silverdale Convent ■

'00 Uni Thursday: M La Sagesse Convent SI Anne, 130 pm Fdday Lancaster Clegg I rni,nal Bishop s uSmse 11 ien Saturday: M Con, . Wigton 713O pshoupt 13 'Grey el Shrewsbury — liesday: Tuesday aa i Bisni monaabouncil meeting ._ B,, he ' ft,,litsuittiSae tinCl'hucarchltriad''ho7raeh MiddieuL t•' hi 30 am Monday BCC advisers C,nursa hb, GICY00r10 12 noon Taesdey M0,01 well 1 .i140,0 Committee Pastoral Chun r,:i INmun 11,11,y House Middlesbrough 7 30 pm

Wednesday. addresses Cleveland Ae,,,Clalic0. John Paul Paslulel Middleshrinigh 145 pm Thursday Ampleforth Meeting t 00 tun Bishop Harvey. Ausillary tor Westminster — Sunder TA St ErLreiwahl WerribleyiPiestori Road 17 110011 Tuesday BIstruhs meeting 5 pm Wednesday. C D A 10 del Saturday: North London Area Study Day Meth:vie Concern) St Joseph's Ceiche Honour, 2 5 pm • B ishop Henderson. Auxiliary for Southwark — SabirdoyKent Ecumenical Commission Meeting 10 arn

Bishop Machin at Liverpool — Tuesday: °AFDC St John elPSSIlle1011 School. Birkenhead Wednesday: Regional Sponsoring Body 10 30 eau. Cathedral Maintenance Committee 1 pm, Thursday. Merseyside Ctisrch Leaders Lve of Prayer rot Christran Unity Bishop Jukes. Auviliery for Southwark SundayV to S1061571 0/1f0111 Monday Woneish Seminary Tueadry/Wednesday:Worersh SeMinery Saturday: al Sisfer6 Of Si Anne Convenl Whrnbledon It am C al Sevunuaks 6 pm B ishop Keay of Sellord — Sunday: V Holy Family. Kirkholt Rochdale Wednesday Board ol AdminiStrellon to 30 am Friday/Saturday V St Vincent's Rochdale Bishop Sondem — Sunday: M. Brunel Uul■ersiry Chaplaincy 11 an, Tuesday: Talk Hefts Headinechers London Conley 11 am Wednesday: COA Meeting Archbishop's Hau$2 10 Al, Thursday' Meeting Cherwell Centre Oviord Friday: Meeting Cherwell Centro °slow Bishop MoCartle. Auxiliary for Birmingham Sunday: Presentation ol Papal Awaids SI Patnek.s. Coventry 11 al, Monday: Mdf11■00 ol Tiuslees Soh House Shartnrd Upnn Avon 12 noon Thursday: Priests Consultative Commutate Diocesan Schnole Commission Solihull Friday Management ComMilterr Vietnamese Pastoral Centre 2 pm Bishop MaCulfirtese of Nottinghem — Sunday: V,C SI Maly. Hyson Green Nuninghern 3 pre Monday: V Sisters at Lila Colman 6 pm Wednesday: C y SC Executive. London Convent Visit — St Joseph ol Pears, Hysnn Green NG 6 pin Thursday — Si Hugh allborough Nottingham Saturday Visits sick and Housebound Stapleton:I Neils 1/ and M ST John Sianleloid Noes 7 pm Bishop McMahon or Brentwood Sunday M Our Lady 01 Mount Carmel. Stock 930 am Wednesday: Meeting ol National LiturgY Committees London 11 30 an Thursday/FrIday: V Si Culhberl's College Ostia,/ Bishop Mahon. Auxiliary lot Westminster — Monday: Meets Area learn West Area Centre 10 30 am Youth Prayer firnap :14 Whitehall Gant b pm Wednesday: Council ol Diocesan A hairs Archbishop a House 10 am Meeting of Westmlnster Diocese Education Service 2 pen tourvorry: Guserno.5 Meeting SI Mary's College 10 15 ani area Justice 6 Peace Committee Meeting 6 ran B ishop Mammy ol Hallam — Monday: Meeting at Went Yndishire church iddrierN 1030 ern University Chaplaincy Fund Met,,,g etiny 13 at o g pm Tuesday: IC


Chaplaincy Fund Met,,,g etiny 13 at o g pm Tuesday: IC : Mo4e5 omlingot


nn V n1 Semi Bernard's Sc114)ol Rotherham Friday. ECuMenical service of prayer at the Cathedral n Melet'ih*Prig VoMilahltit"ne, RAZreen''oheNPoionl SDware8seaC—ou Fort DYI' Churches for Wales Swansea 11 30 ant Preaching al beginning ol Unity Week at Joint Service of the Winston .5 DIstrict Council of Churches al St Michnet A All Angels Maniearo. Swansea 7.15 pin Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel II Brighton Sunday: Gives Day 01 Hecollection SI JOnn'S BtlinthetY Wohersti Monday. interviews Church Students al St John a Seminary VVonersh Tuesday: Siir C1" 4"HnlYGOD5? Church e 30 pm Lewes Deanery C Inscriptron St Pancras Lewes 7.30 pm Thursday Cathedral Deanery C Inscription Arundel Cathedral 730 Dm Fader Preaches at Christian

servrce St Mena Rye 7 30 pm. Saturday:

Meeting of The Newman Society. of Subsea WortIong Deanery C Inscription St Mary 01 the Angels

Bishop James n.A

lit uittllary lot Westminster Tuesday: Priests Deanery Meeting al Waltham Cross 11 am CDA S pit Wednesday: CDA Archbishops House 10 am Westminster Dincese Edirne:inn Service 2 phi Thursday: Area Education team 5 pm Saturday: Vigil Service for Me Poor and Sulfering All Samna Pp"K1704!EkCleenn7eukIllary in Middlesbrough Tuesdey. Day with Canon Denis Corbruhley err Ecumenism at L nnsleigh Convent Hull Thursdey. Ileum int CrehnlIf Malheas Chnnei al the Queens Hotel Hon Friday: Preach al Unity Service at St Nicholas. Hull Bishop Rawslhorne. Auxiliary of LiVOrPool — Triemley: M All 144110W. High School Penwortharn 10 45 am M SI. Peter s High School Orreli 2 pm Wednesday Sr.hrroln Conamrssion Meeting 10.15 am C tit .1d01+,1 00011 7 20 pro Thersday1Friday. Meeting of Elisriope Committee lot Adult Education Mgr'haralpe. Thomas o/ — Monday: M In Cathedral for Doctors S. Werlit, U1 Northampton 7 pm Thursday: Council or Priests Committee "137ts ;sal Tripp, Auxiliary M Southwark — Catholic Children s Society Directors Meeting 3.30 pm P1.3E10E11100 to MISS Joyce Moore on the Occasion of ner retirement Item the Catholic Children's Society 7 PIn Thursday: V Ciapnam College. Friday. 1(019015 01 SI Columba Board Heeling al Bishop aWjirluryd lmse, HM Faces — Tuesday: Vicariate VWiCedarniirdate TYr:uSVIeesW' Heating. G. Lao"nironn 1 elmarn.lEvah"l'u*rdt: V BC:IlsZp" VVWQhe°,41elic "opt 'Leta. — Sunday: You'll M. Cathedral 5 pm Saturday! Diaconal CI Westminster Cathedra! to T., am

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