Page 3, 11th July 1941

11th July 1941
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Page 3, 11th July 1941 — Your Garden is Vital

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People: Eijo, Bradshaw
Locations: Madrid


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Your Garden is Vital

in War by E. J. KING, M.A., F.R.H.S.

THISis a good time for giving your potato plants (except of course the very early Sorts you may be lifting now or almost immediately) their second spraying with Bordeaux mixture. This easily applied fungicide is not only a preventative and to some degree a cure for the dreaded scourge of blight; it is a tonic for unaffected plants. The yield is heavier and the tubers keep better in store. In normal years we are all tempted to lift and eat sonic of our first earlies perhaps on the first day of July, or even before. This year we may as welt leave them for a week or two longer to let them bulk up; it seems a shame to waste the chance of extra food without further effort because or mere paticisce. But if yours do happen to be ready, don't forget when lifting to save a number of sound tubers from healthy plants for " seed " for next year's planting. Tubers the size of a hen's egg are very suitable.

You may, and should, want to plant up or sow on the land the potatoes have just occupied. Sometimes clayey soil is very lumpy just after lilting potatoes, on account of its having been covered with the leafage of the growing crops. Well, break it up as well as you can when lifting the potatoes, then throw gritty ashes over the surface if you have any, and try your luck again aster a shower of rain or a good squirting with the hose.


Last week I gave some important advice about July sowipgs for autumn yields. Many of these crops are suitable for sowing on land just vacated by early potatoes, especially if it was well manured. It should be fine now for Peter Pan peas' the Prince French beans, crimson globe beet, earliest kinds of carrots, and so on. But other crops it is nice to have a supply of are the winter lettuces and endive. It is a little too early yet to make the maia sowing of these; but everyone shookl make a start with a row or so of Arctic King lettuce and Green Curled endive. These delicious salads are very hardy, and it' we have a bad autumn will be doubly welcome. For later yields both these are sown early in August and towards the end of that month. I really think these should be among the first six vegetables for winter use. You will probably be taking up your shallots about now, and these will occupy the site. Shallots should be bunched together in small lots and hung over a wire in a shed or room after a preliminary sundrying. Note the best clumps and savZ from those a. few bulbs for next spring.

In cold and exposed places sonic perpetual spinach, preferably the much improved variety Lucullus, may be sown now. In these circumstances it will yield well early next spring, or this same autumn in favourable weather. It is a nine-months-in-the-year cropper. Southern gardeners will find it better to sow for winter and spring yields in August. By the way, if older plants of this vegetable bolt (i.e. run up to seed) keep your head on and just cut down the stalks almost to grouud level. It is as natural for this plant to try to flower as it is for a lupin. Cutting down the stalks does the trick. Succulent growth will shoot up, and you can look forward to it for more than one year.


Tomatoes are shooting up. Side-growths which contain mere leaves and not flowers are certain to come; you must keep a good look-out for them. Remove then) by pinching out (not cutting) as soon as they appear, and don't forget to keep your plants well staked. Wash your hands right away after doing all this and then you needn't fear a permanent stain. The earliest trusses of flowers can be pollinated by dabbing them with a small paint brush.

If fruit drops from apples it may be the seasonal scheme for easing the trees of an excessive burden. But to make sure you should cut open a few of the windfalls, and they contain grubs carefully gather all the apples and either burn them or throw them to the hens for immediate consumption. The small fruits in the latter case have fallen because of the grubs, and to /ease them there is to perpetuate the trouble.

Easy and gay flowers for present sowing are Russel lupins, It pays to get good seed of these; people who have nOt seen good plants of them in flower would not believe about them. Geums. especially Mrs. Bradshaw and Lady Stratheden, are easily raised front seed, and both these and lupins will flower well next year. Cuttings may be rooted in a fairly shady place or frame in sandy soil of catmint, perennial candytuft and most rock plants, and plants of tufted Spain Makes Reparation: Dr. Eijo, Bishop or Madrid, recently conducted a great openair evening advice, attended by thousands of pilgrims, at the famous Hill or the Angels outside Madrid, where stood the huge statue of the Sacred _Heart, destroyed by the Republicans during the Civil war. Another statue is to be built on the site.

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