Page 7, 11th July 1986

11th July 1986
Page 7
Page 7, 11th July 1986 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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0 = Ordinelion: M = Mese V e Visitation; C = Confirmalioe.

Cardinal Hume. Archbishop of Westmineter Sunday AA and Prue Giving, New Hall School, Chelmeefore Young Adults Lourdes Pilgrimage Meeting. Archbishop's House. 6.30pm. Tuesday: Bishops CDA. Sem_ Wednesday: Counell of DerCeSen Attars. tilarn St Ardan's Sileer Jubilee M. Acton, 7 30prn. Thursday Neelear issues Meeting, Archbishop's House 5pm. Fridge: M In WegiRffifsw Cathedral. 5 30pm Seturday: Michael Mannion's 0. SI Theresa's. Borehamwood. 2m

Archbishop Bowen of Southwart Sunday, M for the Handicapped .d afternoon service, Aylesloue Friary, 12 noon Tuesday: C. Oulwieh INOOd Perk, 7.30prn Wednesday: 0 of Michael Choi:pen to the Permanent Diaconate Cathedral. 7 30prn. Friday: C. Reinhart, eten. Saturday 0 to the Priesthood re Nicholas Hudson. Wimp/a:ion Archbishop Ceara de Murrill' of Birmingham Sunday: C. Erdrngton Abbey Tvesday-Thersitey Society len Old testament Study. Summer School, Manchester University

ArehMehop Ward of Cardin Tuesday: Annual M. &shoo Vaughan School Mereatera gem. Archbishop Worlock of Liverpool Sunday; SkelmersdaTe. V ane meeting of the deaeery pastoral council. Monday Si Peter's, Winchester. St Sydemes celebrations Tuesday; Retern I tom Winchester Bishop Alexander of Cutton Sender V. Sacred Panste Wootton Bassett Tuesday: Vises 'LIVIN YOU, Faith' Camp. Dulvenon Wednesday: M, St Gregory's Cornprehenalve Sehoni Bmh, ter retirement of Headleaceer, Men.

Bishop Budd el PlymouthWednesday: Meeting of Diocesan Finance Committee, Plymouth, 1 lam Thursday: Vocations Retreat tor Ycieng Men,

interviews particrpants and celebrates M, Storeetey Knowle. Torquay, all day. Saturday: visits Prison, Dartmoor, 5.30pm Bishop Buret, Auxiliary foe Salford Wednesday. Feast of Our Lady Cl Mount Carmel, Chapter M, 12 rrOon Therm:My Guild of Our Lady ol Ransom. M et Sallonl Cathedral. lpm. Saturday 010 the mlesthood of Joseph Corcoran, St Gabrtees. Leigh. 2.30prn. Bishop Clark of East Anglia Sunday Pastoral V of St Mark's Parish. Ipswren continued Mender Visits St Marks School. ipseech Wednesday Diocesan Youth Service meeting. Cambridge, I tam Friday: Commissions Eucharistic Mtnislks. Our l_arly's Parise, Lowestoft 7 30prn Saturday: V. SI Mary Magdalens Parish. Ipswich SIghop Emery or Portsmouth Sunday: C M. St Joseph's, Guernsey, Channel Islands. Tuesday. St Peter. Winchester Consecration of New Attar. Wednesday 51 Edmund House. Portsmouth. meeting of Diocesan Trestees. 3pm Fdday: Winchester. meeting af Hampshire Church leaders. 10.30.1. Bishop Grey, DCL, of Shrewsbury rSunday:0 to the Priesthood_ Paul Standish St John's New Ferry. 2.30om Tuesday:1.1 of Thanksgiving to mark Golden Jubilee of St Augustine's Latehfero, 7.30pm Saturday. 0 10 the Prresthreora Bernard Forshaw, Christ the King Bromborough. 3pm

Bishop Gataxeill, Auxiliary for Westminster Sunday, V. Haverstock Hai raenday visit schools. H overstock Hill. Tuesday: Isl. nat. Deanery carference. 10.45am Wednesday AGM. CANA, St Martinamthealeids, 2pm. Thuradey: M, Presentation, Cathedral, 530pm Bishop Hannigan of Menevia Sunday: V and C. Gee/Mom:II tyl al Youth Rally. Havertordwest. pm. Wednesday: Mai Golden Jentlee Celearattermi of the peeling of the Carmelites to Aberyetwyth. 6_30pm. :aterday. Start of V to AMLWCH

' Bishop Herds et Taiddleatinewah Sunday Annual Springboard Youth Event al Ampietorth. 10arn. Monday Meets with Cleveland Council of Cherches. 7 15pm Tuesday: Pa. SI Pauline,' Schoel, Guisborough, 9.30am. Saturday Attends SISIBr5 of Mercy Jubilee Celatmellens. Si Anthony's Chums, Hull. M neon. V Corpus Christ.. Hell M 6pm

Blahop Remy. Auxiliary tar Westminster Sundae pastoral Visit. Our Ledy and St George. Enfield. 12 ,noon Monday PA St Michael's School, Finchiey, 2.15pm. Tuesday: CDA. 5pm Wednesday. CDA. 10em. AGM Catholic Children's Society TWestminsten & Cremate Of Rescue. Spin

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary tor Southwark Sunday Commences Pastoral V. SI Mary Cray, Barre5pen. Monday Diocesan Finance Committee. llarn. Continuation ol V.51 Mary Cray. I 15-9.30prn Thureday Blackheath Luncheor Club. I pm. Friday: Induction of a Parish Priest. Biggar! 1-611, 7.39pm. Saturday: Commissioning of Specie! Ministers Of 158 Euchanst, Southwark. 10 15arn-3.a5prn ,,B,Is:hoc.pid_ Kitchen, Auxiliary tor Liverpool Monday-Thursday: Grand Week.. Usnaw College. Seturday: Golder Jubilee of Fr V Furlong. SI Anne's.

Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary tar Southwerk Sunday: V to Minster parish Tuesday. C 1 Hythe parish. 7.30pm Friday:Chars Deaes' meeting, Weal Mailing, 11arn Saturday: 0 to Diaconate. West Norwead. 6.30pm Bishop Kelly of Salford Wedneseley Feast cri Our Lady Cl Mount Camel Chester M at Salford Calhedral 12 noon Bishop Konstant olLeeds Sunday V SI Mary & SI

Michael, Settle, 10.30am Monday: Jubilee ke St Bavaria's, Clillord, Eurn Thursday: Meelleg, Christian Formation Committee. Landon Friday: M. St Kevin's School, Leeds. 1am.

Bedew Weed's, Auxiliary tor Birrelisgham Sunday: Civic Service Si Patna& Walsall 11 are Monday: M 8 C. Our Lady er St Hugh. WI1np. 7prre Tuesday: Opening of Parish Centre. Holy Herne, Great Barr. 7per Wednesday. M & C, Our Lady, Mount Carmel, ReMaitch, 7 30pm Thursday: Ecumenical meeting, Coventry, 3pm Fridae H, Our Lady & St Kenelm. Halesowen 7 30prri Salurstey Feetival et Chaddestey Corbett.

teletype MeGuinneas of Norderghain Sunday. Diocesan Pilgrimage to Paciley. Monday-Friday Clergy Annual Retreat_ Ratcliffe College_ LE. Friday: M and Wel&ame far Annual Camp VI flaunt, Rateiifte College. Saturday: 0 to Priesthood, Lam Kelly, St Joseph ' a, Derby, noon.

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood Manday-Fridey: Diocesan Clergy Retreat, New Hall Bishop kgovertey of Hallam Sunday Presides Cl TA and blesses new nursery at Saint Patrick's, Saeflield II,,, Drocearm pilgrimage to Painey. 3ern Monday-Begley: Diocesan clergy retreat al the Mount Bishop Mullin., Area Bishop In Swansea Sunday: C at St Joseph's. Nealh, Ilam Monday Anneal seminar for students for the Priesthood in the deteeeee 01 Wales, front la Jtey to August. 'Thursday: Catholic Record Society Council meeting. Friday: Eetarteeleal meeting. Hermlord. Saturday Gweli Trace' Dectd IU faith

BlehepJarrMs O'Brien el Herttordeall• Sunday: V at Si Barthotornew's, SI Albans Monday OPening 501.19.• M at Volunteer Missionary Movement. Lordnr CO nay 5 3CIDITI Tu•sdayr CDA at

ArcrOishop's House. 5orn We:Mader CDA at Archbisheds House, laam Thursday Meeting of Cateallo Reateleachers and Head of FIE Cl St Michael's House_ Ali Saints Pastoral Centre. 10AM Nuclear Issues Committee at Arehorenop's House. 5 30pm Mishap Murphy-O'Coneor of Arundel & Brighton Sunday: Fiesta Tor tele Hanateappee. Sherrington. 2.30prn. Tuesday: Retirement presentation St .

Edward' e SPh col, Reel, 2ern Oetirernent

presentation. SI Peuie School. liaywates Heath. 7 30ern. Saturday CI key Ian 'Veneto !he PriesthoOd. Portsiede 3pm.

Bisbee A O'Brien. Auxiliary for Mickamarouge Sunday: Visit Springboard Youth Event at

AmelPsitroldhl"homas of Northampton Sunday: V, Marto,, HandiCapeed Children's M. High Wycembe, 3pm. Monday C. SI ,Augustine's. High Wycombe, 7.301i*1. Tuesday: Vocations Week. 'the Grad until July 18 Wednesday: Chilies Training Scheme Annual Service. Hrgh Wycambe Bien 'humane M at Our Lady's_ Luton. 7 30nm Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary lor Southwark Wedneedey: Catholic Children's Society Board meeting, 2 30em Thuradey: 'resits St Joseph's Primary School, Borough, Pam-12 noon Celebrates retirement la tor MrBiP.hopeter Rifie.e.g.em.rrs ans..HeAa:1:::Ther.wat urlosinpwrishr_er School. Vernon. 1.30pm Saturdey: V to Borough.

Sender M al Lisimer Harr Chaisey. 3pm. M at St Maiachy, LIvereoor. 6.30em Monday-Friday: Flat rpat Fleet,: Leavers' he St John's Primary Boys', Liverpool. 1.30pre Steen:lay: C. Seer. Heart, St Helens. 6pm Sunday: C. Corpus Christi, Rainford C, The Friary, Liverpool, II am.

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